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  1. Which part of the table did you follow? I can't see any of the options that say to leave the rear feed as is. You'll make lots of friends here dude - good luck with your engine..... FYI my mother died a few months ago - so lets hope we meet up one day and I'll rip whatever is left of your mother off you, you fcking arsehole.
  2. I can't see that as a recommended option in "the table" How does he explain why so many other people (including me) have fitted restrictors / blocked oil feeds, and haven't had noise problems?
  3. GeeDog

    Remove the spark plugs, so it cranks faster on the starter.
  4. GeeDog

    I think you mean conscientious. Contentious means "causing, involving, or likely to cause disagreement and argument" - probably not what the cops want to see😉 But yeah - can't imagine a cop having a problem with a mounted extinguisher, as long as it doesn't interfere with the set movement or driver's feet.
  5. GeeDog

    Back in the day, when I was taking car loans, the finance companies used the "Rule of 78" - google it. Basically it defined that the bulk of the interest was paid early in the loan - so if you paid off a 4 year loan in 2 years, you paid almost all of the interest you would have paid if it stayed over 4 years. It was a fairly expensive learning experience for a youngster on apprentice wages, who liked to change cars regularly. I have no idea if it's still used, but I suspect it's probably not legal these days (probably wasn't legal in the 70's either, but laws weren't so important then).
  6. Wasn't me, but a close relation.... You'd be more interested in the car he replaced this with - an N55 335i AH3
  7. GeeDog

    The VQ35 motor is a sweet thing, and had an almost permanent spot on "Wards 10 Best Engines" list for quite a number of years. I'd buy a 350 over a 250 any day. The fuel consumption difference wouldn't even enter my mind, but I doubt it would be much over your commute.
  8. Fixed it - get out and drive the bloody things
  9. GeeDog

    You'll need to check that the motor spins in the right direction, but I've cracked a crank bolt by wedging a breaker bar against the concrete floor, disabling the engine from starting (fuel and/or ignition), and touching the key to start so the starter motor turned the engine. The jammed breaker bar held the bolt stationary. Obviously use common sense, but it worked for me.
  10. GeeDog

    You need one of those stickers that says "Horn broken, look for finger"
  11. GeeDog

    Have you ever driven a 90's auto car? They aren't called sludgeboxes for nothing.
  12. GeeDog

    I've got an RB30 sump (from a VL) in my shed - if you want anything specific measured or photo'd let me know & I'll dig it out.
  13. Given your tone, I'll let you find it for yourself, rather than pulling the spare nipple out of my parts box & measuring it for you.
  14. Go to Nissan dealer and get the stud from an RB30 in an R31, or go to a Holden dealer and get the same stub from an RB30 in a VL Commodore. The Nissan part number is 15213-W040A (which took me about 2 seconds in a Google search).