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  1. ahhhhh very nice, love panas, they have to be one of my all time favourite wheels. what was the offset on them? leaving them in the bronze colour or going to repaint them?
  2. also if anyone has a late 2piece shaft utilizing clip in uni joints, rather than staked in uni joints, please let me know I may be interested for future reference...
  3. was rather disappointed that this issue caused me to miss the skynats weekend for the most part (didn't attend the show and shine), luckily to one of the Mexican (Victorian) mates i made the track day at mallala albeit not in my vehicle... anyway days after and lack of time has meant I haven't jacked it up to recheck bolts,,, but the car has driven perfectly for the past 350kms so far... when I say driven perfectly the slight stutter/lag between gears aswell as knock between gears is gone... but I have a deep deep sneaking suspicion I may have a big end on its way out... hope desperately its not, cars still driving well, just worried overall. I'm not someone that tends to deal well when he knows his cars broken lol... anyway tailshafts back together,,, cars driving well, still boosting and making zuutuutuu sounds so that's swell and imma call that a win,,, infact its a huge win currently...
  4. So over the weekend i missed most of skynats with car f**keries, luckily thanks to a mexican i made an appearance at the track day on sunday... Anyways somewhere between the first and third pictures i went to bunnings to obtain a fire making device that burns a compressed gas in order to heat the bolts up allowing them to be undone and ultimately getting the tailshaft out... After getting the tailshaft out it came to undoing the shaft/splitting the shaft ofcourse that didnt ...go to plan, and had to chop the bolts... Ofcourse you guessed it finding the same bolts wasnt going to happen, well it could have but a venture down to nisswreck ultimately left me a little unhappy but thats a different story... Anyway i obtained some high tensile bolts of equal size/slightly longer, after obtaining them i had to purchase a bearing pulled to get the flange off in order to change the centre bearing... once all that was done,smashing it back together was a piece of piss... All in all, easy job turned flamin mongrelish, as they say if its got tits or wheels its always going to have problems, or its always going to be expensive... Anyway got it all back together, took it for a quick drive, slotted a few gears, hard launch and a brief skiddlydoo with bulk axle tramp and i can say the bolts seem to be holding 👌👌👌 Now im broke, slightly happier than i have been the last few days, and really wish i had myself some icey cold beverages... Lets make that tomorrows mission then... Hopefully now the cars fixed life can start being a bit easier on me... i know haha good joke, lets see how that works out for me ehhh...
  5. So not a happy post with pictures of a clean car. Instead much the opposite today, drove down to see my grandmother at brighton (in griffiths rehab centre after a fall), upon arriving at griffiths pulling into the carpark and the clutch went to the floor. As seen in the attached video *warning m15+ language * After visiting grandma and weighing up my options for getting the car home, i opted for the drive it home with no clutch/rev match method. Upon arriving back home and inspecting the cylinders etc, only place that seemed to be leaking is the damper (assuming its a damper), so ordered some parts tonight car should be fully operational again end of this coming week. Parts ordered: New clutch master New clutch slave Hel braided full length clutch line (from master to slave). Once thats all in and the car is once again operational i shall take it for a celebratory sk.....wash... yes a celebratory wash Snapchat-4992142583726422593.mp4
  6. its overdue for a wash so will give it a well deserved scrub, and take some pictures if I remember to update the thread...
  7. So long time since update, not a whole lot has happened since the last update, Got a missus so all the funds that were getting put to the side for 32funds have been repurposed, luckily the 32 has been driving perfectly with no issues touchwood. Basically just been driving it, got some new tyres aswell achillies atr sport 2, and some kumho hs51, good grip both dry and wet weather and decently priced. Did purchase a brand new indicator stalk after getting cut off and flashing highbeams netted me a snapped stalk mechanism and replaced the h.i.d kit as passenger side ballast decided it didnt want to pull its weight anymore...
  8. Was driving along lonsdale highway hallett cove this evening behind this delicious looking 34.
  9. Spotted a black 32 on states road approx 2:40 yesterday arvo, waves exchanged, car looked clean...
  10. Its always an issue, want more power, get more power... then when you get used to it you instantly want more power... had my 32 running 220kw on 14psi for over a year on low boost... its responsive but all i want is mooooooooooooorrrreeeee pppoooowwwweeeerrrr
  11. Keep spotting a black r32 in the southern area on volk cv pros
  12. Spotted black 32 with p-plates at beach rd/south rd intersection on saturday arvo, waves exchanged
  13. Hahaha air con in aus yes... neither of my previous cars had air con and i didnt really care for it... That was until i got my 32 with the climate control air con and i wouldnt have it any other way. Nothing like jumping into a crisp 18° on a warm day hahaha... How much power did it make, also curious to hear if the turbos responsive or a touch laggy etc. Its looking good mate, good stuff very impressed.
  14. Also very interested if either of the other lads fall through as doubtful as that is. Wish I'd have seen it sooner.
  15. Yea mate, dr1ftn or something to that effect, overall a tidy car from what ive seen.
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