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  1. Thanks guys, its the loss of license that is hitting me as well, otherwise id have another r33 in the garage right now. Public transport is a b*tch. Engine doesnt seem to have any physical damage I dont really have the space to store it at my place so if anyone has any suggestions or offers let me know. I prefer to pay someone to strip the car for me..and i dont want the engine...so maybe we can work something out if someone can organise a place I can tow the car to, get it stripped , they can have the engine + some money my way and Il take the parts I need...failing that , I'll just sell the car as a whole. Things of value on the car - splitfires for rb25det s2 - about 10 000km old - rb25det s2 - 133 000km , no smoke , engine was running perfectly , serviced by Paden at Unique Automotive every 5000km - straight through 3inch exhaust with gtr front pipe and gtr cat - hdi boost guage and boost controller - pedders coilovers - about 7000km old - jcv splits at the front , pioneer amp, Philips USB headunit - and ofcourse any other salvageable body parts like rear lights etc - auto transmission - but these arent worth much Cheers
  2. hold on man...dont have the time nor the inclination right now to strip..looking for a place i can get the car towed straight to and remove some parts. depending on the deal I get I might just give the whole car to one person if they can organise towing to their residence. Also, havnt had a look at the condition of the engine..assuming its okay but want to confirm before I sell to anyone lol...no knowledge or time to strip so prefer to sell the whole car but will see what happens Thanks man..hope I have that much in there...but probably only if I strip and sell parts individually.. He contacted me , want to ascertain exact condition of the car first... but I may end up doing this to both get the car and memory out of my head and because I donthave the space to store the car nor do I have the knowledge or time to strip the parts and sell it individually. So far id like to - pay someone to strip the parts for me...sell shell to wreckers..if they want it and sell parts individually - sell entire car to someone but will confirm soon Thanks for all the support guys...it pains me to even visit the forum and see the word skyline after my ordeal but its something that has to be done...as the holding yard wont be able to hold my car for much longer. Will update later in the week.
  3. Yes license lost..for some time. I crashed driving emotionally at 4am in the morning on a slippery road. Was licensed , wasnt drinking etc... They said the car was detectable ,camber wear on the tires , uncovered pod filter , lower then 100mm, proof of travelling at an excess speed and some other stuff Thanks man, at least I'm okay but this really hurts...was my everything...I guess this shows I shouldnt have made it my everything because now I have nothing. Every time I see those four lights on the street my heart breaks. My next car will be another 33 , I have so many parts waiting to go in. Dont have a license so probably will be a waste of time , but thanks for the offer man Thanks for the offer, but I think im going to strip and sell it...but have no experience in strippiung the car. Would you or anyone you know want coilovers , exhaust and an rb25det with 133k km on it? As above , both mods and speeding. My fault , I was an idiot. Lesson learnt but an expensive one at that. Man I hate public transport As above....I dont think its feasible to try and repair it especially if I don't have a license and cant drive it for some time. i have to pick the car up from the salvage yard shortly. What kind of price am I looking to get this stripped? On average? I'l probably only sell the engine and keeping my other bits for my new skyline. Salvage yard will probably offer me a few hundred , id prefer this car to go to someone in the skyline community and for a bit more then that, any interests please let me know Also let me know if you guys need any parts from this car.
  4. shes now a write off :(

  5. So I crashed my car about 2 weeks ago , 4am in the morning wet roads , lost control - got trapped between a pole and a fence. Ambos had to break the back windscreen to pull me out. Long story short - insurance wont pay - ive lost the entire car - obviously a write off. Car will be delivered back to my house the way it is below Here are the pics: I wont be driving for some time so I have two options 1. Build the car back up..looking at the damage...is this even feasible or possible? In general how much would the entire repair cost? Are their other costs like certification needed from another authority to get it re registered etc? I've got about 12 months to fix it up but I dont want to drop another 10 000 into the car as Ive already lost close to 15k with all the mods and purchase price of the car 2. strip the car , take the wheels , exhaust , split fires , audio system , boost controller and gauge out and sell to junk yard Basically wondering if its worth trying to fix myself/take it to someone else over time or should I just give up , strip and sell the car... I'm devastated.... was basically my only possession and was a big wake up call for me...it pains me to see her in pieces like this Stay stafe Trip
  6. i have the exact same issue. how do i disable my alarm?
  7. how do you embed this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkuJeT0pV6E#t=11
  8. will throw in brand new apexi pod for another $25 on top of $160 = $185 in total for both
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