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  1. Frostyr33

    2 weeks ago i went to a time attack day at Talem bend SA these were in the display area .
  2. Frostyr33

    View this email in your browser 2018 GT-R FESTIVAL - SATURDAY MAY 26th - SYDNEY DRAGWAY The GT-R Festival is an event celebrating all things GT-R. Old school, R32, R33, R34 and R35 models all welcome to display and race. Activities will include drag racing, display ares for each model with multiple show and shine categories and trophies, GT-R heritage display, trade stands, motorkhana, Motive DVD GT-R Showcase, Ultimate GT-R Competition and more! New for this year is the Nismo display area, where non-GT-Rs can display their performance Nissans. For full info and schedule click here:
  3. Frostyr33

    I hope mr miagi will be there with the nur skylines
  4. Frostyr33

    drilled out installed new 200 newton metre struts .
  5. Frostyr33

    the original gas struts need more grunt to hold the weight of the boot the struts are a sealed unit how to do you regas ? I might have to cut the ball off the hinge drill it out fit a threaded ball the other end is a little Japanese bracket that bolts onto the boot lid it is part of the strut (not cool) Not bolted
  6. Frostyr33

    BCNR33 boot struts has anyone dealt with the guillotine (the boot lid) from hell any suggestions for a fix
  7. hey Christian,

    my address is 40 wentworth street ,Georgetown N.S.W 2298

    hope you liked the photo mate.

  8. Frostyr33

    I bought a bcnr33 from Melbourne with a viper remote start imobiliser , little did I no and not being told by the previous owner the car starts in gear, I reversed the car out of the garage handbrake on still in reverse and keys in pocket to find when I bent down I heard the car start mmmm to my disbelief the car proceeded down the driveway through the gate and into the wifes car (wife not happy at this point) next day I had it disconnected . total cost $3,400 in repairs
  9. Frostyr33

    I have a 95 33 and just wanted to put the car on display with the other 33's can I roll up on the day and pay for a spot ?
  10. Frostyr33

    what up , Can you pay on the day and enter the display area ,then watch the drags.
  11. Frostyr33

    I have a thh motocross helmet with AS1698 Australian standards I hope it will do ?