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  1. OBDII Head up display Does anybody know if this will work on a 2006 series 3 V35? www.kogan.com/au/buy/obdii-car-head-display/ I have searched the forums and series 2 onwards are obdii compatible. Just wondering if anybody has tried one of these?
  2. Anybody want a used cloth drivers seat? My base broke so Carmen in Brisbanes' Northside fixed it by using the base from this one. They had to get the whole seat from a wrecker. One of the brackets snapped - other people on this forum have fixed this by welding it themselves. If you want the motors or headrest or any of it and can pick it up from Warner in Brisbane you are welcome to take it. Absolutely free. It's just taking space up in my garage. Message me for contact details. Regards Fodder
  3. Premium leather airbag driver seat broken. It still goes forward and back, up and down on its rail, but it tips when I go around a corner. The left side of the seat tips up. Feels like whatever anchors the seat to the rail has broken - or has come off on the left side. My questions to the forum are: 1: Has anybody else experienced this? 2: Can it be fixed? 3: Must it be replaced? 4: Secondhand versus new options? 5: Genuine or aftermarket? 6: Any other words of wisdom? Any advice would be extremely appreciated
  4. Hi collective genius' The www.xanavi.com.au website can convert to 2005 - series 2. Series 3 and stiff out of luck! The other night I was behind a Murano and could see into the cabin. The dash computer graphics looked like what I have eg not the leaf for fuel economy etc. Does anybody know if this is the same? And if so could a local nissan dealer reprogram to english? Probably not but no harm in asking!
  5. So Far the consensus is this: Hey nickcorr - The avatar I made myself using a 3D package called Cheetah 3d
  6. I've been toying with the idea of GT stripes on my Perl white v35. What do people think - Rad or Ridiculous? The wife reckons it makes the car look old, but really like it! click on the thumbnails to see variations.
  7. Just wondering about prolonging the half leather seats. Any suggestions! I don't want to spend a fortune, but I also don't want a couple of ugly sacks hanging over the seats. If you have a set that you love, how about sharing the love?
  8. I'm interested also Like the other posters I'd like to see a fitted image first
  9. Hi All. Ask and yea shall receive... My first cruise - done heaps of bike rides though. Even had a friend that hit the Armco (and survived) just below where these photos were taken. I turned off at the Samford exit. Would have loved to have gone further but had a double booking. Looking forward to next cruise. These are all the pics I took, not many but we learn from our mistakes (hopefully).
  10. Was planning on making it. Family is double booked though. Unfortunately as my wifes' aunty isn't long for this world this could be the last chance to see her. Maybe able to go as far as Mt glorious and turn at the Samford exit. Hope to see you at 10. Seriously disappointed about the blue z32 not being able to make it. Was looking forward to drooling all over it (ex-Z32 owner)!
  11. hmmmm! Not too sure if the sister-in-law would go for that? I'm not sure I would either!
  12. Noticed the media fire links are to download images I hope this link will take you to the images http://www.mediafire.com/view/?9r1yw9x8ybrty#6hu1523glhplin2
  13. Thanks for the reply and yes the Tiida only has 4 studs. So I suppose I should put the 18" wheels up for sale. Before I put them on ebay I'll offer them on the forum for a while. What I've got in 18" rims from a 2006 V35 Skyline. Front: 225/40 R18 Rear 245/40 R18 Rims in fantastic condition - no gutter rash with lock nuts. Near new rubber: Federal Rotalla F107's. I have seen online from $700 to $1900 - various condition and rubber $900 negotiable http://www.mediafire.com/?cdxhrjvdk2xliox http://www.mediafire.com/?uqng4wqthal69rd http://www.mediafire.com/?6hu1523glhplin2 http://www.mediafire.com/?hu55xv25mcswt43 http://www.mediafire.com/?13pv9xi11jcpdcu
  14. Hi Guys New to the Forums and Skylines. Was a Z32 owner a few years back until the GFC made my job redundant and money tight. Just picked up a Perl white 2006 V35 Premium on Friday. (I'm in love with motoring again) I'm buying the 19" rims off Mitch28 today so I'll have extremely clean 18" rims and rubber left over. Does anyone know if they will fit my sister in-laws nissan tida? I think they would make the Tida look a lot better. Regards Fodder.
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