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  1. First thing are you sure it's fuel pump that was issue if you are still having issues? Assuming it is, the fuel pump runs at 2 different voltages, a lower voltage and a higher voltage at full throttle. Does it still lag if full throttle? Possibly the lower voltage is to much for the new pump. If so you can hard wire bypass the voltage step, plenty advice on SAU if you Google. Also very importantly make sure you are not getting an engine light or anything when testing this, if there is a fuel supply issue you don't want knock or leaning out.
  2. R33 gtr but not nismo. I was behind a r34 4 door and in front of a silvia. Ive been behind a coach before that was faster. Best time was when I was working in Wollongong and went during the week during the day. I got some good shots as it was empty.
  3. Yes we got held up heaps, but as we went around bend before overtake lane the people holding us up had floored it around apex. I was staying back 100m so at least I could do more than 10km/h around bend (yes that slow), and by time I got to corner they were gone. I expect they where holding us up on purpose giving the fact they took off to make sure we were helped up for next section....
  4. After R34 Gtr dump pipes with heat shield.
  5. I have a power fc out of a R33 GTR. Screen has some marks and dead pixels, but works otherwise. $500 0405 five two four 326
  6. 500 + shipping. See picture for dead pixels
  7. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/270753-are-r32r33-gtr-pfc-the-same/ http://www.paulr33.com/powerfc-faq/powerfc-faq.htm Regarding tune, 3 inch exhaust, pods. You must get a retune with any aftermarket computer or mod.
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