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  1. Nope it like nothing is hooked to the screen. if i was to hook up a external dvd to that screen how would i do it? Cheers The Duce
  2. From Auckland Drive a 98 R34 Coupe in bright yellow plan to RB26DETT the sucker one day Let me Know of any Auckland cruises/ convoys aye Churr Churr KIWI MATE!
  3. Hi im new to this forum You guys have probably heard this question over and over I have a 98 R34 coupe with the nav thing in it. The problem is there seems to be no power for the screen and im not too sure if there has been a box of some sort somewhere in the car that supposed to power it. The control panel has power (lights up, can insert and eject disks and beeps). Can someone help to get this screen popping up and down again. I have owned this car for a year now and haven't really bothered with it. i looked in the boot and noticed a little silver box with audio/video plugs in it. Im not too sure if this has anything to do with it. I know it would be worthless having it working but i just like the idea of a screen popping up and down Cheers TheDuce
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