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  1. Hi all , long long time since I've been in this thread . A while back now I gave up on Caltex EFlex and returned to 98 . The current plan when I can find time is to convert my R33's inlet manifold to the Neo T one and get into 3/4 length EV14 injectors . I want to try the split /twin spray ones that are supposed to spray at each inlet throat/valve rather than at the centre port divider . From previous research it seems that the highest flowing twin spray 3/4 length EV14's are from Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 models . AFAIK there are 500/550/630cc versions available and you'd think being emissions compliant cars that these injectors would atomise pretty well . Just on this the 2020 Shelby GT500 is getting a 5.2L intercooled supercharged 750 odd Hp V8 and it's retaining port fuel injection so there may be a larger split spray injector available soon . Anyhow I'm curious to know what sort of power people think a 630 to 650cc injector could make in an RB25 on E70/85 . Cheers from Adrian .
  2. Hi all , old thread I know but I need some info on the injectors that will be in next years Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 . The engine is a 5.2L four cam supercharged V8 , named Predator , and surprisingly it will still have port fuel injection . The largest current GT500 Shelby V8 injectors I know of are 630cc/~60lb Bosch EV14 mid length - 0280 158 298 . I'm guessing that an around 750 Hp supercharged V8 would need 700 + cc injectors assuming they use one per cylinder . They should be interesting because anything that can meet current emissions regs would have to have good atomisation which could be difficult to achieve in a biggish injector . I have searched but not much info available that I could find . Thanks in advance , cheers from Adrian .
  3. Hi all , just curious as to how people modified the R33 throttle body when fitting them to R34GTt inlet manifolds . Would be a straight bolt on but it has a vacuum port in the top of its mounting flange that actuated the charcoal canister valve . The 33s plenum has extra material to seal the back of it but the R34s plenum mount flange doesn't . I suppose the easy fix is to make up a thin spacer plate to seal this port or weld and face the R34s plenum mounting flange . Or is there an easier way ? Cheers , Adrian .
  4. I am interested in a good complete Neo turbo cylinder head , do you have the cam covers too ? What would it cost freighted to Sydney . Cheers from Adrian .
  5. Hi GTSBoy , we are still struggling with these three pin hole plugs that go over the cold start spring and wax pellet piston thing . We made up a two pin tool and even extended its length for more leverage . All it did was bend the pins , these things are stupid tight . I have an R34 NA Neo IAC assembly as well as a complete Neo turbo inlet manifold . Neither of the plugs is even looking like moving . If you still have your tool could you post a pic of it please . Cheers from Adrian .
  6. Hi all , I know this is an old thread but does anyone know how to get that cap out on the cold start piston side . We made a pin tool up but that cap is crazy tight . I'm reluctant to heat the casting up because of the seal that lives inside where the idle speed magnet solenoid gadget goes . Thanks in advance , cheers from Adrian .
  7. Hi all , does anyone know if the ViPec R33 plug in ECU can control a Bosch 3 wire IAC valve . Thanks in advance , cheers Adrian .
  8. I was just looking at the dimensional drawings at the ATP site , it appears that Garrett have used three slightly different compressor housings . The G25-550/660 and G30-660 use a 0.70 AR housing , the G30-770/900 and G35-900 a 0.72 housing , and the G35-1050 a 0.75 housing . From memory their diameter's are around 170 190 and 205mm . A
  9. I'm curious to know what Gibson Motor sport ran on the Group A cars in the day .
  10. I think I saw a post on Honda Tech saying something about Garrett altering the G30 turbine trim to be something like the NS111 60mm turbine . I'd have to check but I think they were 76 trim.
  11. I'm really interested to see how the G30-660 will go on 2-2.5L 4s and 6s .
  12. All I could find was this but there is nothing in it . https://www.atpturbo.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=tp&Category_Code=G30660
  13. I agree about the 30/35 size , but as I've said in the past I'd like to see a G28 as well because gut feeling is that a smidge more turbine than the G25 with a couple of compressor options is probably going to cover much of the hot roady needs . If Garrett really does want volume sales they really need T3 and T4 turbine housings because for many 3" V band isn't an option . I'd like to see a G28 or G30 become the modern GT3076R T3 Integral Wastegate replacement . A .
  14. Has anyone seen any details about the T4 twin scroll integral waste gate housings that are said to be available for these G turbos . A .
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