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Found 32 results

  1. Hi all I'm currently looking for a pair of tail lights for a R32 2 door, preferably with factory dark blue (paint code TH1) surrounds. I would also be interested in purchasing just the covers if anyone is just selling those. I'm also looking for a 2 door boot lid. Not worried about colour but would be a bonus if it had no holes in it. I'm located in ACT but happy to pay postage or travel if you're closeish Thanks, Nic
  2. Hey guys., NEW leather gear shift boot - $100 Does not include the plastic trim as I am currently using it with an Nismo Omori boot installed. Pickup from Peakhurst Heights of postage at buyers expense.
  3. Hey guys just wondering if R33 GTST boot will fit a GTR? Or are the boots different on GTR compared to the GTST
  4. BCNR33 Boot Gas Struts Hi all, So, like many of you the boot gas struts on my car are shot, and 10kg plus boot lid guillotine is no fun. As the strut is part of the hinge and doesn't look like it comes off, I thought that while the boot was off for painting anyway it would be a good time to fix them. I did originally look at getting new replacements but the guys in Japan told me Nissan had discontinued them. Lots of people on the forums seem to have had them regassed or replaced, so I took them to a place that does that around the corner from my work. The guy said the struts go up to 1100N, but that with the hinge it won't fit on his machine so the only option would be replacement. The highest rated struts he has are 700N. I was wondering the following: 1) as people in other threads seem to have had a more straightforward experience where the guy just fixed/replaced their struts without any problems, does anyone have a recommendation for someone in Canberra who can do it? 2) does anyone know roughly what force the factory items should be pressurised to, and accordingly what force an aftermarket replacement would need to be capable of? Thank you very much in advance for your time and help, and sorry if this has been answered before (I did search).
  5. WTB: Black blind & net, boot mat/liner, dash mat. Hello, I'm after the below items for our 2000 Nissan Stagea C34 RS4. -Black blind & net -Boot mat/liner -Dash mat Thank you! James
  6. [SYD] WTB M35 boot struts I'm chasing a pair of boot struts for a M35. Mine are weak and don't hold the boot up. Happy to regas them or go aftermarket if there is ones that fit in. Just after a cheap solution!
  7. Bootlid Wire Severed I know this is a fairly common problem amongst V35's as the research I have done indicates nissan didnt make the loom quite long enough, I was just wondering if anyone else has experience and fixed this problem. The wire from the button to the boot is severed somewhere, just wanting to know if anyone could give me a rough indication of where this wire is commonly severed or damaged. I have stripped the boot and traced the loom as far into the bootlid as I possibly can but have found nothing. Does anyone on here know exactly where the wire severed as I can imagine it would be fairly local and uniform amongst all v35's. Thanks
  8. R34 GT-T Steering Wheel, Front Seats, Instrument Cluster Boot Lid + Spoiler Looking for R34 GT-T Steering Wheel, Front Seats, Instrument Cluster Boot Lid + Spoiler. Getting to the point where they're old, worn and need to be replaced. Cheers.
  9. Black r34 gtt bonnet - BRISBANE Original black paint.Hinges and windscreen squirters are missing. Its straight and undamaged except it might need a respray on the top as the paint is blemished from an engine fire which can be seen in the pictures.The heat mat underneath is also damaged. Send an offer via PM if you need it.Pickup only at Algester South Brisbane. Asking $250.
  10. Stock mettallic black r34 gtt boot lid - Brisbane Original paint is in very good condition [just dirty in picture] but the boot has a small section of rust around the brake light & surface rust on one of the wing mount holes. Pickup only at Algester South Brisbane. PM me for more info.
  11. WTB - VIC - R33 GTR boot entire boot trim, carpets etc As per title after all the boot trim, carpets, particle board insert and would entertain the spare tyre and jack. PM me and thanks!
  12. Hey guys, need help with how to go about moving the battery to the boot in my r31. I've read a lot of information On how to go about it, but I am still unsure. I know all the battery has to be in a secured box and vented (which I've already done), but I'm more concerned with the wiring and what goes where. Would be great if anyone could show pictures step by step, as I can't find any specific DIYs on this topic. I also wish to put a fuse in the boot as a safety measure, but once again, lack the knowledge and direction with electrical matters such as these. help would be much appreciated.
  13. Hi all, For free is an Black R32 Boot with latch thingy. Spoiler holes have been welded up & bogged over (I'm guessing) & the bog in the middle of the boot could do with a sand back & re-bog. Location: Baldivis, WA PH: 0402682192 Cheers, Chris
  14. Looking for some R33 GTR parts - must be in exceptional condition please. Our R33 GTR V-spec has been in storage for 10 years, in that time bits went missing and we need to replace them. The car is mint to say the least, so the bits need to be the same quality as the car. I know it is not going to be easy but I can only ask! Thanks. Contact Alan on 0414 915 267. Required parts are .... Boot trim. Spacesaver wheel (preferably never used, would consider a used one if its not noticeable, Note: GTR spacesaver is different to a GTS-T one). Jack and Toolkit - complete and preferably never used. Drivers side door window control unit on the armrest. (module with the power window switches and the part that clips onto the door trim). Front Inner Guard plastic - both sides. Front undertray. Rear guard lip, passengers side, located at the bottom of the wheel arch at the rear (where a mud flap would normally go). Standard wheel nuts. Strut Brace - standard with sticker intact and in exceptional condition.
  15. Hi guys, I'm pretty sure I posted these before but I can't find the topic. Got a full set of ceffy panels sitting in my shed that I need to get rid of ASAP to make room. Really need to get rid of them so throw me an offer! Take them as a package for $500 neg Doors $100 each / $80 for dented one - All four doors are available. The passenger front has a dent in the door but the glass is still in tact. They have glass, mirrors, window regs, handles etc. Except I may need to remove the handle mechanism from the drivers door if I can't fix the one in my car. Bonnet $100 - Straight bonnet with under protection bits. It will need a paint as it's had a crap respray at some point. Boot lid $100 - Straight boot lid with no lifting of bog etc. Located in Melton, pickup only due to size.
  16. For sale Pair of Monza sports adr approved great condition no rips or tears have only been tested fitted $500 Arc bov + adapter pipe $150 Radiator to suit auto rb25 no leaks! $50 Custom boot install for r32 $150 located western sydney call/text 0425896150
  17. So, Ive put up for years with a leaky boot in my R33. I even removed and re-sealed the rear lights (and what a PITFA that was) but no change. So I finally got off my arse and gave it another go trying to work out exactly where it was leaking from and my best guess now it that I think the water enters through the boot lid where the GTR style Nissan wing and the boot connect. I can see that the sealant is cracked most of the way around it and I think water must somehow enter through bolts? holding the wing to the boot. So, the question; How easy is it to remove the rear GTR style wing? is it just a couple of bolts and then a case of prying the sealant/boot/wing apart? Have you done this and fixed the leak? thanks
  18. As above, Cheers
  19. Hey guys, Member on here for a long time but haven't visited the forum in ages. Have a 95 R33 GTST I was pinching parts from for my R32 & it's time to get rid of the last of the parts & the shell. Everything I'm listing is in good condition (unless mentioned) but has been sitting round for a while so needs a clean & some TLC. Feel free to make any reasonable offers... * Boot (incl. spoiler, struts, interior trim, etc) Silver. No lock. $150 * Bonnet (needs respray) $75 * Electric antenna $50 * Sill panels $30 pair * Fuel flap (silver) $15 * Pass kick panel (with fuseholder) $15 * Rad support $30 * Roof grab handles $20 pair * Centre console (no lid or handbrake boot) $50 * Radiator shroud (NO cracks, etc) $30 * Cluster surround $20 * B/C pillar trim $50 pair * A pillar trim $25 pair * D/S front guard (Silver) $75 * Taillights $150 pair * Dash vent (passenger far side) $20 * Front seatbelts $30 pair * Roof dome lights (front & centre) $15 ea All prices are negotiable & located in Cranbourne, VIC. This is all the major parts (so please don't ask if I have gearbox, brakes, etc, etc) however there is a lot of small parts I haven't bothered listing so send me a PM or SMS if you have something small in mind as I may have it. Can be reached on 0423 303 007, preferably by SMS due to work. Can take pics of panels, etc for serious buyers but we all know what most of this stuff looks like...
  20. Hi all, Recently pulled the stereo out and replaced it with a Pioneer unit, painting the black plastics at the same time. However, the radio reception wasn't great - when we held the harness (including bracket, Climate control, single din head unit and ashtray) before screwing it in we were getting amazing, loud, crystal clear reception. However, as soon as we screwed it all in, the clarity faded, though you can still hear the radio fine. We're going to try again this weekend and get a good ground going - we feel it may have been grounding through the antenna. While the stereo was out, we found a pair of TV 'bunny ears' antenna (from the jap install with previous headunit that had TV function? The TV never worked for me).Also, there were quite a few proper connector plugs unplugged - is this where the automatic models would be plugged in? My vehicle is manual. I also found some RCA cables (L and R) that seemingly didn't fit anywhere. It seemed that when i turned the ignition 1 click when they were unplugged, there would be lots of whining noises coming from the dash. However, when they were plugged in, this seemed to subside - even if they weren't plugged into anything with output. Curious, i opened up the boot and took off the little cardboard/carpet section between the boot and the rear seats, and found these things (pictured) near the rear speakers on the parcel shelf. I receive frequencies for Triple J 105.7 and Triple M 104.9, so obviously at some stage in Australia (vehicle imported 2004 i believe, 1998 R34 GT-T) i had an FM expander installed. There is a 'Diversity' plug/antenna thing behind the stereo i believe. Are these things antenna amplifiers, or are they to do with the Hicas? I have had no experience with this before. Because of the RCA cables, (and whatever that thin blue wire is?) I suspect that the previous owner had amp and subs installed, and pulled out the power cables, when he sold (as well as the amp and subs - i own neither) because i can not find anything connected to the battery. If anyone could shed any light on what these things are, and possibly go all Sherlock Holmes and tell me what the previous owner got up to, it would be much appreciated! Finally, any suggestions on how to clear up radio reception is also welcome! will provide further information once i open it up again this weekend Cheers, Mick
  21. Falken Semi Slicks; 245/45/17 plenty of tread, bought for a car that never raced. Stored in the shed away from sunlight. $600 for all 4. GTST Wheels and tyres; tyres won't be good for rego. $100 for all 4 R32 GTST Bonnet $50 Lining underneath is nearly perfect, few small scratches on the paint R33 Boot $50 red, no wing r33 standard intercooler $10 Everything is in Sydney south west, please ring 0400 604 293 during business hours. leave a message or text if unanswered.
  22. Hey Guys Been a while since ive been on, Ive recently Sold my V and am now selling some parts I have lying around Stock Silver Boot shaved, no wing Stock 03 Headlights (no ballasts) have blue tint. Stock Silver Sideskirts (average condition) Stock 03 Silver Front Bar with vents and Plate bracket (average condition) Stock 18s (average condition) have tyres to get fitted if need be Stock Orange Indicators Stock front swaybar Maybe more. All Located on the Gold Coast QLD Make a reasonable offer.
  23. Hey guys, Got a few bits to get rid of. Item 1: R33 Metal Intake enclosure with K&N Pod. You need an FMIC to fit this, other wise a hole will need to be cut in the intake enclosure. Condition: Excellent Reason for sale: Decided to keep stock airbox with panel filter. Price: $100 Item 2: R33 Series 2 boot in Silver, no boot lock. Condition: Excellent Text for pics Price: $50 firm Item 3: R33 Series 1 wing in Silver Condition: Excellent Text for pics Price: $50 ono Take both boot and wing for $90 ono Item 4: R32 GTS-T Air Con. Includes all parts in the Engine bay plus extra compressor. Condition: Good Price: $150 ono might separate the parts if I get decent offers. Pick up in SW Syd Cheers
  24. Hey all, I have been searching for a genuine R33 GTR wing with boot lid for about FOREVER!!! Ebay doesn't have any, gumtree doesn't either, and the internet is failing me as well. Can someone PLEASE help me!!!! Thanks Preferably maroon, but if it's not I can get it sprayed.
  25. Gday Lance Here. I wrecking a r33 S1 with rb25det S2 engine. All parts up for sale including engine and gearbox. PM me or text on 0419794085 for what parts your after and I'll let you know what I have. Basicly I have full interior, engine, auto gearbox, ecu, engine has 153,xxx's accourding to speedo and I'm looking for $1500 (Turbo ,intake the lot) Pick up from Cranbourne. Will put a better priced list up tomoz. Thanks Lance