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  1. im going for a look on Saturday be there around 11
  2. cant be does not make enough power and does't Daniels run flex fuel???
  3. See you all there guys
  4. will this get us access to historic plates????
  5. WOW what a weekend it was down Geelong, my god did the weather just turn awesome !!!!!! would like to say a big thank you to everyone that made it down 8 out of 10 cars is great and the stand looked awesome!!!!! The Revival guys said everyone was awesome and would love to have us back again next year!!!!! A big thanks you goes out to dallionsaini as he help me so much in the morning with setting up the meeting point and handing out the tickets and getting everyone in to position as I was off playing race car driver!!!!!. please guys put heaps more photos up and make it look good!!!!!!
  6. Ok guys back on my real account and sitting outside sabbi's place waiting for you all lol !!!!
  7. awesome mate got your address ill be there with all the tickets and stuff for everyone
  8. mate we are going to need your address so if you PM people that could work
  9. I would love to see the guys at 7.30am there as I will hand out the tickets and sort it all out with you!!!!!!!!!
  10. this is the information I was given my contact number for the morning is 0417 667 442
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