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  1. Sonny1986


    Hey guys fairly new to forum, have a r34 gtr vspec. Any cruises going on lately? Keen to join in.
  2. Thanks guys. I got the pods and skirts of ebay mate there is carbon fibre one on there going for $599 and pods are $399
  3. Some new photos with the plates finally on it
  4. cheers noy. Now will not let me upload them to my gallery lol. I give up
  5. how do i post photos on here lol
  6. With the right setup you will get max 750hp out of the t78. The t04z, most i have seen come out of that on a gtr was 650hp. The t04z has a very good spool with it coming on around 3800rpm.
  7. Thank you and glad to be apart of it
  8. Thanks mate. Yeah i should be there hopefully mate.
  9. Any details on the cruise? i am keen to bring my r34 out as well.
  10. Thanks Mate. Na was never advertised i dont think, But Yeah i have owned it for about 4 weeks now. Bought it in canberra of a mates cousin. Has a crap load of work done to it with Nitto 2.7 stroker. Goes in on monday for a tune, should make around the 650 to 700 mark i am hoping, but we will see what happens. Motor is built for around 700kw so i was told by the guys that built it.
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