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  1. Hi VQ people. This is my first Skyline from post 2000 and I need to change my D2R bulb as the last owner installed really underpowered LED version that mean any spirited night driving is just dangerous. I can see that most of the bulbs are around 4200-4600 Kelvin but there are a few that go up to like 6 or 8000K. Is there any issue with going for something higher or will I possibly damage/cook wiring or similar? Apologies if re-post, couldn't find anything relating to this in other D2R posts.
  2. Hey guys. Long time member, occasionally paid when I was in Qld with my R33. I have just bought a fairly decent condition '03 350gt. Looking forward to getting back in to the Skyline world and once again owning something that is fun to drive and I don't just hand over to my local mechanic every 10,000km. I pick it up tomorrow.
  3. about mods, would it be all z33 shit that i would go for? I would prob eventually put a manual box in but have no idea which box to go for
  4. I'm actually tempted, i have only seen a couple of them
  5. You can still register it but a revs check on the vin will show it has been written off Thanks man, you can't delete thread, you shouldn't get asked again now, with the exception of those who can't read
  6. *zorst, not worst, f**k you mac and your auto correct
  7. no idea yet man, its all up to the assessors, if they write it off, i'll put the stock struts and worst back on before they take it. I also probably have the option of buying the car back off them
  8. the second one is pretty nice, I would love a GTS4 but need the turbs, although, the left over cash would sort that
  9. Well 33 is the preference, I'll have a look man, thanks for the tip
  10. Hi guys, My poor 33 s1.5 looks like it will be written off from the hail last week, I might need a replacement Skyline really soon. I am looking for something around the $7.5k mark. Interested in R33 s1.5s or R32s, would prefer something with an RB25, if I end up with an RB20, I will wanted to have a few mods to compensate. Something where a safety cert can be organised without too many hassles would be good.
  11. is it still for sale? mine is going to be written off from hail
  12. Hey guys, so I've installed a pod to my r33 s1 and ripped off the snorkel and replaced it with silicone and aluminium piping. Obviously this means that the BOV is no longer plumbed in. When I start it up it is him?
  13. Hi people So this morning someone came in to my house and stole my best friends handbag and keys then stole her car from my place in Chermside. It's a blue yaris with red personalised plates and batman stickers. Her card was used this morning at about 7am at Newmarket 7-11. If anyone sees the car, please call police or PM me.
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