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  1. Chasing a genuine OEM R34 GTR bonnet. Aluminum or Carbon fiber.
  2. Do they still sell those headlight adapters? Thanks
  3. Looking at upgrading my brakes. - Rebuilt R33 Front Vspec calipers - Rebuilt R34 Rear GTR calipers - Resprayed VHT silver with heatproof Decals - DBA T3 4000 324mm/300mm rotors approx 3500kms - Near New Nismo pads front - Near new Unknown rear pads - Braided HEL lines front and back Can Post The entire package cost me over $3,500ish to piece together, rebuild and paint. willing to pass on for $3,000 Thanks
  4. Purchased majority of items, still chasing R34 GTR Bonnet and radiator support. Thanks
  5. Wanted to buy genuine R34 GTR bonnet, r34 GTR bonnet catch, R34 GTR front bumper reo. Cash waiting located Adelaide thanks
  6. Looking for a Nissan Stagea 260rs to buy. Willing to travel interstate. Know anyone? call me 0405343727 Thanks josh
  7. Update Guys, After ditching the Gtx3076 Highflow and purchasing a ATR43SS2 .63 Internally gated i stuck the stagea on the Dyno just before Christmas and She made 257rwkw on 17psi. It was an improvement from the last, but I was disappointed after hyping myself up. Starts spooling at 4000rpm full boost by approx 4800rpm. Anyways, shed booked in again this upcoming week, Ive purchased 1000cc EV14's and a Walbro 460lph to go with. And I'll talk to my tuner about the extra work to have it e85 compatible. Thank you for all your help guys. Slowly coming together.
  8. Exact mindset I was in. I sold the turbo for almost what I paid for it which Is a plus. Unfortunately I rang Hypergear multiple times today to try and organise the purchase but I had no luck. With both phone numbers going straight to message bank, bit disappointing. Haven't driven my Stagea in 3 months lol. Getting pretty edgy now...
  9. Hey guys, I ended up selling off my highflow like people recommended. Ordering my new turbo today from Stao. Looking at the ATR43SS2 Internally gated, ball bearing and with a .64ish turbine housing. If its short of 300rwkw on this turbo, at least ill have wicked response!
  10. Good tuner? Haha we will find out wont we..! Ill post up my results
  11. Stagea is correct wolverine, I understand where you are coming from. I do like the idea of response. What kind of turbo would you have in mind would best suit the set up?
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