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  1. Had it back on the dyno on Monday to check the tune as someone at a repair shop had f**ked around with it without permission. Played with the e boost controller a bit and rolled out 628rwhp with wheel spin. Can't complain about that on pump98 and just over 1.5 bar boost. 20190708_123500.mp4
  2. Rb30/25 neo Gtx3582r 3.5 inche dump 3" straight through exhaust Rebuilt crank Spool H beam rods Aries forged pistons Cometec 1.3 mm head gasket Ported neo head 260 9.15 tommie cams Freddy port match inlet manifold My own custom high mount exhaust manifold. 5 speed neo box Jim Berry custom 4000lb clamp clutch 3.36 diff gears. 1000cc injectors Pump 98 21.7 psi made 594rwhp with wheel spin on dyno.
  3. Well went back on the dyno this morning. With wheel spin on the dyno she rolled out 594rwhp with over 600flb at 7500rpm 21.7psi of boost and only 9deg of timing from around 4500rpm on with pump98.
  4. Just rolled out 467rwhp with 17psi 11deg of timing @6300rpm. Had trigger problems from factory cas. Ordered a new trigger kit from NZ Wiring and will be going back on dyno on Friday. Shitloads left in it.
  5. Ok. New donk in and run in. RB30/25 NEO Aries forged pistons spool h Beam rods arp studs top and bottom rebuilt crank ported neo head 260 pon cams 1000 cc injectors Walbro 460 fuel pump retained vct spitfire coil packs bcpr7eix plugs 1.3mm head gasket. 8.55 to 1 comp. 3 1/2" dump to 3" straight through exhaust hom ney special clutch neo 5 speed box. Engine and box is in a LX gtr torana. Runs 3.36 diff gears. Made 350rwhp with 5000rpm limiter and zero timing adjustment and 14psi boost pump 98 Going in on Monday the 17th for final tune. Going to run 22psi on pump 98. Will add dyno diggers on Monday night.
  6. Yes full rebuild 3tho clearance all acl race series arp studs spool rods Aries forged pistons and rings. Crank fully rebuilt.
  7. Just wanted to know what oil everyone else is running in their 30 25 neo's. I use penrite hpr5 as per the neo guidelines. But wounding if i should go up to hpr 10 making 500rwhp.
  8. Ok don't want to start a new thread. Will the rb 2.8 stroker kit fit a 25 neo block?
  9. Hi all. Due to a recent incident where I dropped 2 of my splitfire coil packs off my bench and broke them I have had to replace my coil packs. In doing so I have the 4 remaining splitfire coil packs from my engine that have less than 5000 km on them for sale. Pick up from Southside of Brisbane. Can post at your expense. Still have the original box they came in. $65 each or i will do all 4 for $220.
  10. Just going to change over to r35 gtr coils. Godzilla motorsport now do a kit for the neo direct fit good for upto 50psi boost.
  11. Yer but 99 each i might aswell buy a full new set. Was hoping to find someone who has changed to yaris or ls and off loading them
  12. Hi everyone Due to recently accidentally buggering two of my Spitfire coil packs and finding it difficult to find 2 to replace them. I'm wondering if there is any gain to be had by converting to the Ls coil packs or the Yaris coil packs. If so can I please have the correct part numbers for the best Yaris or LS coil pack. Also any information needed on fittings them as well please Thank you
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