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  1. I had a similar long term issue that got steadily worse . It turned out to be dodgy immobiliser .
  2. Hi all , just in case you have a sick HKS GT2530 I noticed you can buy new cartridges for them through ATP Turbo . Cartridge part number is 446179-21 . https://www.atpturbo.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=tp&Product_Code=CHRA-GT2530HKS&Category_Code=CHHKS
  3. This is a link to a more recent Garrett catalogue and the unit of that turbo part number . https://www.garrettmotion.com/racing-and-performance/performance-catalog/turbo/gt2860r/ It doesn't look like the part numbers mentioned above because these have an updated center section and bearing pack than the earlier GT/GTX gen 1 units . I'd take it up with the supplier .
  4. And here's the details for the GT2860R - the 707160-5 version , again note the turbine dimensions and trim . https://turbochargerspecs.blogspot.com/search?q=GT2860R A .
  5. GT2560R note turbine dimensions . https://turbochargerspecs.blogspot.com/search?q=GT2560R
  6. Sorry people bum steer , that link was to details of the GTSS/GT2859R . https://turbochargerspecs.blogspot.com/2011/03/garrett-gt28-gt2854r-270-hp.html This one should take you to the GT2854R and note the second and third pics of the turbines . A .
  7. If you are speaking about RB26 spec GTSS turbo dimensions then that is correct Just for another layer of confusion there was also an SR20 spec version of the GTSS but it had the larger NS111 53.8mm 76 trim version of the GT28 turbine . Same as your turbos had . Back to the RB26 style GTSS turbos . These use a cropped version of the GT28 NS111 turbine so they'd measure 53.8mm 62 trim . The smaller trim means they have a smaller exducer and outlet diameter than the 707160-5 turbos . Also to these part numbers . Often on the turbos ID tag there are inconstancies . For example one of these turbos may have 707160-5 , another identical one may have 707160-5005 . Often people , and Garrett , quote turbos by a dash number ie -9 or -7 or- 5 . It makes life difficult . Anyway the best way I can describe GT25 and GT28 BB turbos is by their turbine dimensions and their number of blades . 11 blades can mean GT25 OR GT28 turbines . The 53mm outside diameter ones are GT25 . The 53.8mm outside diameter ones are GT28 . The GT25 11 bladed turbine is generally 62 trim . The BASE model GT28 turbine is also generally 62 trim . The GT28 NS111 9 bladed turbine , remember - GT28 turbine 53.5mm OD , comes in two trim sizes . Most were 76 trim BUT there was a special version in 62 trim for specific applications . Note that this NS111 62 trim turbine has almost exactly the same dimensions as the 11 bladed GT28 turbine - 53.8mm OD 62 trim . As far as I know the cropped 62 trim NS111 turbine was only available in two turbos , firstly the RB26 style GTSS/707160-9/707160-5009 (all same) , and secondly the GT2854R . I found a link to details of that GT2854R and they kindly have pics of the differences between the GT2554R and GT2854R turbines , totally different 11 and 9 blade forms . https://turbochargerspecs.blogspot.com/2011/03/garrett-gt28r-gt2859r-56-trim-310-hp.html Cheers A .
  8. Well whoever you emailed at Garrett is wrong . That pic shows a GT28 NS111 turbine in 76 trim , inducer around 53.8mm and exducer around 47mm . Also have a look at the pics of the turbine maps above and the associated details . If you think I am wrong look up the specs of the GT2860RS and GT2871R series turbos , these and a few others all use this same turbine - well turbine wheel anyway . The basic GT25 turbine should measure approx 53mm and is 62 trim . The term GT2560R is a generic one . It breaks down to GT for Garrett Technology / 25 for the turbine series / 60 for the compressor OD / R for rolling element ball bearings . There are many variations in housings and compressor wheel trims . Honestly the best way is to search for cartridge numbers because the details will show turbine and compressor dimensions . A .
  9. EFI fuel hose is hardy stuff so if you can get the right diameter hose and replace your hose it should be good . I also like to use OE stainless fuel line clamps as well . Cheers A .
  10. Just for some closure the way to get the three hole bung out is to apply some heat with a heat gun to the surrounding housing . Nissan use some white sealing gunge but if you warm it up carefully it unscrews easily . Also as a heads up the wax pellet piston spring and cap appear to be the same on the R34 GT (NA) IAC unit housing . This is what I gutted and it looks the same as those in the pics above . Oh and one more . The R34 GT25 NAs idle solenoid unit is the one to use on R34 stuff in an R33 because it has the R33 style male loom connector . Cheers A .
  11. From memory the GT2860R , at times known by the original part number 707160-5005S , is more like what HKS called the GT2530 . Old news now but back in the day (1991 odd) the GT25xxR ball bearing turbo reference related to all with GT25 and GT28 turbines . So the HKS spec "GT2530" actually has the GT28 76 trim turbine , same as your GT2860R 707160-5005 units . The main difference is the compressor which is 60 odd mm 63 trim , and 62 trim in the -5005 ones . From what I can gather the "-7s" look more like a GT2560R and appear to use the slightly smaller and different style 53mm 62 trim turbine , also the 60 odd mm 60 trim compressor . I think I found a reference and an OE Nissan like part number for the -7s so could be the R34 N1s . They would have been an upgrade on the std R34 GTRs ceramic turbine units . All these are old part numbers now and could have all changed over to the 8mm type turbine shaft and G series style ball bearing cartridge . The older Turbo By Garrett catalogues covered most of these except the HKS specific turbo and cartridge numbers but I have old lists from years ago if anyone wants part numbers . At the end of the day I'd err towards the "2530" or the 707160-9s given a choice because at least they were developed to suit RB26s . Garrett made the HKS spec BB turbos and could not initially sell these units or cartridges for some years . So they decided to market units similar but not quite the same . Cheers , A .
  12. I never did get back on this , the 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 injectors I believe are Bosch 0280 158 395 . From memory they are rated at 650cc . Unfortunately they are a full length EV14 so not much use to us with OE RB25 type inlet manifolds . Cheers A .
  13. Yep I was not suggesting going with the GTRS but I do have one . The issue is turbine housings , specifically ones that bolt to the standard manifold . Just on this , the std manifold mount flange is a "T3" bolt pattern but it is slightly wider across the two exhaust outlets than a real T3 single outlet port . The drama with RB25DETs is that GT28 turbines are really a bit small especially if its in a small 0.64 AR GT28 turbine housing . This is exactly the format that HKS made their T3 integral wastegate turbine housing . The plus was that it bolted up and made an easy install but I think that's because it was something more intended for RB20DETs . HKS spec Garrett turbos like GT2530/2535/GTRS (2871R in 52 compressor trim) could be optioned with this turbine housing . I mentioned recently that we are having the same problems now that we did 15-20 years ago with GT30xx turbos - no T3 flanged integral gate turbine housings except from HKS - ka ching ka ching . These days there are no T3 or T4 turbine housings out for the current Garrett G series turbos which is probably why the market is reluctant to buy them . Ideally something like a G25 or G30 should be ants pants but Vband mount turbine housings are useless to most of us . Geoff at Full Race in the US is pushing for more usable G series turbine housings but things move slowly in Garretts aftermarket section . OE spec turbos to the manufacturers is where their volume sales are . That aside most people will probably say buy one of Hypergears turbos or go with something like a Garrett GT3076R or GTX3071R in say a T3 flanged integral wastegate 0.82AR turbine housing . Its been done here a lot and it does work reasonably well . Cheers from Adrian .
  14. HKS GT2535 is getting real long in the tooth nowdays , came out in the very early 1990s . In the day the best thing about them was that they were a bolt on manifold and dump wise for an RB20/25DET . It used one of very few turbine housings that had a T3 mounting flange and the same dump pipe flange pattern as the original equipment ball bearing turbos on R32/33/34 RB20s and 25s . These days most people hi flow the std BB turbos with a different cartridge (centre section inc wheels) and reprofile the std housings to suit slightly larger compressor and turbine wheels . Either way the GT28 sized turbines are a bit small , and the HKS turbine housing is small AR wise for an RB25 anyway . Later HKS made what they called a "GTRS" which is similar to a GT2535 but with a slightly larger compressor wheel . Probably a better thing but still limiting on a RB25 , mine made 271 RWKW on E70 . An easy slight upgrade if all you want is 250-260 kw and gets rid of the std ceramic turbine issues .
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