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  1. Okay, well yeah that's answered my question guess i've gotta come to garage cafe and meet some of ya'll thanks guys.
  2. Basicly a reply to all of the above posts; I know i'm in SAU Vic. But it's not really "skyline dedicated". Everyone has a passion for one, etc. but what i was looking for it something alot SMALLER within SAU. A group i could call up and say 'hey let's hang out and talk shit about cars' and be able to meet them in 10 minutes sorta thing. noone has really grasped what i wanted to achieve here, but thanks for the input!
  3. Hey guys, I'm in a little car group which just started off as a bunch of mates from high school which has evolved into a group of about 40+ enthusiasts with cars ranging from skylines to supras to silvias to hondas and so on. Each one of my close mates is in another more specific car group such as Supra Club Victoria and S-Chassis Club. Just wanted to know if there was any skyline dedicated groups or clubs that have regular meets and/or cruises. I've been looking for a while and can't seem to find any at all. If you are in a club and are looking to expend with new members then look me up on facebook or message me here. If not, then maybe a few would like to get together a start a small local skyline enthusiast club. Let me know! Thanks. Matt.
  4. This is my imported Skyline R33 (Factory Non-Turbo) from Japan.
  5. This looks like it's facebook for skylines!

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