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  1. I agree about the 30/35 size , but as I've said in the past I'd like to see a G28 as well because gut feeling is that a smidge more turbine than the G25 with a couple of compressor options is probably going to cover much of the hot roady needs . If Garrett really does want volume sales they really need T3 and T4 turbine housings because for many 3" V band isn't an option . I'd like to see a G28 or G30 become the modern GT3076R T3 Integral Wastegate replacement . A .
  2. Has anyone seen any details about the T4 twin scroll integral waste gate housings that are said to be available for these G turbos . A .
  3. Out of curiosity how does the GT3584RS stack up against the above mentioned turbos ? Not sure if they are available in a proper T4 twin scroll turbine housing though . Cheers A .
  4. Sacrificing CR is a way of saying no we haven't found a workable method of stopping our forced lump from detonating . I'm not sure what range of compression ratios you talking about and I sense that you are not very aware of what factors affect measured CR .
  5. Wow , all I can say is calculators don't build engines for manufacturers or race teams . There are some very simplistic ideas being promoted here based on guestimations being pushed as fact . All I can say is that very few engine are ever anything like 100% volumetrically efficient and trying to add a bar of pressure to a compression ratio is hmm - maybe optimistic . Way too many factors shoot that one down in a screaming heap . My take is that detonation is a factor of heat and pressure , whatever starts an unplanned combustion event . With static compression ratios , many things have run very high ratios but it is hard to argue that it slows down the way an engine revs . If you don't think so go search for some data on compression pressures vs combustion pressures . Fact . What higher static compression ratios do for you is increase the dynamic or actual compression ratio at less than full throttle . ANY restriction in an inlet tract will limit how much air a cylinder can inhale and if it aint full when the valves are ALL closed good luck getting the measured or "static" compression ratio . Then you can throw in hot cams that open inlets earlier and close exhausts later , and generally increase the overlap valve timing , and you start loosing trapping efficiency . The less there is to compress means you get a lower dynamic or effective CR . Hot cams are designed to allow an engine to rev higher , to make more power at higher revs . Don't ever lose sight of the fact that all you have to charge an NA engines cylinders is atmospheric pressure - period . Real word an engine CANNOT suck air in , all it can do is create an area of lower than atmospheric pressure into which the greater 1 bar at sea level can push itself into .
  6. Hi all , I need an RB25 Neo turbo cylinder head complete with standard valves and cams . Cam covers and a CAS would be handy but not essential . I prefer unmolested and don't mind freshening it up . Cheers from Adrian in Sydney .
  7. Interesting point about the firing order difference between an inline 6 and 4 cylinders . The four having a flat plane crank will be different to the usual I6 having 120 degree phased crank pins . I know of flat plane V8 cranks but I've never heard of a flat plane I6 crank . My guess is that most RBs , because of their capacity and being dimensionally based on the RB20 block , are a little short in their strokes and rod lengths . The RB30 is a big departure because being 3/4 of an inch taller block wise allowed a longer stroke and rod length . Also being approximately 3L the cylinder size is very similar to many 2L four cylinders . A .
  8. Well if the G30 is going to be how some here expect it to be then I can only hope there will be a G28 , or a least a G28 turbine option . Sort of like a 6758 wheel size wise but less bulky .
  9. I agree , the people at Evom are saying that the G30 may be released in 2019 possibly at Sema . I reckon they could have sold many more G30s than G42s but they obviously decided to cater to the drag fraternity .
  10. I'll reserve judgement until the G30 and 35 are released and the market gets to test them . Garrett is obviously putting them up against the older GT versions and the market will soon know if they aren't much if any better . I'm most interested in the G30 and how it goes response wise compared to the GT3076R/GTX3071R . I'd like to see a bit less inertia and a bit better wheel efficiencies , in other words same power as a GTX3071R with better spool . A .
  11. I reading a few claims at various sites that Garrett may have the G30 on show at SEMA . Anyone know anything about this ? A .
  12. Bosch do a shorty EV14 extended nose injector - 0280158211 . Supposed to be rated ~ 485cc at 3 bar . Or there was I believe a JDM S15 SR20DET side feed injector that is interchangeable and slightly bigger than R33 std injectors . The above mentioned Bosch ones have 10 holes and possibly twin spray pattern as well . My understanding is that the greater the number of holes they have in the tip the better fuel atomisation will be . Also the closer you can size an injector to your realistic power output the better off you are , as in accurate fuel control engine response and fuel consumption .
  13. I agree Garrett has the potential to do great things with the G series . I'm thinking the compressors and turbines wouldn't have to be a whole lot bigger to put them in the power range that the fast road market is really interested in . If they keep the same frame size and have housings similar to the G25s , in for example a G28/G30 series , then we can have efficient responsive turbos . Keeping them compact and having reliable hot sides is where they could have it over the EFRs .
  14. I can't remember which way round it works , as in plumbing the swirl pots lower fitting to the bottom radiator hose or to the fitting pressed into the back of the blocks thermostat "bowl" . I tend to think that the way to go is behind the thermostat rather than in front like Nissan has it standard . While I'm here if anyone has that fitting that presses into the block from a Neo turbo engine I'm prepared to pay well for a good used one . Neo Ts are about 10mm here where the R33 and Neo NA are 8mm . Cheers A .
  15. It occurs to me that Garrett are taking a long time to bring larger versions of this G Series to the market . Its time they got their finger out in my opinion and had a look at bringing out the next turbine size up in the G series .
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