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  1. Our car is also doing "double duty" at the track - 1 driver goes out for a session, comes in, less than 10 minutes later the second driver goes out. It's also Malalla, which is hard on brakes.
  2. We ran this until earlier this year as well. Changed to RBF600 after cooking the Nulon at the track, then changed to RBF660 when we needed new fluid. Haven't had issues with either of the Motuls to date.
  3. Or through a boost controller if you are running one. BTW - plum is a fruit. Plumb is to do with plumbing, piping etc.
  4. 2009 Ford FG G6E Turbo $12,000 2009 Ford G6E Turbo sedan, white with cream leather interior - $12,000 Mechanically in very good condition, runs and drives very well. Has a couple of minor paint marks, but is straight & presents very well. This is the (at the time) top of the line luxury model from Ford, and is fitted with the brilliant combination of a 4 litre turbo-charged Barra inline 6 cylinder motor and the ZF 6 speed auto - exactly the same combination as used in the XR6 Turbo. Motor output is 270KW, and the power & torque delivery has to be felt to be appreciated. This is a luxury sedan, with performance that many "sports" cars could only dream of. It has 19" factory option alloy rims fitted with 245/35/19 Khumo KU39 tyres - the rears were only fitted last week, the fronts have around 10,000 km on them & plenty of life left. Brakes are good, battery was replaced around 18 months ago, wheel alignment done in March this year (6,000 km ago), Bilstein shocks fitted all around 3 years / 60,000km ago, auto trans serviced with genuine fluid approx 18 months ago, engine always serviced with Castrol Edge full synthetic oil, brake fluid, cooland and diff oil changed recently, aircon works perfectly, fitted with factory Sat-Nav, leather upholstery in good condition (drivers seat showing a small amount of wear), floor mats installed, Earl's turbo oil filter & braided lines installed. Everything works as it should. Anything that has needed replacing has been replaced, mostly with new genuine Ford parts - this includes common failures in this model like the brake switch, wiper motor & glovebox lid. Being a G6E Turbo model, the car has multiple luxury refinements This includes leather seats, electric driver's seat with memory, memory external mirrors with auto-dipping passenger's mirror when reversing, sta-nav, cruise control, climate control aircon, bluetooth integration, remote central locking, flip keys, reverse camera, front & rear parking sensors. It is fitted with a 2300kg heavy duty towbar, and includes the tongue & tow-ball. The car comes with books & 2 fully workjing keys. There are a few not-so-good points - some minor paint blemishes, slight wear on driver's seat, driver's seat lumbar adjuster shaft broken (but can still adjust lumbar setting to suit), a few minor marks on rims, aircon compressor is a bit noisy from outside car (or sitting in a drive-through etc) - it's been like this since I owned the car, but the aircon works perfectly. The low asking price refelects these issues already. I can supply a tax invoice if requested - if you are purchasing for a GST registered business you can claim the GST portion back. Pictures are at!AivKjyDYgh0ynSLtBwx4P7GBCeDP
  5. Is that a fibre washer in the "before" picture?
  6. No, but we did one earlier this year so I've got a fairly good handle on what's needed. We used a stock bottom end (found an RB30 bottom end that had never been run). It's the little things that you'll need to sort out: - the oil feed for the VCT (the machine shop we use has done quite a few 25/30's & knows what's needed), -what you do with the cold start crap and associated hoses (we removed pretty much all of it, and don't regret it), -coolant lines on the intake side (once again we got rid of some), -the oil drain / breather on the front exhaust side (RB30 block doesn't have the port for this), -engine mounts / raising the bonnet (we kept the mounts stock, and raised the rear of the bonnet with some spacers under the hinges - also had to ditch the strut tower brace. Didn't want to lower the mounts as we have an extended sump, and didn't want it to be the lowest part of the car), -the dump pipe (had to cut & extend ours, as turbo was now 40mm higher), -you'll probably need a new RB30 water pump (the RB25 one has a slotted hole, which doesn't quite cover the water channel in the block - ask me how I know), -the intake piping (once again because the top of our engine was higher, we needed longer intake pipe silicone joiners on the intake pipes, just above the exhaust manifold. Had to buy a 1 metre length as we couldn't find the right size in smaller lengths), -you will need to buy a second timing belt tensioner & a longer timing belt -intake side wiring - we had to make up some extended loom mounts because the head was now higher. I can't think of anything else at the moment. If you want the machine shop's contact details let me know - he's in Pooraka. We are loving the engine - the torque delivery is beautiful.
  7. Is this a metal head gasket? If not, what gasket kit is it, and why do you need this as well as the "Nissan Gasket Kit"? I wouldn't bother with the RP Rod Bolts at the power level you are after either.
  8. I've got an RB25DET crankshaft - My ad I've also got an RB25DET block, with some scratches in some cylinders. I don't know if it needs to be rebored, or if a hone would be enough. I also have a set of forged pistons (also with some scratches around the crown) and stock RB25DET rods. Other than the scratched cylinders the block was recently cleaned (in whatever engine builders put blocks in to soak), decked, and had the oil returns enlarged. They are in Adelaide though. I would do a deal on the lot. Let me know if you want any pics. Note that all bits are from a series 2 RB25DET, from a 1996 R33 GTST.
  9. 16 Foot Car Trailer for sale We are selling our 16 foot / 4.8 metre car trailer. This has been used to transport our R33 track car to & from events for the last 3 years or so. The trailer bed is 4.8 x 1.95 metres, and it has a beaver tail for easy loading. The GVM weight rating is 1990kg, and it is a tandem trailer. It has cable operated disk brakes on the front axle. It includes a swing-away jockey wheel, a mount for a second jockey wheel (we used this to attach a Maco Mule wheel), a 3 speed cable winch, a spare tyre, and plenty of tie-down points. It is painted black, and the condition of the paint is very good. It has been stored under cover since we bought it, and we have touched up any areas needed regularly. Ramps are approx 1.9m long. The trailer bed is long enough to allow the car to be moved backwards & forwards, to adjust the towbar weight as required. The lights are LED, and the trailer has a 7 pin flat plug. Photos will be added tomorrow. Price is $3000 - firm at this stage.
  10. No, the rubber pipe from the AFM to the turbo - if you still have the stock one it will suck closed at the boost level you need to get over 250RWKW.
  11. 250 - 270 sounds about right on P98, depending on how happy the dyno is that day. Your injectors will stop you going to E85, but if you upgraded them & tuned for E85 you would be looking around 300. Intake piping & cat may cause issues at that power level as well.
  12. The coolant lines & oil return are easier to get off from under the car, but probably doable from above. As already stated, dump bolts will also be harder.