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  1. Goldzilla this sounds just like me Most days I jump onto Quakers Hill Parkway from Sunnyholt road and follow it right through. I'm sorry I didn't see you. Did you turn off soon after?
  2. Mick. Is it your car I spotted a few weeks back on Quakers Hill Parkway not far from the end near Knox?
  3. Spotted a White R33 on Quakers Hill Parkway at about 6:30 this morning.
  4. I'm a 22 yo female. I've held a drivers licence for 2 years and have a perfect driving record and I just paid $782.30 last month through Shannons. This is the cheapest I found out of the few I looked into.
  5. Is this still going ahead? If so I'll be there :-)
  6. Welcome Vince nice car! I'm also from St Clair. Might catch you around. There is a western sydney event in the NSW section for Saturday night if you're interested in joining in. Enjoy your new ride!
  7. Spotted a black R33 with red rims parked in St Clair 2 to 3 days ago.
  8. 6th of May is a school night so I'd say it's April. :-) Thought I lost a month for a moment there. :-|
  9. Haha Braden I'm sure we can make an exception :-)
  10. That sounds great. Are we cruising? If so what will be our final destination?
  11. +1 for Penrith. St Clair to be exact. I'm keen for a meet up. :-)
  12. Thats horrible!! Did you check any later footage? Maybe they came back in the daytime to see if you had noticed or to look at what they did. If they were young people being idiots with mates its likely. Maybe you can compare lights and the shape of the car to other passers by. Wish I could help out more. Hope you find out who it was!
  13. Haha Micky don't worry I only get spotted at work! :-| I still haven't seen your car out of the garage! Get it finished!! We must catch up soon! :-)
  14. Spotted a white R34 coupe cruising around Norwest business park before 6:00am this morning. Nice car! :-)
  15. Fair enough. It is what it is and there's not much that can be done. It's a touchy subject as it is I suppose considering the nature of the business and the service they provide. Hopefully I don't continue to have negative experiences. I can only expect a company to look after their customer in ways that are covered in their agreement. I personally would go to any length to look after my customers in the business I'm in. Even to attempt to have it fixed. Something anything! In this case the man representing the company may as well have said a big **ck off. Being in the business yourself you would likely see alot of good and bad instances. Unfortunately as a customer I have only had the one negative experience (hopefully the last) :-) Thanks again for putting forward your knowledge and experience. I must comment on the fact they did bend the rules to accomodate me in the end once calling back and requesting to speak with a supervisor. I suppose I can't say it was all bad :-)
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