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  1. In life Nissan > Commodore
  2. Do that, but you've used the free one. I charge for any further - maybe try the internet😉
  3. It's an accelerator, and you use it to accelerate. I think excellerator / excellerated has something to do with spreadsheets, or with being excellent.
  4. Is this legal?
  5. Unplug the single wire connector, and see if the gauge stops working...
  6. GeeDog

    RB30 doesn't have a housing - there is just a hollow stud screwed into the block, and the filter spins onto that. The o-ring on the filter seals against the block (which is where your current housing seals now). If you wanted to fit an external oil cooler, you could remove the housing, install an RB30 stud, fit a sandwich plate over the stud, then run lines to the cooler. You can put the oil pressure sensor in the sandwich plate. We ran our track car like this for a while. You can buy the RB30 stud (actually, for some strange reason you have to buy 2) from Nissan spare parts. Here is a link to one at Kudos - RB30 oil filter stud
  7. This was the issue when mine was filling the catch can after a few hot laps.
  8. GeeDog

    Usually grey imports have an Australian "stick-on" compliance label, that is attached when it is brought into the country and complied. The original Japanese blue VIN plate is also left attached. Have a closer look (in the door frames is common) for this compliance sticker - if it's registered it's likely to have one somewhere.
  9. This will depend on whether the events are multi-club or not. Multi-club means they will take entries from anyone who has an appropriate licence (L2S or whatever it's called now usualyy for speed events). If it's not a multi-club event, you will need to be a member of one of the CSCA member clubs as listed above. Because I'm bored, I found a copy of the supp regs for their round 2 event on May 26th, and it is indeed a multi-club event, but the wording for entries is that "members of the following invited clubs (same list as above) are eligible to enter, along with members of other CAMS affiliated clubs at the discretion of the secretary, if it is not a full field of 120 from CSCA clubs" - so it will depend on how popular the events are. If they get 120 entries from CSCA club members, you won't get in. I've attached the supp regs for you, so you can find out pretty much everything you need to know about that event. It is likely that all their supersprints will be almost identical - dates, names etc will change but the rules and format should stay the same. Approved+Supp+Regs.pdf
  10. They were from an ebay seller, but too long ago to shown in my account. We bought the kit mostly for the radiator hoses, and fitted them and a couple of others when we got the kit. Have since fitted most of them when the engine was out - no way without either pulling the engine or the intake manifold. Still have a couple of hoses left over - no idea where they were supposed to go.
  11. I wish - had the same issue a few years ago so it wasn't hard to see it in the photo. I cut the hose a bit shorter, and it has worked fine for 3 years or so. The hose kit we bought had 12 or more hoses, and I still haven't worked out where some of them go.
  12. The top radiator hose looks like it needs to be shortened, to take the kink out of it.
  13. GeeDog

    Australian wheel seller
  14. GeeDog

    Rebuilt with or without being highflowed? Your original question said you were running a RB25 turbo, and you were wondering what turbo it was. A later post says it has a 21U on the back and a 415v3 on the front (so it's only part of an RB25 turbo), and a later post again says you had it rebuilt with a BB core. What did the person who rebuilt it tell you it was? Did they convert it to BB, or was it already BB before it was rebuilt? Which bits are original RB25 - the rear housing only? How high you can turn it up will depend on what's in it - it obviously isn't a (stock) RB25 turbo.