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  1. Hi Can some one please confirm witch wire from the fuel sender hat goes to where on the ic7 display ? Pin 1 (fuel hat) to pin 30 (dash) Pin 3 (fuel hat) to pin 18,19,20,21 (dash)
  2. For sale Sub box to suit R34 Gtt boot. Driver side. (see attached sample picture of sub box in boot of one on passenger side) - Fiber Glass - Sealed enclosure - To suit 12 inch subwoofer. Pick up Melbourne south east. $150 ono
  3. @Myskyliner33 which mufflers did you use ? Any videos ?
  4. I know Vibrant performance do a 4inch muffler, dont know how good or who stock them locally (Melbourne)
  5. sorry is there another thread ?
  6. Hi Just wondering who has built a 4 inch exhaust system with two mufflers that is very quiet. Is it possible ? which mufflers did you use ? Thanks in advanced
  7. Has Castrol Edge (Supercar Engine Oil 10W-60) changed there formula ? or just relabeled it ? is still safe to use on e85 or should i move to Penrite 10 TENTHS RACING 15W-50 ? Has any one used ULX110 ? https://ulx110.com.au/?fbclid=IwAR39q18vX3Y3WEduSMWTwFzYVv_VlMtbH7u0RuXDbUPVyyX874idlqHIpw0
  8. Sorry for late reply ! It came down to getting the rear end re aligned. worlds of difference ! and no broken shafts after that.
  9. FOR SALE Link G4 gts/gtr plugin currently tuned for stock injectors $1000 $1000 ono Located in Melbourne
  10. yep that is right. The PRP brace needs the block to be machined and holes drilled. I'm also in the same position, motor is fully assembled sitting in my bedroom. I'm kicking my self that i didn't go with a PRP brace, i thinking i should half grout fill it.
  11. What do you measure with the dial indicator @Komdotkom whats your set up ?
  12. This is exactly what happens when you line bore, and when you do go spline driven pumps you are meant to take out the locating pins on the block for the oil pump. Install the pump, finger tighten the bolts turn the crank a few times to center it up and then tighten the bolts to spec.
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