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  1. Hi guys. Glad everyone enjoyed the night. We had a great time and good to meet people. It was great to see a good turn out and we hope to see you all at more events in the future. Sorry we didn't get to chat to everyone personally. Any questions feel free to contact us we are here to help. Keen to see some photos of the night. I'll see if we can grab some off Chris Kind Regards. Daniel Gardener Carbon Car Systems.
  2. Hi All, So we couldn't decide on finger food sooooo..... we will be providing Pizza halfway through the night about 7:30 for a break, also providing soft drink, water and a few beers. Please remember we support safe driving and do not endorse drink driving and the choice to have a beer is on the owner of their own body and their own skyline See you all Friday!! Kind Regards, Daniel Gardener Carbon Car Systems
  3. Hi Mate, Will make a note to discuss kill switches for you and throw that in under security. Kind Regards, Daniel Gardener Carbon Car Systems
  4. Sounds good I am looking forward to meeting everyone and should be a good night. Anyone with any specific questions about any of the topics that you would like addressed on the night?
  5. Hi Mate, We sell a few different trackers at Carbon Car System. There are 3x I would recommend: 1. Viper SmartStart GPS Tracking - (mentioned above) - $389 inc GST + $99 Per Year This is designed to work with a Viper alarm for the full features but you can hook it up as a passive GPS tracker so you can track your vehicle on your phone anytime. The application is quite cool you can download for free off any App Store and try it. Viper SmartStart App. This offers a real time spot location check and is really really easy to use and accurate! If you couple it with an alarm system you can get alerts on your email and phone also. It does run a cost of $99 per year but they include all the hardware, sim card in unit (telstra for best coverage) and usage of the unit. 2. Mongoose VT404 - $370 inc GST + $20 Per Year This is again a passive GPS tracker similar to above but it is limited to its ability to SMS alerts and GPS spot location checks via SMS. It can also be hooked to a car alarm to receive alerts on the phone. Benefit is it doesn't have an ongoing cost except sim card usage so you can us a prepaid SIM costing as little as $20 per year. 3. GridTraq Executive - $499 inc GST + $20 Per Month This is a full live tracking GPS system that allows you to monitor vehicle online through website access anytime any where with historical data stored and alerts. This is the real deal full GPS live monitoring. It does cost a little more and comes associate with a fee of $20 per month. Anyway thats a few basic options for you if you want any help feel free to contact us anytime we are very good with vehicle security. Kind Regards, Daniel Gardener Carbon Car Systems
  6. Hi Guys, Best guy in NSW is Daniel at Ultimate Locksmiths very very experienced. He has a mobile service. Terrible webpage but he is awesome with the key side ;D http://www.ultimatelocksmiths.com Kind Regards, Daniel Gardener Carbon Car Systems
  7. If you are not running an amplifier I would say the head unit is faulty or depending on the speakers a capacitor on the speaker (if it has one) really depends.
  8. Not good! Often if doing the fuel pump as a cut out on a performance vehicle I wouldn't suggest running the immobiliser points through the drive/power wires of a fuel pump only the trigger wires for the relay / ecu output because the drive wires are a higher current then what most on board immobilisers can handle. It will cause an issue with fuel pump feed. Alarm / Immobiliser relays can often only handle 15 amps. Anyway just a heads up. Thanks Daniel Gardener Carbon Car Systems
  9. Hi Mate, Try these guys: http://www.ultimatelocksmiths.com/contact.html They do automotive keys and he can program almost anything to any vehicle. Hope that helps. Kind Regards, Daniel Gardener Carbon Car Systems
  10. Hi There, Yes you can use all of the above. You can even get them in different spots, some on the drivers side, some on passenger side, some near the ECU or even engine bay. Mix it up for the best security. Also not that to be installed according to the AS/NZS you are required to use both Start & Fuel pump specifically and have all immobiliser cuts 30cm or more apart from each other. Hope this helps ;D
  11. Hi Guys, Yes we are one of the best car alarm installers going around. Carbon Car Systems (previously Platinum) have over 15 years experience and specialise in stealth car security installations and offer a wide range of security products. We are even one of the only stores in Australia to have alarm demo boards in store where you can come down and try working car alarms and see the features and what they do!!! We have 8x Alarms on Working displays! Feel free to contact us any time for information or quotes http://www.carboncarsystems.com.au/contacts/
  12. Hi Guys, Just thought I would post this up for you all as I know it s a big problem with a lot of imports their A/C not working correct. We are running a March special of $99 inc GST for A/C Re-Gasing. Carbon usings a top of the range Snap On A/C Machine for only the best results and we also do checks before regassing to make sure there is no obvious faults with your system, or we don't go ahead. Carbon also has the ability to repair most faults and fabricate hoses and pipes for A/C should you require. Hope this helps some people out. Normall $189!! So its a real steal. Thanks, Carbon Car Systems : www.carboncarsystems.com.au
  13. PS We might be starting a full time window tinter next month!!!
  14. Thanks for all the kind words guys appreciate the feed back Anything we can help you on let me know and we will do our best. Kind Regards, Daniel Gardener Carbon Car Systems
  15. Hi mate, Yes the alarm was 2x on board relays which are enough to power 1x motor. The purple and orange are also fused that is why they should go to power. Glad it works. Daniel Gardener Carbon Car Systems
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