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  1. After a long time from the car i decided to start putting it back together and complete the singel turbo conversion on my r33 gtr, with a 6boost and a EFR 8374. Well i got stuck on the DIY downpipe when i couldn't remember if the engine should be in "level" when it sits on the engine mounts and with the gearbox installed. I guess it should be but I'm not sure so that is my question. With the engine in the car without the gearbox, can i use a "bubble level" on the intake to see that its in level or is there a better place to use rather than the intake? Or should it be tipping "front / back"? As it sits now i have the engine on the engine mounts and woodblocks under the rear of the sump to keep it in level. The concern is when i put the gearbox back on and throw it back in again and the engine was supposed to be leveled but wasn't that it ends with the downpipe no longer fitting.... trying to avoid that. Best Regards Pierre
  2. Are there any noticable gains to buy the Compressor Cover SX-E Style for 8374 i have a hard time finding anything on google. I mean i could just buy the normal one and then add the block plate for the IWG.
  3. Sorry for borrowing your thread. I just bought id2000 for my r33 gtr and i am wondering what to do whit the resistor box is there any easy way to hook my new injectors in or do i need to solder the wiring? I have a autronic sm4 pnp ecu if that makes any difference.
  4. Have you had a run on the dyno yet to see what power you got out of the new turbos?
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