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  1. The 1 piece JDM concept x work GT5, most probably in matt black
  2. That helps heaps man thanks. Putting it in a offset calculator going from 9+30 to 10+38: The wheel will extend (poke) out 5mm more. So that should put me into the same fitment as yours with the spacers. That decides it all for me. 18x9+30 Fronts 18x10+38 Rear 245/40/18 for the fronts and I guess I'll run like a 260 something on the rear. Nice car as well. Like the look of more meat on the tyres opposed to the crazy stretch lots of people are rolling
  3. This has been my thoughts for the past few months looking at fitment hahah I thought I had it worked out but now I'm a bit confused again
  4. Ah spewing I'm looking at the black 1P GT5s, I guess try and find someone with a 34 looking for Bronze rear wheels haha
  5. Yeah that would be going from your original wheels, from the 10+38 to 9+30 youll get 21mm MORE clearance and will RETRACT 5mm toward the body. go to the last page you can see a yellow skyline running the front 9+30 and rear 10+38 from JDM Concept. What colour / style are they because I'm actually looking at getting some through them later this year..
  6. http://marksink.com/tire_wheel_offset/offset.html this is a tool I got from one of the other wheel posts - it's great to check clearances both sides. 18x9+30 should be sweet on a 34 - I was running 18x9.5+15 all round before. Where did you get the wheels from?
  7. Have you tried jsai? I'm not sure if they do low mounts but might have something to help you out.
  8. Welcome, cool to see more people across the pond getting skylines.
  9. Personally I'd go the S14, but if you're really keen on a skyline I agree with others - just wait until the right one comes up. I was looking for 2.5 years and test drove a bunch before I got what I wanted. Fairly clean and low kms with a few light mods.
  10. Yeah I've read that there is heaps of room up the back. I just want to make sure the wheels will be flush if im dropping 2k+ on them haha, after scouring through forums all over the place I thought these were the answer. Guess Ill keep looking.
  11. Cheers, wanting as flush as possible but dont want to draw attention with them sitting outside the guards. Just went through 6 months of defect/engineering because the last wheels were too phat haha. they were 9.5+15 all round and had 235's on them. Making ~305kw at the wheels so want some rubber on the back but doesn't have to be crazy.
  12. Hey guys, Looking at getting some of these late in the year, JDMconcept told me that this customer had the 18x9.0 +30 and 18x10 +38 but weren't sure on tyre size. Is the owner on here or anybody know what he would be running?
  13. Spent the most part of Aus day cutting, polishing and waxing her. Ignore the scrape on the front bar its too deep to buff out lol.
  14. Welcome mate, as Steve said would be great to see some photos. Always wanted to do a 30/26 build!
  15. Welcome! Got any photos of it?
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