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  1. Uprev. It is not for sale though.
  2. New injectors (545cc and up). I had 750cc which I would throw in. Engine management + Tune. I used Uprev because it is the only decent one for the auto.
  3. Not going that low just yet...
  4. Price drop - $3500
  5. It made 230 KW at the wheels. That was on a 2006 V35 Coupe Auto with aftermarket exhaust and an UpRev tune. With the kit removed and re-tuned with the same exhaust and stock intake it made 160Kw at the wheels. So it seems to add around 70Kw.
  6. HKS GT Supercharger Pro Kit to suit Nissan 350Z or V35 Skyline. Part number: 12001-AN004 The main part of this kit is brand new in box, the rest is used but in excellent condition. The brand new parts include: Supercharger, Engine mounting bracket, traction oil cooler, oil tank, oil, hoses, belts: The used parts include: intake pipe, air filter, intercooler, piping: $4000 Neg. Location: Brisbane Northside
  7. I recently went through this drama of APP code. Was the code P2138? You can get the sensor separately which is cheaper than replacing the whole pedal assembly. Something like this: http://www.cyberspaceautoparts.com.au/contents/en-uk/p19834_Nissan_Throttle_Position_Sensor.html In my case it turned out to be an issue with low battery voltage which caused issues. Replacing the battery and resetting the ECU followed by the throttle re-learn procedure from the service manual sorted out the problem for me. In fact it happened twice (years apart) and both times seemed to be low battery voltage related.
  8. Try East Coast Customs at Geebung, I know they have all the gear to find the issue (and fix it). I have had the VDC - Slip light issue many times. So many things can cause it, last time it was my steering wheel column slightly out of alignment, previously it was another sensor. If the code represents something that is not too bad (such as steering wheel column out of alignment), it seems to just turn on the slip and VDC off lights and just disables that system but the car drives normally. If it is a little more severe such as throttle sensor having a glitch or if the pedal position sensor is having a moment, the engine light plus the slip and VDC off lamps all come on and then the car goes into limp mode. This goes away sometimes if the car is turned on and off again. The park brake light might be the clue, I havn't seen that on at the same time as all the other lights. Personally I have an Uprev flashed ROM on mine so I can plug in my laptop and see straight away what the issues are and clear the codes to temporarily fix the problem.
  9. I can also vouch for ECC. Service is great, train station is close by, and they know these cars well. After other shops have had difficulty with my car, ECC have sorted me out and I only take my supercharged V35 there now.
  10. 4 original V35 Skyline 18" rims for sale. Front: 225/45R18 Rear: 245/45R18 1 wheel is perfect, the others have some gutter rash. Tyres are Kenda Kaiser. Plenty of tread left. Looking for $500 Local Pickup only - Brisbane Northside. Regards Mark
  11. Chris Rogers sells the factory one at his store - http://www.audioexpress.com.au/site/index....rt&Itemid=1
  12. BP Ultimate always. Had to fill it with Shell V Power the other day and I noticed a slight lack of power, filled back up with BP ultimate and the engine felt more responsive again.