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  1. Nismo R35 GT3 Brembo Racing Caliper 2 sets front calipers, new and unused Suit high performance modification to any GTR Skyline with limited modifications for adaptors etc. Perfect application for 'Time Attack' build Item location is UK, worldwide shipping available and as part of purchase cost. Price for 1 x pair ( LHF + RHF ) GPB£3250 - AUS$5850 Happy to discuss further with technical support, information and pictures +447552494484
  2. R32 GTR Cassette Radio. I plugged it in and everything seems to work fine, but the tape deck kept spitting out the one bluetooth cassette that I had. I read that it may have been an issue with the internals of the bluetooth cassette, but just assume when purchasing this that the tape deck itself isn't working. Radio, HU and dash buttons work fine. the There's a scratch on right side of the knob and a tiny chip on the M in FM/AM. Asking $950aud obo.
  3. Been on the forum a long time, but have never posted - sorry ☹️. So my apologise if as a first post this is frowned upon. My days of Godzilla ownership here in the UK are coming to end for now due to the need to buy property. I've been an active Member of the GTR Owners Club since about 2014 which I now help run based here in the UK. I appreciate that importing an R32 from Japan is a lot closer for you guys, but was told by friend at MeisterR to make sure I post here & a certain American Club/Forum as well to fellow Skyline, Stagea & GT-R owners who may be able to give this a good home. It is advertised on Pistonheads, but under the forum rules I am posting direct here with no links to the advert. However this is an actual cut & paste so bear in mind it is aimed at UK buyers. Obviously happy to deal with your import agent etc. if anyone is interested. Series One 1990 Nissan R32 GT-R. Veilside Evolution III-R. £32,950 I have owned this car since 2009 and I never honestly thought the day would come where I was actually putting it up for sale. This was the car that I was going to be buried in, then in the afterlife become the unstoppable team as Satan’s new wheelman. However due to the need for property, on the mortal plane that is. The sale of my Godzilla has come about at the cost of many drafts, tonnes of emotion and a virtual rain forest of word documents over biblical number of days and nights. So firstly lets do the spec list: * CORBEAU Sportline RS1 Driver / Passenger Seats. * DENSO High Atomised Top Feed Fuel Injectors. * DO LUCK Rear tension Cage & Rear Tension Bar. * DRIFTWORKS HICAS Eliminator & Polybush Kit. * EPR RACING Carbon Fibre Z-TUNE style bonnet. * EPR RACING Radiator cap with inbuilt pressure dial. * GREDDY Competition Stage 4 Six-Pad Ceramic. * GREDDY Clutch & Hard Pipe Kit. * GTC Carbon Wing. * HISPEC Six Pot Baking System with Braided lines. * HKS 2530 Turbos x2. * HKS Forged Pistons. * HKS Cams. * LINK G4+ with Wideband sensor. * MEISTER_R ZETA-R Coil-Overs. * MEISTER_R Tension Rods. * MEISTER_R Front & Rear Camber Arms. * MINES Downpipes. * MINES Turbo Elbows. * NZEFI Crank Angle Trigger Kit - replacing CAS. * PANASPORT G7 - C5C Three Piece Alloys. * RK TUNING Forged Engine Block / Baffled Sump. * ROCKFORD FOSGATE - Audio System * ROBSON Leather Interior - Made in Japan. * SAMCO Full Under Bonnet Hose Kit. * SPLITFIRE Coil Packs. * SWAVE & SUMMIT Front & Rear Strut Braces. * TOMEI Valve Springs. * TOP SECRET Baffled Catch Can. * TRUST GREDDY AIRINX Twin Intake Filter Kit. * UNKNOWN Alloy Radiator! * UNKNOWN Intercooler! * VERNIER Cam Pulleys. * WALBRO 450 Fuel Pump & Fuel Pressure Regulator (I many have missed some bits). I’ve always been very picky / choosey who deals with my Skylines & this car has been no exception. Everything is there to improve on the factory parts or to improve the vehicles response or performance. There are major performance brands invested too, with some of the parts now rarer than rocking horse poo. The car was imported from Japan into the UK in late 2008 / early 2009 with the Veilside EIII-R kit already fitted. However the two front wings were in a terrible state so some pattern copies went on, not that you’d know it! The important bits of the car such as the chassis, strut tops, underside were all spot on and have been maintained. According to the GTR Registry website, the VIN number states this is a late 1990 Series One R32 GT-R that was originally in the KH2 Gun Grey Metallic colour. In Japan this car was resprayed in some sort of Emerald Green colour as you can see a couple of patches under the bonnet still. Once in the UK it was resprayed blue, but a number of years later it was found the car was sprayed in ‘patches’ even though you couldn’t see it until placed under certain lighting. The car was then resprayed completely in the blue colour that you now see before you which sits somewhere between ‘BMW Estorial Blue’ and ‘Mazda Starry Blue’ However the colour being a one off has its own official name and paint code that will come with the car. Since the start of my ownership, this car has never once wanted for anything that it needed. Whether it be the finest oils, the best fluids, new seals, upgraded parts or a just a quick wash. It has been treated well in things such as always warmed up, cooled down, no launches & never ‘EVER’ partaken in that pathetic practice of pops & bangs. As a true Skyline & GT-R enthusiast - who also happens to be part of the team running the official GTR Owners Club - I’m sure you get the idea that it’s been treated well. The car was undersealed by Valet magic in November 2014, but it has spent its winters - also when not in use - locked in a lovely secure indoor environment all snuggly and warm. Did I mention dry too as I also used a ‘Carcoon’ during winter or when it came home wet. If you don’t know what a Carcoon is then GOOGLE is your friend. If it did venture out in winter & there was salt on the roads (such as driving to & from Autosport International), then it was jet-washed, underside cleaned etc. for any potential winter road crap & then stored again. The sale of this R32 does also include a couple of crates of spares & bits. Anything from NISMO strut braces, to brand new space saver wheels, spare PANASPORT wheel caps & other stuff I keep finding! If you’re the lucky new owner then you won’t fit this all in the R32, so make sure you factor this in on collection. You can also keep the crates! The car was last fully serviced in April 2020 with a full check over at MnM Engineering based in Strood, Kent, who have been looking after this car full time since 2014. It is also being booked in for another service, check over & MOT in the middle of May 2021 before, during or after the time you’re reading this. It was also in 2014 when MnM Engineering removed the original RB26DETT engine & replaced with fully forged & rebuilt RB26DETT sourced from RK Tuning. Pre-MnM Engineering days, a company called I.A Motorsport looked after the car, but it also went to RK Tuning with Ron’s fine touch many times too. This is well-known car in the Skyline & GT-R community & has been featured in various ‘media’ over the many years of my ownership. The car has attended - either for display or demonstration - places such as Autosport International, Brooklands, Goodwood, Coventry Motofest & Japfest to skim the iceberg. There are too many local or minor shows to mention as well as a couple of charity days, Hillclimbs & sprint events too. Mileage wise, which has been verified on MOT checker. The mileage shown is actually in "KILOMETERS" & not in miles: • January 2009 - MOT - 75850 kilometers. • April 2010 - MOT - 83.376 kilometers. • April 2011 - MOT - 89.709 kilometers. • April 2012 - MOT - 92.677 kilometers. • May 2013 - MOT - 94.709 kilometers. • April 2014 - MOT - 98.042 kilometers - new engine went in from May. • April 2015 - MOT - 101.334 kilometers. • May 2016 - MOT - 105.735 kilometers. • June 2017 - MOT - 108.266 kilometers. • June 2018 - MOT - 110.406 kilometers. • May 2019 - MOT - 122.484 kilometers. Mileage is what I would call long road mileage, I’m sure there is a better term somewhere. What this means is mileage was gained on road trips or to & from events on fast roads with constant speeds. It’s never been a pop to the shops car, or just short, quick, start, stop journeys. The car was mapped on Shell V-Power 99RON, which has always been the main choice of go-go juice for this R32. It has also used Momentum 99RON from Tesco & a couple of times on BP 95RON. When 95RON has gone in it was fed octane booster (that I carry in the boot just in case) & driven sedately off boost as much as possible until more V-Power or Momentum made a return of more than half a tank. It’s even had some 102 stuff in as well. So … bad points … • This is a 31 year old car. Whilst it is in excellent condition, having been well looked after, maintained etc. it is not showroom standard. There are imperfections which we owners always see & pick out even if you don’t. This car is used, so there are stone chips, interior has some wear & other minor signs of being used! • The dashboard is in "KILOMETERS" which includes the speed when your driving. I never got any conversion done. It is 'NOT' in miles as already stated. However your friendly MOT man has always put this is miles on the MOT database! • This is definitely a ‘drivers car’, which means if you like one finger on the steering wheel at speed in your Mercedes or similar, this may not be the car for you. Due to its wide nature, including the tyres it can ‘tram’ on motorways. Especially in the left lane where the HGV’s churn a path in the tarmac. High speed in these areas is not recommended as I have been thrown out into the middle lane or beyond in the early days! • There is paint protection film on some areas of the car & it’s probably getting near the time where it could do with some new stuff, but it’s done its job. • Despite its sterling record of being stored & parked indoors when not in use, there is one winter that makes me shudder when it went to Protuner in Coventry for some upgrades back in November 2018 until March 2019. It wasn’t the worst winter on record thankfully & I did go up to check on the car regularly. But in the months of work it was there, unfortunately small areas of ‘rust bubbling’ have appeared along the top of the windscreen & the rear screen on the roof by the by the seals. I have shown these in the photos. • Being a 1990 car it is fully U.S of A legal & I am happy to take serious interest from abroad. However you will be arranging your own transportation & shipping from the UK. I will though for a petrol, lunch & return fee be happy to drop the car to your U.K. agent or port. So to conclude: • I am only interested in serious genuine buyers. Due to my work / life / family balance if a potential buyer is coming to see the car, it’s a day of my life quite simply. So in the nicest possible sense I have ‘zero’ tolerance for cockwombles, dreamers or as the saying goes ‘test pilots’. I am not in any rush to sell. • Thank you for any potential part exchange offers, however due to stated reason of sale, I am not interested - thank you. • “What’s your best price mate” will be met anything sarcastic I can think of at the time. Or ‘the one that it is advertised at’ but you obviously aren’t that interested. Interested parties ask the right questions, want to see the car & haggle. Especially as the price does say ‘o.n.o’ which if you’re still scratching your head means watch some episodes of Gas Monkey! Thank you for reading.
  4. Hi all, I have here a set of brand new kouki headlight housings for the R34 GT-R. I just got these but decided to go in a different direction with the set on my car; that is the reason for sale. Take note....these are the housings, NOT the full assemblies. Full assembly koukis are now discontinued. You will need to source the electrical bits from another set of headlights or buy those parts from Nissan or elsewhere such as the kouki ballasts, bulbs, etc. Save yourself the waiting for lead time/shipping and import duty. I have these in-hand and ready to ship. Yes, I realize I'm in the US. I can ship if you are willing to pay for it. I have wrapped the lenses in two layers of plastic wrap just to be more safe from light scratches. $1300 USD for one or $2600 USD for both. Will take cash but PayPal is preferred. Would prefer not to split up though. Local pick up and shipping available, but you will pay for the shipping. Post here or PM please. If you have a habit of lowballing, move on. I am not making any money from this sale. This is what I paid to get these. More and more parts are getting discontinued or relegated to the Heritage program, so get ahead of that and pick these up!
  5. Spent the weekend finally tracking down my sun roof leaking issues. Snaking the drains has not been effective. SO... I removed my entire headliner and found horror! Both front corners of the front sun roof frame are completely rusted through and crumbling apart. Essentially, the water has no way to make it to the drain as the corners themselves are gone. Looking for someone that may be parting out a car and willing to sell JUST the front sun roof frame. I don't need the glass, motor, or shade. I will post up pics later... unable to at the moment. Will also require shipping of the frame. Thanks, BC
  6. Good used condition HKS camshaft step 1 for RB26 R32 R33 GTR IN 272 Ex 264 AUD $750 plus shipping
  7. For Sale, Rb26 front 4.11 diff ratio's in mint condition, bought this for my 34 GTR but decided to stick with the stock 3.54's. 500 ono happy to post as buyers expense. Pick up in paramatta area NSW
  8. WTB Ikeya formula sequential shifter for r32/33 GTR. Dust off those old boxes you have laying around and find the one that broke your gearbox and sell it to me! Trying to find one for a little project.
  9. Hi, I'm selling a few parts that are realy realy realy rare to find. These are intendet for the Nismo nuts out there. I'm willing to ship worldwide at buyers expense. I can wrap it up realy careful but I'm not responsible for damage or loss of the parcel. I will consider SENSIBLE offers. Items located in Germany. First of all. These beautiful Nismo Cast Turbo Outlet Pipes. I personally have never seen a set of these before for sale, propably the only set for sale at the momet. They come on Nismo S-Tune and R-Tune engines nowadays and are not sold seperatly as far as I know. Very good condition. No cracks. Rear one has a fitting for exhaust Temp sensor as needed for some R34. They are internally devided even though they are cast. Piece of art. 1700 Euro Second item are the uber rare OEM Nissan Optional Rear Side Spats. This are the Rubber ones that go behind the rear wheels, they are realy hard to get nowadays. Condition is not as good unfortunately, but don't get scared by the pictures. As they are made from rubber and the guy before my painted them without primer or something, the paint peels of. Could be scratched of with a few hours of work. Also the right one has a small piece cut off at the upper side. Don't know how someone could do that... Because of the "bad" condition. 950 Euro Please no discussions about the pricing. Nismo tax included.
  10. Hallo, I would like to offer Kalmar Motorsport 5 speed dogbox kit with straight cut gears. Our kit is for standart casing of Skyline GTS-T R32,33,34 and GTR R32,33. We produce this kit with: - standart input shaft RB25/RB26 - 2JZ input shaft with transmission spacer - SR20DET input shaft with transmission spacer You can contact us via FB page: https://www.facebook.com/kalmarmotorsport
  11. New to this, so if some stuff seems wack let me know, just wanna sell these to buy new parts for my R32 so willing to deal. Am from the USA but willing to work with anyone internationally First item: R32 GTR din gauge set with upgraded Mine's boost gauge, only reference I can find would lead me to believe 400 USD would be fair Second: Defi 52mm red on red Fahrenheit temp gauge, stepmaster vs-2, will come sensor and wiring, 140 USD Third: Defi 52mm red on red volt meter, stepmaster vs-2, same story 110 USD Fourth: Autometer 2 gauge 52mm A pillar holder, look to only be like 50 bucks new, I'd include it for free if you buy both Defi gauges and pay the extra shipping
  12. Hi im selling some Nismo stuffs. Two L size nismo T-shirts One Nismo Key Holder Two mini stickers One carbon Logo sticker all are brand new and genuine (attached with license code) items will be shipped from Japan. 200A$+ Shipping let me know if anyone interested:) Thank you.
  13. Prices in Canadian dollars, will post anywhere in Australia, uk, North America. Motor is still in car. Runs flawless with countless hours of maintenace. All parts are new (mafs,cas,coilpacks,igniter,turbos,timing belt, water pump, oil pump, all seals and throttle bodies serviced. Can see on my build thread. Will be sold as a long block or turn key. 13,00 for engine or 18,000 turn key with nismo clutch and transmission. Other parts I have for sale. 1. Nismo turbos journal bearing 1500 2. R33 transmission(spare and clean, set up for pull type) $1500 3. Nismo clutch single plate with fly rsr21 $700 4. Fluidampr damper for phase 1 rb26(brand new nice piece) $600 5. Brand new crank pulley oem r33 $300 6. 4 sets of r32/r33 turbos with dumps, very good used condition. For a set of 2 $750 7. Advanced alternator for rb26 $1000. 8. Jun style carbon lip very nice shape $500 9. Carbon exhaust shield $400 10. Brand new precision 6266 1.15 a/r $1600 11. Greedy down pipe for rb26 $400 12. Hks package evc6 with rare peak gauges. With 3D printed custom holders, costed me a fortune but will part for $1200 as a package. bunch of other stock twin turbo part, engine harness(used), etc message me if you need something, cheers mates merry christmas
  14. Rare full Nismo Weldina NE-1 Exhaust with serial number plaque. It is in very good condition, and was removed from my R33 GT-R. It is a full stainless system with dual cats. It sounds great and I can send an Idle video upon request! I can ship worldwide. Exhaust will be polished before being shipped. Thanks for looking! Please message me if you would like to work on a shipping quote. Asking $3800 USD O.B.O +4
  15. Mint condition er34 gtt steering with tiptronic controls, airbag intact. Check out the leather condition and stitching, rare good condition. Removed from er34 gtt Automatic transmission. Good as new , only some kinks on the shifter, otherwise perfect , asking 450aud , will send via FedEx for extra 50aud. Feel free to send me your offers.
  16. Hey guys, selling my arx-four. Only owned for a month but just can't click with the auto gearbox having driven manual all my life. Hoping to sell for £3700 having bought it for £4000. But car sales seem really slow over here at the moment... 2001 Nissan Stagea ARX-Four 2.5 turbo VQ25DET 88800 miles Fully optioned interior (heated electric adjustable seats, reversing camera etc) Full recent (2 weeks ago) MoT. Less than 4k on the tyres Scuff on the rear corner bumper £3700 Me and the car are in Weston-super-Mare, England
  17. For Sale, The following items came off my BNR34 running twin -5’s 350 kw on pump and are all in good nick. happy to post at buyers expense. All items located in parramatta area NSW pick up welcome. Rb26 Tomei Type C double valve springs and retainers. I've gone to a shimless setup and the machine shop prefer to use there own custom spring setup hence the sale. Chasing $ 500 ono. these are are awesome springs they have a 242 lbs open pressure when you do the conversion from KGF and around 70 lb seat pressure. I dont think they are available anymore from tomei. the retainers are chrome molly and im told the outer springs are the same at the type B. type c spring manual.pdf Ross performance tuffbond metal jacket Balancer, under driven accessories 10 % from memory. I need a 1000hp balancer so this is up for sale. I got a good deal at the time direct from Ross himself he custom made it and the part number is Actually 306213 on the reciept i think he had some of the cases already laser marked and did not want me to wait so used one he already had. Its barely been used i hardly drove the car come new with abit of a clean. chasing 300 ono.
  18. Very rare long discontinued 10/10 condition Carbon foil Ganador R34 Blue Lens mirrors. Price is non negotiable, Basic bad condition ones Yahoo for more these days. 2200 USD Worldwide Shipping 55 USD paypal 4.4%
  19. BRAND NEW IN BOX *Ideally would like to sell in N. America, but willing to sell abroad if you have a friend in the US able to facilitate. Endless 6 POT/4 POT Racing BBK Part# ECFXBNR34 (R34 GTR) 6 Piston Front Calipers, 4 Piston Rear Calipers 370mm x 34mm Front 2-Piece Floating Rotors 332mm x 30mm Rear 2-Piece Floating Rotors Blue Mounting Brackets, MX72 Brake Pads, Endless SS Brake Lines, Fasteners Calipers are Alumite Racing Finished (Super Hard Anodized). Rotor hats are TUFRAM coated. The bronze finish on the rotor friction surfaces is a break-in coating. The non-friction rotor surfaces are super high temp coated. These are direct fitment for the R34, and will fit the R33 and R32 with minor modification by drilling out the hub caliper bolt holes to 14mm, or using thread inserts in the brackets. This is an $8k (USD) setup before shipping and duties. It would take over a month to get (USA) if ordered today. Asking $7200 (USD). Located in Orange County SoCal. Contact: PM Payment method: Cash, Zelle, PayPal (contingent) Shipping: Yes, buyer pays all fees. Local meet up in public. Reason for selling: Going with a different setup I've been a member of this community since 2006. I can provide stateside references if necessary. JC
  20. For sale is a brand new in box BNR34 GTR Nismo Intercooler. Part number is 14461-RSR47. Pictures attached below. Asking 2300. Shipping can be arranged if need be. Located in United States. Zip code is 10980. Shoot me a message. Thanks for stopping by and checking it out!
  21. Hi all, first sale post here. I have a Power FC and Commander that I'm looking to sell. I'm in the United States and can ship anywhere domestically for free, but can also ship internationally at buyers expense. It's an L-Jetro for use with AFMs. Was functioning great when pulled from the car. Feel free to ask questions! Asking for $500 USD I'll leave the post up for as long as it's available. It's also on eBay if you prefer that. See pictures below.
  22. Hey! If this is not appropriate I will delete the post. I got a Blitz SBC ID3 Boostcontroller I just pulled from my R33 rb25det, not needing it after ecu swap. Anyone interested in this? I really don’t know what it’s worth, so hard to say a price, help is appreciated. Also got a Greddy Speedlimiter cut for sale. Both are used. Items are located in Norway, but I can ship them.
  23. Im putting my brand new Whifbitz Twinscroll single turbo kit up for sale. Item for Sale: Whifbitz Borgwarner S366 Twinscroll Single Turbo Kit Price: £3500 Location: Denmark, but can be shipped easily Condition: Brand new & Unused. Kit is with 4" downpipe which is heat wrapped. I will let the wrap be on. And its with gates venting in the free, not as stated on picture with rerouted onto DP Perfect kit, plug & play. Everything is there for building your your engine to Single turbo. Solid kit with the best exhaust manifold i seen for RB.
  24. Hey Stagea Friends, (Group Buy) So after a bit of time in the works. ive finished a Triple Gauge clock replacement for the stagea C34. it fits in both S1 and S2 cars. and functions really well. Im offering the bracket, gauge installation into the bracket, local Australia postage, and instructions for installing the bracket into your car for free with the purchase of the Gauges. im seeking 20 people to do the group buy so as to get good volume discount on gauges purchased. if there is more than 25, then i will decrease the cost by 5%. international postage is also available upon enquiry. but will incur an additional fee. The photo of the gauges in the car is taken with sun right above the windscreen (i could barely see) and the exposure time turned up to eliminate flickering of the gauges in the photo. and you can see that the screen is still clear and bright, as is the nature of OLED screens over LCD's. Please have a look at Zada tech website to check out the available gauges http://zada-tech.com/ (single gauges only available in this GB). Also Attached is an excel file for ordering and shows more info on the kit. Lloyd Gauge order form v1.xlsx
  25. Want to buy new or gently used passenger (left side) window switch for R34 as well as the ceiling roof handles for the rear seats. Paypal ready. Cheers
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