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  1. DaveM35

    spot the stagea

    Hey Equilibrise, is it your car that I see going through newington sometimes? Looks very similar to your profile pic.
  2. DaveM35

    spot the stagea

    Spotted a dumped m35 on black rims on blaxland st in newington around 6pm and also saw it going down avenue of oceana about a week ago
  3. Wow that's a ballsy move no reserve! Must have been like mine but not mine cause I haven't advertised it for sale yet and no ones checked it out yet My sister wants to buy it off me so I'm just waiting for her to sell her car cause I'd rather keep the stag in family if possible.
  4. Hopefully he treats is right mate, lucky you got a buyer pretty quick but shame you had to let it go. All the best with your next ride
  5. Lol ^ sorry mate... Yeah bit of coolant on the headers took a few cycles to burn off.
  6. This is unrelated to thread but the exhaust clips got me geed up to post a vid of the TT Gallardo we did at work a couple months back Stagea guys know cool and this is cool so thought I'd share. First time linking to a vid and first time I've uploaded to YouTube so hope it works
  7. Haha yeah I shaved the bottom of mine a few times, I love the idle note, sounds tough.
  8. DaveM35

    spot the stagea

    That was me on the Cumberland! At first I just saw you in the corner of my eye and was like wtf...is this guy waving at me? Then my wife was like oh look a Stagea! Haha nice ride man
  9. Cracked open the metal polish and put in some elbow grease, showed the Nismo some love. Still my car for another couple weeks so it's gotta be shiny
  10. DaveM35

    spot the stagea

    Spotted Josh aka "Brick" @ my work tonight swapping exhausts
  11. I guess peoples definition of what makes one car better than another varies per individual...so I should have just shut my keyboard.
  12. Glad you like it mate! Thank you as well, I can't believe how quiet mine is now I forgot what a difference the old zorst made! Nice to meet you Josh, can't wait to see the results after tuning
  13. Yeah, could be right. I've driven many a Rs4 and it's definitely stiffer than the m35. Maybe it's just the beautiful v8 that makes it feel so much better/quicker. Like I said I love my stag but, different ball game IMO.
  14. Can't believe he compared a stageas handling to an rs4...wow, I love my car but wow.
  15. Hi guys, interested in swapping out my kakimoto R cat back for a standard rear exhaust. My sister is buying the car off me and she'll much prefer the peace and quiet of a stock system. It's been on my car for about 15,000km Anyone in Sydney that's interested please pm me. Cheers
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