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  1. Just touching base, Own a '86 R31HR Jap import, not perfect but in better nick than it's owner.
  2. I've got a 1986 R31 (HR) Jap spec (grey import) it's needing new shocks all round. I'm told that the front shocks have to be geniune - I've been to Nissan but they don't have a parts number for the left hand shock. The price for the right hand shock was $1100.00 and $580 for the rears. I'll need a mortgage! I've also been told that if I put in set of front shocks without the electrical bit the computer will need to be hot-wired otherwise it will put me into 'limp mode' - is this true? Any help will be appreciated. I've had the car since 2004 and haven't had to spend anything on it apart from servicing it. Thanks
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