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  1. First tune down on pump 98, mite switch to E85 to add in some advance and get closer to 300hp
  2. Motors in running it in this week and tune next week. 57A5E8AB-C85F-4FCF-80E0-EE1CF9769354.MOV
  3. Nope it would not have been easy at all, my plan was to make a custom 3/4 triple core radiator and use the other 1/4 space for a small in intercooler. but I decide to change the motor in my other car and will now be putting the motor out of it into the Prince this motor makes around 175-180hp mark so will be a little more the RB and make all the right sounds with the triple Webber’s
  4. Mite have one more crack at a better time before motor swap lol
  5. Good run earlier in the year with rest of the old school guys
  6. Most RBs fit pretty easy, just fuel and electrical. I have a L series in my C110 makes about 330-350hp so I guess it just depends on how much power you want.
  7. Hi I was wondering if you can still buy new coil plugs for the Red top RB20, or is it possible to switch everything over to silver top parts, I think the coils and plugs are different, maybe the ignitor too
  8. Spotto nice White R33 GTR in traffic on M4 today ???GTR plates
  9. Bit of work from Barrel brothers didnt realise that wheel nuts be so hard to find. Put it on the dyno to work out a few issues
  10. Got the car a nice wash and polish. then we are off for some wheel shopping
  11. New tailshaft in seems much better now OEM prince rears only probably last this last change. New dual set up to work with the new Volvo fronts Strange old school quirk the left hand side wheels nuts are left hand thread and right hand side right hand thread. I'm lucky I didn't snap a stud before I worked it out
  12. Car is not breaking real well so going to do Volvo upgraded. There was some vibrations at 80kmph seems to be the tail shaft so going to do a custom one piece. When I jacked it up to check tailshaft found the fuel line runs along side the tailshaft so needs moving. Not sure the LSD is working probably as well. Then the motor has a bit of a miss, would love to get a intercooler of some sorts in there too will see.
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