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  1. Carbon is the eventual dream and i was checking out your website the other night and thinking that oneday i might have to fly over and do one the the workshops Do you think this current mould would work for carbon? the surface finish is far from mint and my plan was just to wet sand it but unfortunatey the Gelcoat is too thin so im guessing that im going to need to do the wax styrene to build it back up to sand it out. Whats your thoughts on a rough cost to do it in carbon would you use similar layup layers? just wanting to try and maybe get my head around it and maybe start stockpiling some gear to be able to do it
  2. Yeah on Trojans website they specify 1-10% pigment by weight so i will probs go to around 5-6% just to err on the side of caution. Also looking at the soric data and you said aprox 550g/m2 but its saying it has a resin uptake of 1kg/m2 is that too much of a concern if i stick with the 550-600g? Also what do you recomend for the Double Bias 400g i have seen people saying aprox a 1-1.25:1 ratio of resin so around the 500g of resin per m2? My plan is going to be the 100g in the tight areas to make sure i get good key to the gelcoat, Then a full layer of 100g over the whole lot, 400g double bias, soric with double bias in aresa without soric, 400g double then finish off with 100g again does that sound about right? Sorry for taking up so much of your time but cheers HEAPS
  3. Well it doesnt take long to tip the scales on the $200 for free shipping with trojan lol. So ive got 4L of gelcoat and ive got 500ml of Royal Blue pigment aswell so then hopefully it will come out the mould a similar colour to the rest of the car and i can use less paint when i go to paint it. I cant currently get any 300g twill and in fact that have minimal fiberglass twill of anything so am i able to use the 100g CSM and then ive ordered the 400g biaxial glass in between and just replace the twill with CSM? not ideal but rock and a hard place lol. Also ive seen a couple of people using foam brushes in place of bristled brushes have you had much to do with them or what is the best method of wetting out the biaxial? I have bristled rollers, the solid ribbed rollers and brushes. Sorry to keep nagging you but your have been massively helpfull!!
  4. Yeah okay i will wash off the pva release tomorrow :( Bugger! Im going to order some of the twill and bi axial glass for the next front end that i try. How will the twill and Bi Axial glass lay up in the front end? will i have issues with the front end and the glass rolling around it? Cheers for your help mate
  5. haha nah your all good bro i appreciate it! Yeah ive ordered some from adelaide and hopefully have someone bring it up for me so hopefully soon i will be able to get onto it
  6. Yeah well my weekends been brought to a complete halt.. just opened up the white gelcoat and its fooked... so now i have the front end in pva and no gelcoat to lay down.. YAY Can i use tooling gelcoat instead of standard white gelcoat for the final part? i know it will be more of a cost but i live in the middle on nowhere and just want to get this front end done.. 20200523_152057.mp4
  7. I was getting it locally from Adelaide moulding and casting but of late i have been going through Trojan fiberglass as they do free freight over 200 bucks lol. Yeah as you can see in the vids its too thin in alot of places so im going to lay down the white gelcoat abit thicker and then atleast i have the ability to sand out imperfections where currently i cant with the tooling gelcoat Yeah its going to be just a wet layup. I have been keeping track of the CSM weights as its been going down and keeping to a 2:1 ratio of resin to glass and alot of the time we have been at nearly 1.5:1 so hopefully i will be able to keep the weigh managable. I also have a 2mm layer of Soric Coremat so i have been thinking i will do 2 layers of the 100g a layer of the soric and then a layer of the 300g if its not stiff enough when it comes out the mould i can always add more internally afterwards. Whats your thoughts?
  8. 20200516_144920.mp4 20200517_101426.mp4
  9. Mate far from telling you to piss off thats been awesome. I have had some dramas with it frying up in some areas and it looks like the alligatoring is what ive been calling frying. Anyway i did notice that in the spots it has happened is where the gelcoat is thinner than i would have liked so im guessing that is what has caused it. I have currently filled in the shitty spots with filleting wax so hopefully that will work but im guessing i will just get some styrene and mix up some gelcoat and fix it up eventually. Cheers heaps dude gives me something to think about! i will probs mix up the gelcoat for the final part and make it abit thicker than i have been.
  10. So been freaking hectic at work so been struggling to get much time in but have managed to get the bonnet done and the passenger quarter panel. Hopefully soon i will be able to get the rest done i just want to rip it all off and get on with getting the brakes done and actually driving.
  11. well what a past couple of days its been.... primer sanded, buffed, polished gelcoat doen and coupling coat laid.. wow.. 20200325_160851.mp4
  12. So my next door neighbour is an absolute legend!! Painted in Epoxy primer and now leave it for a couple of days to harden up so we can wet sand and polish it up ready for the gelcoat and laying glass for the mould.. wow this is a massive process
  13. So ive also buttoned up a couple more jobs on the brakes and added just as many a ive realised ive kinda cocked up but anyway will explain that later... During transport the calipers were damaged and the link tube between the both sides was damaged so needed to make some new ones. This was a fun little job but pretty fiddly but in the end they look awesome. Also finally had the helicoils arrive for the caliper bolts. They were abit of a funny size being M12x1.5 pitch and in a small town everything takes a while but we got there in the end. The idea for the helicoil here was that these bolts and threads are in a tension environment and the fact that the caliper has to be removed to remove pads those bolts will be done up and undone relativley frequently and having them go directly into alloy would lead to dramas so step up the thread thats engaging into the alloy and have a steel thread for the caliper bolts to go into and hopefully that will reduce the potential for issues Anyway shoot me some feedback!!
  14. So another weekend done and dusted! Got some more high fill primer on and sanded nice and flat then went over it with some gold/beige cans that i had... Absolute garbage cans Anyway looks the goods in the gold so sanded it once again.. damn this uses alot of sand paper.. Next update will be the brakes now there nearly all buttoned up.. YEWWWW
  15. Ahh your a legend mate! Maybe get some different feedback here
  16. So my neighbour is gonna be around this weekend to help as he is an ex spray painter so should get some decent progress and hopefully that last bits turn up for the brakes and i can button them up sooon. Anyway once the calipers are mounted i can get onto doing the pedal box. I have all the bits for the pedalbox so hopefully that should be nice and simple... yeah right lol. Also while doing the pedals i want to finish up the steering... I currently have an Astra pump thats sitting there ready but im just wanting to steer away from more fluids and recently i have seen more people doing an Electric steering setup using an electric motor thats incorporated into the steering column so provides assist and no fluids needed so im thinking i might go down that path. shouldnt have too many dramas moving on the astra pump. Might be something i can grab at a wreckers so will see how i go if i get some spare time to go grab one. Anyway hope you guys are enjoying it all
  17. Soooooo this thing feels like its gonna kill me lol. Got all the layers of glass on and started sanding till i could no longer stand the itch lol. Now its in primer and ive been rubbing it back with bog and i reckon im half way through my second 4kg tub of bog but its getting there and im loving it! Ive also FINALLY finished the wing mount... i reckon its about revision 25 but im actually happy with it. No side to side movement and seems pretty stiff! Simplest ideas are sometimes the best! Next will be the brakes there nearly done im just waiting on some bolts and bits to arrive and then should be able to button them up.
  18. Hey mate how did you go trying to move it across?
  19. So works been hectic latley trying to get a couple of jobs done before xmas but thats all turned to crap unfortunatley so now will be working over xmas. Anyway im thibking ill have a month ish off in january so hopefully som progress then but till then ive been on the hunt for some goodies and hopefully the brake system will get buttoned up, dry sump setup will be complete and the front end done.. YAYYY Till then i hope everyone have a good xmas. Stay safe and enjoy some time with the family!
  20. he gets plenty of treats and lets me know when im not patting him enough.. i was laying down some glass the other day and mid laying on the resin he walks up and bumps my arm for a pat... awesome timing!
  21. cheers buddy, when i started the build it was meant to be a street car.. oh how that has evolved... the idea is going to be that i drop the rims on the mill and i machine a taper on the outer edge of the rim opposite the disk face so that you can slide a tapered coller onto the centre lock spindle and pickup the rim and then wind a nut ontop to lock it down so i will effectively butcher the wheels i have now to fin but im okay with that because i like them lol
  22. Hey is anyone able to move this thread into the motorsport builds? Also looking at getting some 160mm round bar at 100mm long and machine that to accept some SKF 30213 bearings, Then will get an 80mm diameter round bar at around 300mm long and machine that to accept the ID of the bearings and hopefully endup with some centre lock hubs for the old girl. Looking to cost around $500 a side for bearings and materials so see how it goes but it should be good and possibly endup a whole lot lighter than the factory setup
  23. soooo i could be biased but this things F**KING AWESOME its no topstage xtreme gtr but its also built in a verandah.. And my trusty helper by my side
  24. So back home for a couple of days and finished off the fiberglassing today so hopefully tomorrow will be able to knock off the spiky bits and start doing some bog and possibly get into the highfill primer stage... woohoooo only taken me a couple of years lol
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