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    building my r 34 g4 skyline up with a rb 26,30 hoping to produce around 600bhp at the wheels on stock rebuilt head and forged pistons and rods precision p62 66 turbo i went with the precision turbo because it was high quality producet and it is oil cooled witch allowed me to run evans waterless coolant. i will look at getting some brian crowler spings and retainers and tomei cams down the track. That should get me up to 800bhp hoping to have the most powerful r34 gt4 series 2 in qld.
    i don't know is anyone has done this to a series 2 auto in Australia if so let me know.
    when i am finished my skyline i will start drifting next year in my 180sx so look out ha..
    rb 2630 p6266 turbo turbo smart hypergate 45mm 1600cc deatchworks injectors if you get the black ops injectors to support the aftermarket fuel rail you will save $500 stock head forged internals e85 haltech ecu wide band stealth automotive fuel pump twin bosh 004 pumps surge tank. rb 26 oil pump with tempered gears.
    metal jacket harmonic balancer new aluminium radiator
    kaas 1.5 diff
    auto to manual conversion
    r33 gtst 5 speed
    spent about $25g so far and it is worth it if ya dont love it dont do it get the good shit do it once.
    people say oh mate bit of a money pit ay.
    na mate how much do you pay for a new car around 25g.
    well i just made my dream car, and i will get another 300000 km on the clock.
    thow away society these days

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    R34 gt4 S2 _180sx
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    brodie nicolosi

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  1. The 6266 will do the job good for 750 bhp I got one comes on at 3200 rpm stock head. Will be a weapon with a built head . What is a -5
  2. Sup bro welcome Doosh bags are prevalent on this site
  3. All I gotta say if you like it go for it. I bought mine on my P plates drive it for 6 years gradually modifying it really fun car on Rails and now it's got a built Rb 2630. If you by one fist mods to get ls1 coils convention and Stelth automotive fuel pump.
  4. I run a 6266 gen 3 love it perfect size for street. not laggy on my Rb 26 30 the fact that it s oil cooled only was a big deal less fitting s also running evens coolant. It's not a loud turbo in comparison to the garret
  5. Is the penrite a waterless coolant. Well it's has reached 105 in that part of the engine .
  6. The sensor is in the hottest part of the engine. the stock temp sensor is exactly half
  7. When should I start getting worried. Is a stepmaster water gauge sensor. I taped the sensor into the bolt of turbo water inlet. I got a oil cooled turbo
  8. When u line and all up and get it to top dead centre put your belt on from the right and Work anticlockwise
  9. Is the head a second hand head or has it been rebuilt if it's a cam install chances are he has missed a tooth and it is one tooth out a timing put to top dead centre check timing
  10. until
    fishermans road car park no skids or meet wreckers peace out and keep moving ford
  11. until
    fishermans road car park no skids or meet wreckers peace out and keep moving ford
  12. until
    fishermans road maroochydore saturday 24th sep 530 900pm all skylines and imports welcome no skids and meet wreakers.
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