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  1. may you please post some pics of the car pics needed: engine bay, interior, dash, rear, front and both sides thanx or can u email them to me at nathan.gaunt@gmail.com
  2. may i please have some pics... higher quailty than the ones above i need pics of: engine bay, front, sides, rear, dash and interior please email them to nathan.gaunt@gmail.com also i have a competion pioneer sound system. how much for the car without stero please email me lowered
  3. hey can i get some pics of the engine bay and interior.... im interested the_plague_that_walks@hotmail.com
  4. can i please get some more pics the_plague_that_walks@hotmail.com interior...rear....front....engine bay thanx
  5. i want to buy a GTS-T R33. i want a full gtr bodykit with 400R front bar. aftermarket exhuast. 18inch alloys lowered stock engine(small mods accepted) colour doesnt really bother me. low kms neat interior(doesnt have to be perfect due do i will leather it) all above is neg. i can spend a max of $21000 on the car. if you are interested in selling please email pics to z3099971@unsw.edu.au or the_plague_that_walks@hotmail.com thanx
  6. can u please post the pics somewhere else cause they arent there anymore or email them to me on z3099971@unsw.edu.au
  7. can i please have some pics the_plague_that_walks@hotmail.com
  8. im interested.... but i want those 19 inch chromes email me tell me more about the features the_plague_that_walks@hotmail.com
  9. can i please have some pics the_plague_that_walks@hotmail.com
  10. the_plague_that_walks@hotmail.com pics please
  11. pic to me please. the_plague_that_walks@hotmail.com
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