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  1. Was driving to work behind an r32 gtr "rb 25 yo"? Charcoal colour, at liverpool this mornjng , very nice
  2. Looking at an r34 silver parked at Liverpool across from my work I'm parked further down the line
  3. Spotted a Maroon r33 at penrith while I was walking to grab coffie from McDonald's .
  4. Spotted a very clean R34 in Blue today on wallgrove? next to m7 westlink
  5. Have you got a greyish bumper? this was on 2 sundays in the morning
  6. Spotted a black GTR r32 on GWH towards penrith.... Was it NXTIME!
  7. Thanks krazie, I thought it was. Now going to have to get rid of it, completely the wrong one!
  8. I see so many driving past but don't know if anyone is from the forum, one white gtr I've seen drive past me twice now around the liverpool area
  9. Im stuck, if this is not an S2 bar then what does an s2 bar looks like ? does anyone have an actual photo of theirs?
  10. I just bought this, as the description on it stated its an r33 S2 Reo Bar, but my bumper bar does not match. Can someone tell me what it actually is? Thanks for any help
  11. No more black marks on the back The back bumper is nto quite the same colour though, but close enough:
  12. Did I join a boat forum :-/
  13. I used to do a lot of these. I know most of us have tried MS Paint. Lets see yours! Mine:
  14. Thanks for the help everyone. If anyone else does any minor rust repairs here is what i did, i went to KGP here in Emu Plains and they matched the paint exactly in an aerosol can. And i managed to finnish the rust repair with a perfect match. So bottom line never go to Autobarn for paint help here is the result of the work: Pre Rust: Post Rust
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