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  1. It will handle 250 RWKW But not for long......
  2. Bugga - I have 2 of the 5 listed, and owned 2 others in recent years. Never had a WRX though, and don't plan to.
  3. And if Victory doesn't buy the head, I'm interested.
  4. We were using Pet-G filament (for the first time) to gain extra strength. We printed 200mm long sections of wing, which were designed to be a firm fit over the existing wing. The idea was that the existing wing would hold the new sections together, and provide the mounting points. The end of the sections that were printed first (ie on the bed) were warped when we removed them from the bed, so they didn't join to the next section properly. I believe this is common with Pet-G. The attached pic shows 2 pieces with the "warped" ends together. The 2 outer faces of these 2 pieces are perfect, and parallel with each other. Other than that it seemed like it would work fine - they were very light & very strong. Even had an inbuilt gurney flap.
  5. Have you still got the GT4? We tracked an ST165 for a while, before the Skylines (am I allowed to call a GT350 a Skyline here?) Similar decision - decided it was too hard to get the power & brakes we wanted, so sold it and moved on.
  6. I've sort-of had both, so here's my 2c worth: I had a 350GT, which was my doily, and I also used it for a bit of motorsport stuff. I replaced all the stuffed bushes (seems to be pretty common), replaced the swaybars with Whiteline ones, and replaced the stock brakes with Akebonos off a 370Z, and it was surprisingly capable as a weekend warrior. It was an auto, and I'm sure a manual would have been better again (manuals also have Brembos stock). There is very little functional difference between a 350Z & a 350GT - the Z is a touch lighter and shorter. As I started getting more serious about motorsport, I bought (along with my son) an R33 GTST - pretty much stock. I think the 350GT was faster and handled better. As we upgraded the R33, it matched, then exceeded the 350GT's capability. We still have the R33, and short of a very expensive forced induction upgrade on the 350GT, there is no way it would get close to the R33 in it's current setup. My take is this - if you want a cheapish registered car that will do well in motorsport (track, hillclimb or whatever else) without doing a lot to it, a 350Z/GT would be ideal. If you want a car that you can continue to modify into a track weapon, then an R32/33/34 would be a better starting point. If you plan to go this route, the initial purchase price will be a small part of the final cost.
  7. Good idea - that thought hadn't crossed my mind. That thought also didn't cross my mind - bugga
  8. Unfortunately that wasn't me driving, but my son. I'm a couple of seconds slower at Malalla, haven't driven The Bend yet. We will be entering a Supersprint there in June - on the west circuit though. Thanks for the input guys - I will do some more digging (or get junior on to it). GTSBoy - we used a NACA wing profile when we went down the 3D printing path. On Sunday we bought a length of 25 x 25mm aluminium square section and a can of expanding foam, cut a matching hole in each end of the existing blade, pushed the ali through, then filled the blade with foam (after using the 3D printed sections to stop it exploding. We will 3D print a gurney flap for it, and have race-taped the leading & trailing edges to stop air getting in. It is much stronger than ever. Hopefully it will work for the June event at least. Worst case someone behind will wear an exploding wing blade.
  9. Old topic, but thought I'd continue this rather than creating a new thread. We have an R33 GTST, setup as a dedicated track car - BC ER coilovers, Whiteline swaybars, some adjustable suspension arms, 245 & 275 R88r's, 8 port front brakes, 320 or so RWKW from RB25/30 on E85, 2 way diff, etc. We've recently started working on aero improvements, and have built a removable front end with a plywood splitter (has to be removable to get on & off the transporter). Rear is currently an aftermarket fibreglass GTR style wing - don't know who made it as it was on the car when we bought it. The blade is now stuffed - started with a split along the trailing side, which we glued & taped. After a stint at The Bend yesterday, the leading edge is now also split - son reckons he could see the centre of the blade (in the mirror) almost touching the bootlid near the end of the straight. Top speed reached was around 240kph, and lap times in the 2:16's (according to Harry's) on a very cold, drying track, so it is a fairly serious setup. The new front splitter has also created an imbalance between front & rear, so its time to upgrade the rear wing. We had a go at 3D printing wing sections, that we planned to assemble using aluminium tubes, but had too much trouble with warping. Have given that idea away for now. We don't just want to replace the existing blade - we are after a wider wing, with decent endplates, that sits higher than the GTR wing. Ideally we'd like to keep within Time Attack Clubsprint rules, so not outside the body of the car in any plane. We can buy a China Ebay wing, but the impression is that they are more for show than go. Shipped cost is around $900 - $1000, which is too much for something that may not actually work. Most of them aren't wide enough anyway. I know we can buy a Topstage wing, but cost is $2650, plus freight, and I don't think that includes uprights. I have no doubt these are a good product, but a bit beyond the budget at the moment. I've seen the Bee-R style wings on Ebay, but I have no idea if they are functional or not, and what the quality is like. Does anyone know of any in-between options available in Oz? Has anyone used an Ebay wing, and have any thoughts to share? Any other sellers in Australia other than Topstage? Any input is appreciated. We are in SA, so a local supplier would be good.
  10. Are they like http://www.knightracer.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1967 ?
  11. Are these the ones designed to go over the stock rear quarters, and make the wheel wells wider (try saying that fast)? Are they new or used? Painted or raw? Photos?
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