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  1. Just as an example I called up the Infiniti Service Centre Warwick Farm today to book in the car and the feedback (which is similar to what Nissan Brookvale told us as well) was that since it's an imported vehicle they can't use the VIN number to look up which "genuine" parts are needed for the car and hence don't want to go back and forth trialing different parts which is consuming / expensive (they will however service the car if we can source the parts needed first). Is there an official catalog that lists all the parts for the 2008 Skyline 370GT (V36) so the mechanic knows what to order in? Unfortunately I don't have much experience when it comes to car parts so if any such catalog to provide the mechanic or mechanic recommendation in Sydney that would be very much appreciated. Cheers
  2. Hi guys Keen to hear where you guys service or recommend servicing the V36 - I am looking for a mechanic for our imported Nissan skyline. Someone who knows about the V36 and can help sourcing parts if needed. We need to replace the breaks at the moment however, local Nissan mechanics at Brookvale don’t seem to know about imported Nissans and hasn't been much of a help. In past we mostly got it serviced at Infiniti Centre at near city (the guys were really helpful getting parts imported / fitted) however that centre closed a few years back. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys Our Skyline recently got damaged at a BP station (while turning hit a small pole which wasn't visible) which we are hoping to repair back to the original condition. We contacted two smash repairs in Sydney who provided the attached quotes with total being around 10K and 6.5K respectively. Quote 1 company said cash price could be around 8K (excluding the miscellaneous section in the quote, which is separate to the actual damage repairs). These guys did a great job with a previous repair where another car reared into our vehicle. Both companies recommended to replace the applicable parts instead of repairing existing parts however it's a bit unclear to us why there's some price difference between the quotes. It would be much appreciate if anyone could assist with the queries below: - Does the quotes look right for the work that's necessary? - How do we know these are genuine parts (door/QTR panel etc.)? - Is it okay to replace these parts or is repair possible (or better)? As we do not have comprehensive insurance on the vehicle we are just hoping to ensure that we are not being ripped off while ensuring that the quality of the work is top notch (which we are happy to pay for). Any advice / recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! Quote1.pdf Quote2.pdf
  4. Hi guys, trying to decide which plate from below would look the best on a silver Skyline (pics attached): 1. Premium Metallic Silver - Black Character 2. Premium Black - White Character 3. Premium Black - Metallic Silver Character Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi guys, Just wondering if I have the right battery for the 08 Skyline 370GT; at the moment there's a Neuton Power 85L610 12v (http://www.ktbattery.com/neuton-power/automotive/car-battery-neuton-power-85l610.html) battery installed in the car which is one year old. However, the car's 3rd party Viper security alarm keeps going off with the message “battery voltage low” whenever the car has not been started for more than 2 days or so. It will go off for a minute stop then it might go off again in 5 minutes or 4 hours. The alarm is not armed when it does this either. I checked with compliance and also Infiniti Australia and have been told that the battery is fine and that it's pretty normal for Skyline's battery to run flat/low if it has not been started for 2/3 days. Is this correct? Obviously going to chase if it up with the alarm system dealer soon however would appreciate if you guys can advise whether installing a different battery might stop it from running low. If so, what battery do you guys use on the V36? Thanks in advance.
  6. Bump! Would appreciate any decent repair shop recommendations in Sydney guys Also, does front and rear tyres need to have same or different pressure? I just spoke to the compliance workshop that sold me the tyres and the guy is saying that I should put it back to 38 psi (although it's written max 35 psi on the tyres itself). Really confused..
  7. Hey guys, My partner hit her V36 while she was parking (pressed accelerator instead of brakes). We got in touch with two nearby repair shops who gave us the attached quotes and said similar things like heating up the bumper to fix it and then repainting it. Also, one of the grills broke but it's not that obvious so they said it would be up to us if we want to fix it or no. If anyone knows a good repair shop in Sydney (we live near Chatswood) then please let me know!! She does not have comprehensive cover at the moment. Also, I wanted to ask what tyre pressure's usually recommended for 2008 V36 Skylines? We have got Dunlop tyres (245/45ZR18) on which it says max pressure should be 35 but on the car itself there's a sticker which recommends 34 for R19's. When we checked the pressure the other day it was 38 (we have had it for about 3 months now) and my partner panicked and brought it down to 32. Any reply/advice would hugely appreciated. Thanks so much!
  8. Hi Chris, thanks for this.. yep figured imported items won't be completely compatible. Will be speaking to a local dealer regarding the alarm system. Cheers!!
  9. Hi Nightcrawler, thanks so much for your reply! Thinking of buying Viper 5904 through Amazon for $314 (http://www.amazon.com/VIPER-5904V-FEATURE-ALARM-REMOTE/dp/B005WIRRCE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1337788090&sr=8-1). Hopefully should not be too hard to install it in the Skyline. Also, will either get the Jaycar GSM tracking device (http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=LA9011) or a Viper smartstart subscription (http://www.vipersecurity.com.au/smartstart.php). Really excited!!
  10. Hey guys! First post here. Just imported my 2008 Skyline 370GT through Prestige Motorsport which is at the compliance workshop at the moment. I have some general queries about the car and would really appreciate any advice on this: 1) Alarm system: Would like to install a decent alarm system that's compatible with the car. Workshop tells me there's different alarm systems out there and I'm not sure which one to go for. Any suggestions? Or is the factory alarm good enough? Budget is ~$500. 2) Fuel: This might sound a bit silly but I'm not sure if the car runs best on premium unleaded petrol or 98 octane? What do you guys use most of the time? 3) Window tinting: Just wondering what is the darkest legal tint in NSW and what are the rules on tinting for example how much can u tint the front windscreen, rear window and side windows? 4) HD tuner: Which HD tuner would you recommend for this car? 5) Navigation: Workshop said if I want they can refer me to someone who can install a navigation system on the Skyline. I'm not 100% sure yet if I wanna go ahead with this.. any advice would be really helpful on this. 6) Tyres: Is it legal to sell the tyres that came with the car? 7) Infiniti coupe: I think Nissan will be selling the Infiniti coupe here from Q4 this year (infiniticars.com.au). How much do you think the base model will go for? I called up Nissan but no words on the price yet. Would be disappointed if it's around 40K like US as after compliance mine's gonna be over 35K lol. Thanks in advance! Cheers.
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