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  1. Has anybody had a backfire through a pod filter? I am running an airbox, but would like to install a pod, would it just blow to pieces like the airbox or worse?
  2. eMsta

    if it isnt mr wayne sterling himself! how u going buddy?? R33 is going well still - getting it serviced at Revzone at ringwood - they have brought the car back to life again :)

  3. Evan, Sorry for the confusion. I have sold my RAW (GT AUTO Compliance) to Peter as of last week. I have been working closely with Peter for quite a few years now, and I was very happy to sell the company to a person that I know very well and highly trust. I am still working with Peter and GT AUTO Compliance on a daily basis, and will be involved with the day to day running of the Company for some time. Regarding the purchase of your car, for years now GT AUTO has had a great working relationship with J-Spec Imports. They source/purchase the cars for the customers, and we look after compliance. We (Peter and I) recommend that you source your car via J-Spec and then use us for compliance. Feel free to give me a call (0419 003125) if you have any further questions. I know you have already spoken to Peter. Regards, Wayne Sterling GT AUTO Compliance Pty Ltd
  4. Here is another, all of session 3 - http://www.gtauto.com.au/movies/WintonS3.wmv 53Mb
  5. My best was a 1:39.04 which was one of the laps in that session.
  6. Here are a couple of laps of the Group 1 super sprint from my car: http://www.gtauto.com.au/movies/WintonSS.wmv 29mb.
  7. RUS

    Stagea Fuel Economy

    BTW, if you are going to replace your RB25DET lambda sensor, the part number is NTK OZA395-E2. This one has the same wiring connector as standard... easy!
  8. RUS

    Stagea Fuel Economy

    Thanks for the info... I will try replacing the O2 sensor next week. If that does not help I will install an old SAFC I have lying around.
  9. I have tried the search function and not found what I am after: My Stagea (1997 Auto RS Four V) is using on average 16.4 litres/100km. Is this normal? What are other peoples fuel consumption figures? Can you link me to any threads that discuss this?
  10. I am unsure about this as well. I think it has something to do with CAMS Vs ASAA events. CAMS requires a secondary restraint but ASAA does not. Can somebody please clarify this for us? I took mine off the car thinking it was not required, then I was horrified when I got to the next track day and needed it again. Of course, I will just leave it on for every track day now!
  11. Well, my car and tools were next to Troys, and at the end of the day my mates and I had to search for some of my expensive tools, and found them in another competitors toolbox on the other side of the carpark! I was never asked/told that they were "borrowed" from me.
  12. I am interested in this Troy.... let me know if there is still room available and I will see what I can do to get my car ready/reliable.
  13. Yes I am... thanks for noticing! What were the questions? Just PM me if you don't want them public.
  14. Looks good, I have a chaser that came like that standard!..
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