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  1. ok. I FIXED IT! Woo. All i did was push the needle past 180 on the dial and when it got to the end kept pushing a little more. I tested it and made sure that it reved out at 60km/h in 1st. and 100 in 2nd. worked out well.
  2. Oh... i thought i put a reply here. I only took the dials out of the cluster.
  3. I took out my white speedometer kit, in my 94 R33 NA, and after putting it all back together the speedometer doesn't show up the right speed. IT shows up roughly half the speed i'm doing. So when i'm doing 80 it shows roughly 40. The car is running fine, and i don't have a problem with the taco. Any ideas? kor
  4. she has read these forums before... so i think photos are a no no! but i do think i will do the 8 laps. the more the merrier. I just checked the site adn yeah they seem to be slightly modded V8s rather than full blown V8 supercars. Will be fun tho. and i'll try to get pics on the day posted up.
  5. all i have to do is book the date and i can go! and i was thinking of extending it too depending on cost. DUDE i SAID "BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER" and thats what i mean!!!
  6. April 2nd was not only the Melbourne GP but also my BIRTHDAY!!! After months of questioning and probing my girlfriend finally got me a present she believed was fitting. she refused to give hints and did not slip up at all. Yesterday she gave it to me: Driver training thne 5 laps in a FORD V8 supercar around calder park!!! oh and a Dodge Viper SV-T (model) i can't wait... best girlfriend ever! i rest my case!
  7. I'm at Melbourne! Yay. I can help out organise if you want. I'm there all day everyday... except MONDAY... [email protected]
  8. Car: 1994 s1 R33 GTS Engine: RB25DE Km: 142,000km Dynoed at 115kW Reason: finally 21 and saved up enough for R34!!! Mods: Cold air box Blitz pod iridium Spark Plugs strut brace Body kit 16" chrome rims clear side nismo indicators interior and sound: s2 floor mats lanzar rear 6x9s 6" front splits Reverse EL dash Headunit (pioneer DVD player with 7"screen atm) $13800 (with HU) if you want it without HU i will reduce the price by $500 PICS
  9. i really haven't noticed any bad XR6t drivers. i always see the commodore drivers. whether it's the mum behind the wheel or a P plater. My mum drives a commodore and she really can't drive, same goes for my girlfriends mum.
  10. i'm not sure if that Petett fellow is allowed to simply pull together his own list and enforce it. surely it must go through some sort of legal process. Whats not to say then we could just put together a list of cars cops couldn't drive... (every car). it be funny if someone could photo chop a cop car hooning... burnouts and donuts and overtaking. lol
  11. pictures say a thousand word but take up 1000x the memory... I have a 115kW @ wheels rb25de. Got it dynoed at the last SAU dyno day!
  12. Okay, i havem't been driving much as i have been studying for exams, but what i have noticed is that when the car was washed the blinkers stopped working and then a few days later (today -- hot day) it started working again. Flasher Can? what does it look like? can someone get a picture?
  13. Go the Aussies! i've been following since '93 were they lost 2:1 on aggregate to Argentina... it's been long... it's been hard... i think i feel a trip to germany is on the cards!
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