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  1. As title states for sale : Apexi power fc + hand controller + q45 afm $850 will post at buyers cost
  2. As title states vipec Gtt plug n play ecu for sale $1400
  3. Genuine unused new Os Giken pull to push conversion kit . Comes with all bolts etc needed. Came off my Os Giken twin plate clutch. Price is $300 firm to community. You will pay a heap more if you order this online. Willing to post at buyers cost
  4. Or maybe a silver 34 gtt antz...
  5. Finally getting on the forum. Late I know...
  6. Haha got ya .. free bump, I like free.lol As soon as I made this post a massive spam post went on . Hot report
  7. Hey guys as title states got some split fire coil packs to suit rb25 series 1 . Looking for $300 ono. Located wakerley 4154.
  8. Hey guys looking for a set left hand plus right hand side seat rails. Need them to be bottom mount to suit an r34 gtt.
  9. Hey Phil this is an group I've out together to bring together all enthusiast groups for the better . Rather then just hold a meet and invite I have been contacting each group that doesn't have a bad rap and seeing if there interested
  10. Nice cad yea I'm working on a couble more gtrs as well . Be good to see you guys there
  11. Hey guys hope this is ok to post here. I'm holding a meet on the 9th of November at p.a hospital . Being a skyline person myself and fellow sau forum person would love to see the nissans reppin if possible . Illusiv oz is the group on Facebook
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