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  1. Hallo, I'm trying to remove my spacer to clean. I remove all the bolts, but when i am trying to pull it out something is stilll holding it i can not see what it is.. Can some1 please help me????
  2. Hey, Can i do a burnout with my v35??..cuz when i do it my rpm stays at 1500 even if i slowly hit the brakes still doesn't do anything..is it VDC??? how do i turn it off no button!!! Or is ther another way to do it....on youtube i see g35 doing a burnout..
  3. actually i had a problem with my mass air flow sensor.. i bought a new one but the engine light on the dashboard is still on. what can be done?? for your information Suriname is in South-Am. (north from Brazil)... the most car dealers in Suriname imports cars from Japan..so that's why i drive a skyline V35.. and not the infinity G35.
  4. wazz up, i have a skyline 2003 300gt premium. Anybody know how to reset ECU??? Please help i want to know if thers a deffgirence when reset the ECU....
  5. Doing somthing crazy with my skyline 300gt...!!

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