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Found 76 results

  1. We're happy to announce that we can now offer Yellow Speed Racing coilovers! We have been selling these for years and are constantly right up there in the value for money stakes! We understand not everyone has the money or need to spend thousands on custom coilovers so that's why we cater to all budgets (we can get the super fancy ones too if that's what you want) Not only that but they have thousands of vehicles applications available. We are getting around to listing them online but you can also just send us a message if you're interested. Prices are just $1249 for most models with free shipping nationwide so get in touch today! e: [email protected] w: Whatever you need, Moonlight's got it!
  2. So you are always hearing people saying how they got some parts from Yahoo, or it's cheaper on Yahoo.. but you haven't got any idea how to use it right? That's where we come in! We have put together a comprehensive guide to help you get around and find what you need. We also have a cheat sheet which is super handy (well we think so anyway). There's also information about using UP Garage as well which we can also buy from. Our guide can be found right here - Once you've found something you are interested you can just contact us on here, email [email protected] or send us a message over at our Facebook page - Couldn't be easier! Try it now, you will be impressed with what's available!
  3. Want to Buy. Looking for left rocker cover for Stagea NM35 VQ25DET. parts code 13264+A parts no 13264-AL611 Same part no. as for V35 Skyline (01-07), Y34 Cedric/Gloria, and F50 Cima.
  4. Moonlight Racing is happy to announce we are now a dealer for Ultra Racing suspension components. Ultra Racing was founded in Malaysia back in 2002 with the aim of improving chassis handling and safety through an ever expanding range of strut bars, anti-roll bars, lower bars, fender bars and more. From the very first day Ultra Racing have strived to offer the very best in chassis tuning and safety with a focus on extensive research and development both in house and on track. The Ultra Racing range of chassis products are used in many different motorsport classes throughout the world including Drifting, Time Attack and Circuit Racing. Contact us today to see what we can do for you! Just message us on here to order or for any enquiries. Remember, we have FREE shipping nationwide!
  5. Moonlight Racing is proud and excited to bring you Diamond Design! This is a new brand launched by us for big brake kits and accessories. Inspired by what we saw overseas and the lack of customisable kits in Ne Zealand we have worked hard to bring something affordable and stylish to the market. By having 15 awesome colours to choose from to colour both the rotor hat and the calipers means you will be able to have a unique set of high performance brakes to match your style. These are available from small 4 pots right up to massive 8 pots and our kits come with everything you need to simply bolt on install and drive. This set is fitted to a high power R32 GT-R. 8 Pot 380mm! Have just done this black on black 330mm 6 pot set for a DC2 race car. Customer is very happy with the first outing after Honda Cup this last weekend. He is running Endless pads, no fade, no overheat, no warp! This set went to @Leroy Peterson , he likes purple! Definitely had a few rad things through recently! This E30 had it's first outing over the weekend with our 4 pot setup installed. Brent with our 6 pot option getting prepared for the upcoming season! This Evo 6 with our first set to go through cert, also sporting 6 pot up front. These whoppers for my own Crown, 6 pot 380mm up front, 4 pot 356 down back. All positive feedback! Because safety is important we've had the brake lines and brackets tested independently here in New Zealand and they pass with flying colours. So if you're looking for something that is largely looked over to stand out from the rest get in touch with us. We have kits starting from $1999 shipped! Go and like our Facebook page as well - for news and product images. Website:
  6. So here's a thing I do on some other forums.. often I come across cool or rare parts so I'll post them up here then if you see something you want just send me a message and we can arrange the purchase. Also if you are scouting around Yahoo and see something cool post it in here as well ! Here's a couple to start us off.. IMPUL Brake Set - Nismo R33 GT-R Dash Meters -
  7. Wsx kit from New Zealand from driftcorp days Has carbon canards from origin Kit comes with front bar and side skirts and rear bar $700 Also have rear wide body 60mm that goes into the doors $600 Front dmax guards $200 Located sunshine north Victoria Contact me through email or phone 0408848070 M[email protected]
  8. We have just received an order of clear R32 headlight lenses to our New Zealand location. These are ABS plastic and are a replacement for your original lenses. As these are in NZ we'll need to use Paypal, price on these is $212NZD (no NZ tax) + post which shouldn't be too much but send a message to me and we can work out post cost depending on your location.
  9. Greetings! I'm super happy to say we've come on board with SAU as an official trader! You've possibly seen me sifting around posting here and there but now we're allowed to advertise and post deals which is excellent. Moonlight Racing has been in business for over 10 years, starting in New Zealand and now branching out into the lucky and most excellent country of Australia. We are based in Victoria and can source pretty much anything from almost anywhere. In our 10 years of business we've made a whole heap of contacts all around the world that can help you get what you need. We have secured the Australian dealership for Megan Racing and also Whistler Wheels. Megan Racing is one of the world leaders for suspension and bracing parts and they have a growing catalogue of parts which includes Skyline bits. Whistler Wheels is a wheel brand from USA which does entry level wheels, good for those that aren't looking to spend a huge amount of money on something to get moving while still looking decent. Those are only two of the hundreds of different brands we can supply so don't be shy, ask away if there's something you'd like us to price up for you. Check out our current line card here - We aim to have our container shipments from Japan up and running some time next year as well which will open the doorway for larger or heavy items which may have no other way of shipping. Our yard is situated in Osaka and we can buy from anywhere in Japan as well. We have been shipping containers for about 5 years now from Japan so have a pretty solid system setup. So just send a message over, email [email protected] and be sure to join our Facebook page if you're into that -
  10. I'm selling a 2003-04 Nissan Skyline v35 RH tail light in perfectly fine working condition with no marks or cracks. Price $150 Please msg or call 0411874909 for details.
  11. Street to Track website: AND email: [email protected] Hi Guys. Allow me to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Great New Year. Also, a BIG THANK YOU to all members who have placed orders with STT this year. STT is offering great savings during DECEMBER and JANUARY on all products we have access to, here is a small list to start with- DBA rotors, ...Garrett Turbos,... HEL brake/clutch lines,... Intima brake pads, ...MCA coilover kits,... HSD coilover kits,... Yellowspeed coilover kits, ...Hypergear Turbochargers, ...Whiteline products.....and the list goes on. As well as various other suspension, exhaust products......... plus many others. Basically send me details on any brand you want, + part #, with your post code and I will source the best discounts available. Thanks for looking.s Regards, Paul.
  12. aus 

    Hey guys after a clean daily. Want a m35 stagea 250t Must be clean a tidy , reasonable km, must have factory aero so it doesn' look like a volvo. Anyone sitting on something they r thinking about selling ?
  13. aus 

    Hey guys after a FMIC kit for my m35, located Adelaide but happy to pay freight if price is right let me know what yous got Thanks in advance
  14. Street to Track website: AND email: [email protected] Hi Guys, check out the new Garrett Turbo product release, and then contact me for the best prices:- Garrett G Series Turbochargers Launched at the 2017 SEMA Show.msg Remember to include your post code for a shipping quote. Thanks for looking guys. Regards, Paul
  15. ............Street to Track website: AND email address: [email protected] STT is pleased to offer the range of Hypergear Turbochargers at very good discounts. Here is the current introduction - "SPECIAL" offer- Hypergear ATR43SS - Ball Bearing turbocharger, EWG, T3, 0.63 A/R, dump pipe flange, - 530HP SPECIAL PRICE OFFER - $1,680.00 plus shipping. ( regular price - $1,735.00 plus shipping ). Check out the Hypergear products here: Then PM or email STT for a discount quote on your product selection. REMEMBER: include the full specs of the product, AND your post code for a shipping quote. Thanks for looking guys. Regards, Paul
  16. Hi all, Chasing a A/C compressor for my Series 1 Stagea RS4. Located in Darwin NT Happy to pay postage. What have you guys got? See attached photo for part number Cheers
  17. DBA rotors - fit GTR - SPECIAL .............................................................................................Street to track email: [email protected] and website: I am pleased to offer a SPECIAL on DBA rotors to fit the GTR. NOTE - Special DBA prices are also available on other Nissan applications, just PM or email me with the part #'s you want for a discounted quote. This special for the GTR is as the following examples- DBA T3 4000 slotted front rotors, pair - p#4928S - $412.00 delivered. DBA T3 4000 slotted/drilled front rotors. pair - p#4928XS - $459.00 delivered. DBA 5000 slotted front rotors, pair - p#5928BLKS - $995.00 delivered DBA 5000 slotted/drilled front rotors, pair - p#5928BLKXS - $995.00 delivered. NOTE - these prices can be reduced even more if you include an order for either the Intima SR Series brake pads fronts and rears, or similarly the D Series. Check out the Intima brake pads here: Thanks for looking guys. Regards,...................Paul.
  18. aus 

    Tyre group buy! Hi everyone, Shehan here from Top Class Tyres. I've been a member of SAU NSW for a decade now and love the club and now i have the opportunity to represent Top Class Tyres in Sydney. Being loyal to the club, we are giving this "group buy" special exclusive to SAU in our attempts to help the community we all love. I've already had people on here get prices of me personally but this is for the rest. We also do a massive range of wheels as well. Some enkeis, xxr, MC Racing range, SSW, Fuel, Dub etc etc. Group buy options: Depending on interest we can run a fortnightly group buy or monthly (if you can wait). The more people in the batch the more we are able to discount. Discounts vary depending on tyre as some don't even have room for a mark up price! Check out our Facebook page and make sure to give us a like! If you have any questions etc feel free to message me on here or on 0430 308 640 - website coming soon
  19. Track-Race brake pads - SPECIAL Street to Track website: and email: [email protected] I am very pleased to offer this never before seen SPECIAL from Intima Brakes Australia. Prices are available while stocks last The brake pads in this SPECIAL are the range of D Series Track-Race pads. Check them out here: EXAMPLES- They whole range of D Series is included, but here are some examples- Fit - GTR - Front pair - $156.00 and Rear pair - $103.00 with shipping included - ( regular price - F - $259.00 and R - $226.00 ) Fit - GTST & GTT - Front pair -$107.00 and Rear pair - $79.00 with shipping included - ( regular price - F - $229.00 and R - $169.00 ) Some guys are driving to and from the track on these D Series pads, with no issues. Just remember, on the street, to allow for heavier pedal pressure when cold with the D Series fitted. NOTE: The D Series compete extremely well against the Ferodo DS3000 track pads, without the hefty price tag. ROTORS- If you need DBA brake rotors to go with your pads, let me know and I can offer you a volume deal including pads and rotors that is unbeatable...... Try me......... Either PM or email with the correct part #'s you want. Thanks for looking guys. Regards, Paul
  20. aus 

    GB - Walbro 460s Hey everyone, Have the opportunity to do a group buy of Walbro 460s Price is dependant on how many people we can get. At the moment they're selling for $190 each. Postage can be organised as well direct from supplier. Please comment for interest!
  21. GARRETT TURBOS - lowest prices Full AUSTRALIAN warranty CONTACT: Street to Track email: [email protected] and website: Here you go guys, I am still offering the lowest prices in Australia for GENUINE Garrett Turbos across the range. Test me.............and if you show me a lower quote I will beat it. EXAMPLES- Here are three examples, AND, the prices include delivery:- GT2860 - 5's - pair - $2,393.00 delivered GT2860 - 7's - pair - $2,373.00 delivered GT2860 - 9's - pair - $2,474.00 delivered Any other Turbos you want priced, either PM or email me. Thanks for looking Guys. Regards, Paul.
  22. DBA brake rotors - SPECIAL - great discounts CONTACT: Street to Track email: [email protected] and website: I am almost giving away DBA brake rotors at the moment. Huge discounts on all the DBA rotor range. Here are some examples:- DBA T3 4000 series, slotted- ************ FRONT PAIR - Fit RB25DET - #4963S - $349.00 delivered ************ FRONT PAIR - fit RB26DET - #4928S - $409.00 delivered Either PM or email me with any other part #'s you want priced. NOTE ------------DBA prices will come down even more if you include an order of Intima D Series or SR Series brake pads. Thanks for looking guys. Regards, Paul.
  23. Whiteline - very good discounts, hard to beat ......................CONTACT-.....Street to Track - email: [email protected] and website: I can at this stage continue to offer GENUINE Whiteline products at low prices. If you get a better offer, let me know, and I will beat it. All Whiteline products are on special from STT - either PM or email me with the part # you want, and your post code Here are some examples of pricing- BNK009 - R32-GTR - $464.00 plus shipping BNK011 - R33-GTR - $471.00 plus shipping BNK010 - R34-GTR - $474.00 plus shipping Thanks for looking guys. Regards, Paul.
  24. Brake/Clutch line kits - Combo - special discount CONTACT - Street to Track email - [email protected] and website: www.streettotrack I am pleased to continue offering the HEL braided brake line kits and clutch line kits at great prices. HEL kits have a lifetime warranty. HEL 4 line brake line kit - $142.00 delivered -----( normally $178.00 delivered ) HEL Clutch line kit - $55.00 delivered ---------------( normally $67.00 delivered ) COMBO brake/clutch line kit - $177.00 delivered. ----( normally $232.00 delivered ) Check out HEL here- If you get offered a better deal than that, let me know. Either PM or email me with your enquiry. Thanks for looking guys. Regards, Paul.
  25. aus 

    Wanted: R32 Gtr Hi all, I'm looking for an R32 Gtr, been looking for a good while now and only keep seeing rust buckets and cars that are just rubbish condition regardless of price and what the seller talks about the car. I either want a modified with a built engine already or a stock standard one with no mods or minor like exhaust etc. Preferably in grey, black, silver or blue. I hope someone on here knows of any for sale in any region of Australia but in good condition, no rust and doesn't smell like smoke which I have seen a lot of also.