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  1. Here is The old Girl, Had it for way too long for it to be this un modified, rust removal and manual conversion are on the top of my list, Cheers Matt
  2. Thanks That makes things so much clearer! Ill Price up getting it repaired I need my car 4 out of the 5 days a week so if its too expensive ill have to work out if its worth it for that top gear, I have always wanted to do the Manual conversion im getting closer to that stage every day now,
  3. Hi All, Name is Matt, From Coffs habour NSW Australia, Have an Series 1 r33 sedan Auto (for now). Going to start sinking some $$ into it when I can Mortgage comes first haha, Needs a new Power steering pump and radiator to start, Then alot of body work, look forward to helping out where I can and obtaining advice and tips, Cheers Matt!
  4. Hi All, After some Tech info, R33 S1 GTST Sedan Auto, My radiator Is Leaking so I am chasing down a replacement , I am on top of that, I have one lined up, Just Checking to see if people know if following images are of a trans cooler? there are 2 hoses going into the base of the radiator and then around to this cooler, is this cooler enough for a daily driver? or is an upgrade required? if it is even a trans cooler, The radiator I am looking at is an all alloy one with no spots for the hoses for the trans oil, FYI I plan to convert to Manual in the not so distant future, Thanks in advance, Matt,
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