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Found 136 results

  1. RB25DE neo to RB25DET neo Hello, First post here. i'll be doing a engine swap soon in a r34 thats currently N/A im just wondering if i can use the RB25DE neo loom for the RB25DET neo engine or will i need to run the DET loom? thanks guys.
  2. today i installed my engine (gearbox attached) and i thought i'll warn anyone attempting this to detach the tranny before installation it was a very tight fit probably due to the larger greddy plenum i had to drop the subframe 50-100mm for it to work
  3. Hi all, So im continuing to do general maintenance on my 1997 R33 gtst. (changed MAF, cleaned AAC, service etc) nothing crazy. I have noticed that there is a strange droning sound that occurs as soon as i rev past 3000rpm. it is sudden, makes the sound and then disappears as soon as i back off the accelerator and get it back under 3000rpm. Doesn't happen when cruising at 3000rpm, only when accelerating past it. i can't really explain the sound, it is low pitched droning, sounds like its coming from the drivers side in the engine bay. Have researched this a lot online but when i check the videos of the things i have read it could be the sound doesn't match what i hear. Any help you guys could provide would be awesome, dont like hearing my car sounding sick! Thanks everyone
  4. Just recently bought a Stage 2 R34 Stagea, on straight LPG, with RB25 Neo Det. 4 weeks in and there's oil leaking into cooling system, head cracked in multiple places and will cost more than a whole new engine to weld up.. Need a new head and apparently some valves as well. If someone knows about this more than I do (which is bugger all) then I need help. Can I put a straight Det head on this? Does it have to be a Neo? I'm not too stressed if it has less power, just want to get this car going again. Cheers, Jason
  5. does anyone no or recommend types proven to be suitalble, full synthetic ,mineral based ? I want to change the lot
  6. RB26 (R32) Head (unused since reco'd). Fully reco'd with new K-Line valve guides, 3 angle seat job, refaced, acid bathed. It looks brand new! The head is fully assembled and complete (standard cams, springs, buckets and shims). Valve clearances have been fully reset back to correct clearance with new shims. Also has new valve stem seals as well (obviously!). The head is still wrapped up in the packing from the reconditioning shop where it was done (Headspec in Clayton). Bolt it on and away you go! $1500 plus post ($100 Australia wide)
  7. Need to get RB26 engine for GTR32 Located in Melbourne Let me know what you have and specs.... 0430024704
  8. Ssr integral gt1 wheels 17x8 +32 17x9 +38 5x114 Good rear tyres Fronts worn but still legal $500neg Rb25det complete head Rb25 s1 engine loom complete with all sensors and yellow jacket coil packs $500neg R33 s1 non abs lsd shimmed tighter R33 rear shafts $200neg R33gtst brakes with slotted and dimpled rotors R33 hand brake assy with 5 stud hubs already assembled on s13 uprights $500 Rb25det short motor (in good condition but disassembled for a forged rebuild) All bolts labeled and bagged for reassembly $100 R33gtst factory turbo manifold with heat shield $50 All items located in townsville and are pickup only unless you organise and pay freight
  9. Hello i am currently starting a engine rebuild and wanting opinions from the more experienced than me, which is probably most on this site, i am putting Nitto stroker 2.8 kit into my Gtr r33 2.6 ,also tomei procams duration 270, high , lift 10.8, tomei 1mm oversized valves, my question is would you keep the twin turbos which are garrett 2860-5 which are 6 months old or would you change to a single turbo and if so which one. thank you
  10. Hi guy’s, So a year to go until I travel to Japan and export a R32 to Sydney! But my research starts now. After I watched some videos and browsed Carsales I realised that most people decide to rebuild their GTR’s engines at about 68,000 KM’s, not that this is any concern, my Civic is running perfectly fine on 200,000+ KM’s but I am sure a GTR differs. My main question is there any reason as why people rebuild their RB26DETT at around 70,000 KMS? And would you guys recommend an engine rebuild at this amount of KMS? Thanks, Josh
  11. Looking to buy rb30/25 setup stock or worked, or a worked head to suit rb25neo. Car is due for it's major, so i thought why not just do it properly xD any advice will be great as i am quite useless with what will work engine-wise. Cheers
  12. Well ive had the car for about 2 years and never bothered to do one but car is going thru major changes so decided id share some pics and give as much details and try to keep it in the timeline from when i got it to now Well decided to look around in japan and came across this beauty so i purchased her and proceeded to wait the 1 month wait until it reached the bahamas. Well i think it was February 6th 2012 and I got a call from a buddy at customs saying that they were offloading cars from the boat that reached and my car might be on it so i sneaked my way to customs after they were done around 12am and there she was what a ass on her be at mind i had to jump 3 fences to get this one pic haha Well two days later i was anxious to get my car so i got my cash together and papers and headed of to customs to pick up my car problem was i was in my mr2 turbo so i had to call a wrecker to carry it home my first thought on when i saw it was it needed a wash But i will admit interior was clean and smelt like a new car Later that day she was finally home and sitting next to my other love my 1995 mr2 turbo 3rd gen and i kinda broke my lip that same day on the mr2 sigh Well the next morning I was off from work so i got up and i decided to give her a good wash!! Washed the mr2 as well after felt bad for leaving her out after she got me that beautiful skyline haha p.s Mr2 is a jealous bitch but is the most fun car ive ever had the pleasure of working on Well had been driving her around for some time about a month into it and one of my best pals died he had a r33 as well and he was one of the organizer of a island wide run we used to do every month RIP CADE so i gave her a good wash and headed out to a memorial run for him where his cousin drove his car and lead the group on a island run. About 5 months into clutch went bad and i do blame my girlfriend for this lol but so is life also 2 rear shocks went bad so decided to just do a bunch of stuff at once! [/url As i was in the process of waiting for a few stuff to come about 3 weeks to a month i decided to clean some of the interior and take some more pics haha. Well finally a good amount of my parts came so i proceeded to take pics Act extreme duty kit, Walbro 255 fuel pump, KSport Control pro height and damper adjustable Coilovers, Mishimoto Gold intercooler and intercooler piping, mishimoto Radiator, NGR type s blow off Valve (remake of the Greddy type s with stronger internals), Xxr 522 Rims 19x8.5 and 19.10.5 And led taillights and tires 235/35/19 and 275/35/19!!!!
  13. Hi Guys, Owned my first skyline for 4 months now, Its an r32 gts-t with an rb20det (all stock) with 206xxxkm's on it. Since the most recent oil change, it's developed an engine clatter from around 3000rpm and up. Most noticeable when I rev it to 3000, hold it there, and pulse it up and down from 2800 to 3200, clatter is loudest on liftoff, but not sure if thats just because there are less noises to compete with. I got out the mechanics stethoscope and hunted around, the noises seem to be coming from the top end, but I cant seem to pin point it any better than that. the oil I put in was the same as the oil I took out (Shell HX7 10W40 - was crazy cheap on special for fathers day haha) Wondering if anybody has had a similar problem, from reading around I have read some similar but not quite the same stories where people said it was blocked oil galleries, or big end bearing going (hope not!!) Something of note - the noise doesnt happen at all when its cold to half warmed up, doesnt develop til its bene running enough to be properly warmed up and hot. - maybe I can get away with a thicker oil to solve the problem? seems a bit bandaidish.. Anybody have any suggestions for me?
  14. WTS. Got a rb25det series 2 judging by the exhaust cam gear were the sensor goes in. New gates racing timing belt and pulleys. New water pump. New thermostat. New cam seals, crank seals. Sump resealed and painted. Block painted. New rocker cover gasket kit fitted. Rocker covers painted. China FFP and 80mm tb. Top feed fuel rail. Also got a 25 gearbox to go with it. Need to sell for funds for workshop. Looking to get rid of them as a package deal $2800ono will make it cheaper if I install it at my workshop with a cheap labour rate. Willing to separate gearbox if fitted at the workshop. Please feel free to PM me for anymore details or call 0432617584 Located at my workshop in Molendinar Gold Coast 4214
  15. R33 gtr rb26 engine, head has been serviced new headgasket, arp studs, new valve stem seals, n1 oil pump, tomei oil restrictor, near new water pump and many more things. Comes with r33 gtr turbos etc Intake manifold + throttle bodies Comp tested 160 1,2,3,4 157 5,6 -4000 Garrett 2860r -7 turbos great condition fully rebuilt 2500kms ago -1300 R32/33 nistune ecu, has tune just for exhaust intake and boost increase -450 R32 gtr seats pretty good condition -550 R32 gtr diff -500 R32 gtr rear wing -100 R32 front and rear strut braces -150 R32 gtr tailshaft -100 R32 gtr exhaust 3.5 to 5 inch tip r32/33 gtr after market downpipe -100 r32 apexi duel bovs -100 r32 gtr intercooler and piping -200 Rb26 r33 gtr gearbox, no noises or crunches perfect working order -900 Rb26 camtech cams used for start up only! Unknown spec but good for power, can drop in with stock valve springs -300 Rb26 apexi air intake + filters -100 Will upload pics on request message me or text me on 0481360765 for more info
  16. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum here as i have recently purchased my first Nissan. It was a rolling R32 4 door shell and in the last couple weeks i dropped a rb20, 5speed, and r200 into it and just working out the final kinks before it hits the road. If anyone has any ideas it would be great because i have been stuck on some of these for a while now. The first issue is that occasionally when turning right, all the electrical power is cut to the car and it stalls and gets itself going again. This is what i have done so far to try and find the issue. 1) Checked the loom in the wheel archs, no damage to them and the car is factory height. 2) Pulled the steering coloum apart and checked/jiggled anything i could find. 3) Disconnected the power steering 4) Made sure the battery terminals are good, and the battery clamped down. 5) wiggled any electical connection i could find, and nothing. A few things to note are; The car has had the rear subframe swapped and does not run a hicas system. The ecu has been disconnected and im running a r33 P/S pump. The car has an alarm installed which is working 100% but i have thought maybe it is somehow cutting ignition. The car seems to be using a ton of fuel and maybe i have a fuel pump issue and when turning right the fuel is sloshing away from the pickup. The second issue i have is a vacume leak near the rear of the intake manifold, i can hear it on idle and sprayed some soapy water today and although i couldnt see it still i could hear the note change. I have recently replaced the IACV so i dont think that is it, but i just cant find the culprit. The thrid issue i have is if i plug in the AAC the idle jumps up to ~1300rpm and i cant get it down, if i unplug it the car idles great and drives fine builds boost no problems but i would still like to find out why it is happening and fix it. I have also installed a R33 complete airconditioning system and need to wire it up, if anyone has a wiring diagram that would be great. Thanks, Zeke
  17. Hi all. I have a RB25DET Neo that is about to be pulled out as the car it's in is about to be used as a rolling shell to put a different engine in to. This is sad, because this car is absolutely, completely, and utterly stock and I am pretty sure has never, ever ever been modified, ever. Yeah, that's what they all say, you say. Engine runs smooth, starts first try, makes no weird noises, doesn't do anything weird. Runs so well seriously just considering bolting all the extra bits to it and using it. But I won't because that will make too much sense. I'd like $1400 for it. But I'd take less than that if you're going to make an offer (try me) and/or have great boobs. As it's still in the car, I haven't attached pictures because it looks exactly like a stock RB25DET neo, complete with series 2 (ooh!) engine cover and/or whatever differences are in the S2 engine. I assume none. If you want, and are in Vic, feel free to PM me and you can come see the car, driving around on the engine before it comes out. Note: It is going to be coming out of the car soon, (potentially this weekend!) cause I'd like to be up and running with my stuff ASAP. I will also be selling every other bit with it, so if you want alternators, and manifolds, injectors, coilpacks, etc etc they're all included. THE LOOM ISN'T AS I WANT TO USE IT. You can however, have the loom coming out of my current car, which works, but is uh... ..ugly. But it works. PM me with lowball offers and I won't even really be mad. If you can come and take the engine I'll be happy.
  18. Forsale is the RB20DET from my R32 4 door - $700 The engine was mated with a auto box and still has the flex plate on it. Comes with things such as the turbo, computer, coilpacks, loom, CAS . Was running in my car until I took it out and swapped it for a manual setup from another car. It looks like the wiring loom might have had a piggy back but that was before I owned it. The kms on the Dash is around 200,000 however this is not the original engine. The engine is out and ready to go. I can put it on a pallet if it needs to be shipped. -------------------------------- I also have some wheels forsale A set of 4x 17x8 (I don't know offset), 5x114.3 - I bought them as track wheels, never used them and have since upgraded to wider wheels. Comes with tyres - $300 A set of 4x 16x7? (I don't know offset), 5x114.3/100? - They are Sparco multi-spoke design. Came with my 4 door but I don't need them. I'll try to find tyres for them - $200 --------------------------------- RB20DET Coilpack - set of 6 Again, this came as a spare with my R32 but I already have splitfires so I don't need them - $100
  19. FOR SALE: (mistake in title, engine comes with turbos, apologies) (BNR33 GTR) RB26DETT (Power steer pump, flywheel, HD clutch and yellow jacket coil packs, stock R33 GTR ECU are available also, not included in sale) Complete RB26dett sump to covers all intake side with standard manifolds and dump pipes, has standard injectors, standard cams and turbo's. Removed from R33 GTR (long nose crank drive) with 120,XXXkms, has had a rebuild 15,XXXkms ago with new genuine rings and ACL bearings, and also fitted at rebuild: N1 oil pump Nismo multiple layer head gasket Tomei oil restricter Water pump, timing belt and tensioners all replaced Nur N1 covers All new genuine nissan gaskets used Head Reconditioned with new retainers Polished Twin turbo pipes $3500 Engine has been extensively run, compression tested exactly 170psi across every cylinder and leak down tested each cylinder with zero issues. Inspections are more than welcome, feel free to message me if you have any questions. Located Gold Coast however can freight Auswide. 0414596256 Johnny
  20. I've got my Rb25DET neo6 motor + gearbox for sale coming out of my R34 Selling due to doing an engine conversion. Motor/box have done around 160xxxk's timing belt was changed 6 months ago. Have a new HD cushion button clutch for the gearbox which held my 300+rwkw day in and out. Motor $1500 Gearbox $1500 Clutch with lightened flywheel (to suit R34 gearbox) $500 (plenty of meat left on it) Located SE Melbourne 0439358656
  21. I recently purchased my non turbo skyline and its been acting up since day 1. I can't determine whats causing it because I know there are multiple things that cause the engine idle to hunt and the engine to die when the clutch is engaged.. I know something or multiple components need to be cleaned because this does not happen every time I come to a stop, it happens at random times. Also it normally never hunts or dies until the engine has warmed up. Just wondering what I should start with first.. I've already cleaned the Throttle Body and the AAC. Some help or lead way would be much appreciated!! -Mitch
  22. For sale, most parts brand new in boxes, perfect condition, bought for build that never happened. Prices neg Bought for an R33 Gtst but most parts will suit any RB25. ENGINE PARTS 1 x Bosch Z32 AFM..................................................................................$350 1 x Gates Micro-V Power Steering Belt - Nissan CA18/RB25.....................$20 1 x Gates Micro-V Water Pump/Alternator Belt - Nissan CA18/RB25 ........$20 1 x Gates Racing Timing Belt Kit - Nissan RB Engine (includes Gates Timing Belt, NSK adjuster bearing, NSK idler bearing, camshaft & crankshaft seals).......................................................................................$250 1 x Genuine Nissan N1 Water Pump - Nissan GTR...................................$350 1 x Genuine Nissan Intake Manifold Gasket............................................$80 1 x Genuine Nissan Exhaust Manifold Gasket.........................................$100 2 x Genuine Nissan Rocker Cover Seals.................................................$60 2 x Genuine Nissan Half Moon Seals - Nissan RB/CA Engine....................$10 1 x Genuine Nissan Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit (includes studs, washers, nuts etc).....$100 1 x SRI Magnetic Sump Plug - Nissan........................................................$10 1 x Greddy Trust Oil Cooler with braided lines & fittings (2nd hand).........$500 1 x Plazmaman Intake Plenum (2nd hand) with (new) gasket....................$750 1 x Q45 Throttle Body & Gasket (2nd hand).............................................$175 1 x Standard rb25 throttle body (2nd hand)..............................................$100 1 x Nissan Power Steering Pump (2nd hand)............................................$150 TURBO PARTS Garret GT3076R Turbo Kit (with internal wastegate) - all parts brand new in boxes.......$2400 INCLUDES: · Garrett GT3076R Turbo with Actuator · 0.82 A/R Rear 5 bolt, T3 in, 4 inch Compressor inlet · 5 bolt dump pipe flange · Oil and Water Line Kit · Gasket Kit · Oil Drain Kit · Spacer Kit · Stud Kit TRANSMISSION 1 x Exedy Heavy Duty Button Clutch Kit NSK-7056HDB - RB20 & RB25..............$500 OTHER 2 x Project Mu B-Spec Brake Pads (Fronts).........................................................$200 1 x Nissan Oil Filler Cap.......................................................................................$50 1 x HID Headlights kit H1 35W/4300K...................................................................$150 20 x Project Mu Wheel Nuts.................................................................................$50 1 x R33 S1 Stock Front Bar (White).....................................................................$200 1 x Walbro Fuel Pump.........................................................................................$150 PM or msg Sam on 0413905538 Located SoR Perth, prefer pick up but can post
  23. ok guys im only new at this and i dont even know if i am in the right place but here go's. i have a 1994 r33 rb25det s1 and my check light is on the dash... the light comes on for a while then goes out for about 5 sec then appears again for a min or so then go's out for a couple sec and so on i have done some reading and i have learnt how to bridge to loom to do a diagnostic, but the problem is the engine light dose not flash any codes at me when i do this can anyone tell me why this is and how can i get the codes out of my ecu this is my first skyline i have owned any help will be muchly appreciated
  24. Located: Central Coast Gosford Postage: Willing at Buyers Expense Prices: Some negotiable Pictures: available via text Contact: Leon, 0404921287 R34 Injectors 340cc Top Feed $150 R34 GTT Coilpacks $150 R34 Standard Camber Arms $20 R34 Standard Triple Gauges $60 CA18 Standard Turbo Manifold $50 2x R33 GTR Turbos in Pieces $50 CA18 Fan Should Upper/Lower $30 CA18 Clutch Fan $50 CA18DET Engine All Bolt Ons $250 CA18DET Loom Excluding 2 plugs $30 HICAS Rack from 89 180sx $30 RB25DET S1 Engine All Bolt Ons no turbo (in pieces) $600 RB25DET S1 Loom $50 RB25 Forward Facing Plenum Standard Throttle Body $250 Unknown Side Mount $10 RB Engine mount adapters to Holden HK $40 Ford Falcon AU Thermo Fans $25 180sx Genuine Plastic CA Front Bar $150 180sx Genuine Plastic CA Rear Bar $50 180sx Genuine Plastic CA Sideskirts $250 S chassis Double Gauge Pillar Mount 52mm $50 Xtrons TD717 Double Din Headunit $50 Kicker ZX200.2 $125 S14 S2 Fuel Pump $40
  25. I have a few parts left over from my parting out my car. All parts are 40 minutes south of Melbourne. Everything came off a running car. $3000 RB26DETT engine which I only put 10,000kms of in the whole time I owned my car. It has only been run at 280rwkw on standard injectors. Made 300rwkw on the dyno at 100% duty cycle but I wanted to keep a safety margin. I imported it with N1 pistons which has been confirmed after I removed the sump recently. All bores look good. It alway had good oil pressure. I have attached pictures confirming the N1 pistons. I couldn't tell you which model crank or oil pump. It was an extremely smooth engine. I have the turbo manifolds, dumps and new gaskets in a box. Comes with everything pictured. Also comes with coil pack cover. Sump was cleaned while it was removed. Custom fan. I never had any overheating issues and increases power. May sell the rocker/coil pack and cam cover, sump, coil packs $450, complete inlet and everything attached to it ?? seperately if the engine doens't sell as a complete unit soon. I know most people will only be buying it to replace a blown engine anyway hence already have all of these parts. $1500 OS GIken full face solid centre triple plate clutch. 80-90% meat on clutch packs and no hot spots on the drive plates. It is very drivable as I've driven on it in city traffic etc. These are rated to 1000hp. One of the try perfomance clutches out there today. Worth $3000 new. $650 324mm brake upgrade. UAS adapters. Braided lines with metal fittings. New slotted rotors front and rear. Reconditioned and painted calipers. Castor rod deflectors and if I can find it a master cylinder stopper. Also have several sets of 50% worn pads. DS2500, DS3000, EBC etc. $175 R32 GTR airbox $100 R32 radiator $100 resistor pack for injectors $100 R32 GTR alternator $100 RB series starter motor $100 R32 GTR engine loom to ECU
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