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  1. We went the red way, and also wondered why it was so long.
  2. It's been a long time since I've used them, but E-Go Transport - e-go.com.au - used to be good value. I've used them in th epast to ship wheels, tyres, bumpers, and a V6 engine. among other things. They used to offer depot to depot shipping at a lower cost than pickup &/or delivery. No affiliation, but was always happy with their service & prices. Out of interest I put your figures in and they are quoting $328 depot to depot.
  3. This photo is from an RB25DET crank, but probably no different to an RB26. The drill bit shank shown is 6mm, so I'd say the grubscrew is M6, and would assume the thread pitch is 1.0 because thats the common size (but you could use a fine thread if you wish). they are quite short - I'm thinking 5 mm or so from memory. I'm not removing it to check as it's threadlocked.
  4. Bringing and old thread back, because I have new info. We removed the airbags from a series 2 R33 GTST track car, and they are not Takata branded. Info printed on the inflators is "HERST. MORTON INTL, OGDEN USA" and "NISSAN MOTOR DEUTSHLAND Gmbh NEUSS." A Google search for Morton International shows they made airbags in Utah, and a 1994 new item claims they had 60% of the worldwide airbag market at that time. Make of this what you will, but the airbags in my car are (were) not Takata. The inflator on the steering wheel is a different model (but looks very similar) to the pair of inflators on the passgenger side airbag.
  5. Exactly the same here but on a GTST R33 - same front brakes, same soft pedal, same years of annoyance - the BM57 made a huge difference.
  6. I'm running PS4S on my daily (BMW with lots of power) and very happy with them in wet & dry conditions.
  7. Out of interest, how often do you start / drive it? Does it sit for weeks/months, then still start first go? Have an R33 GTST track car with lots of mods, including E85. It starts fine when cold if it's run regularly, but if it sits for a while (> a month) it's very hard to start - crank until battery goes flat, recharge & try again....
  8. Sure - give me a call to arrange a time - 0428 841 730. I'm at Golden Grove, but will be at Edinburgh probably most of tomorrow.
  9. At the risk of being called off topic, the correct answer to this question is "do you mind if I pay with fake money"
  10. Wheels & spacers are now sold. Suspension arms still for sale.
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