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Found 66 results

  1. What can SAU give you as a business? The opportunity to respond directly with queries and concerns across the board. You may have a part or service that could assist somebody in their problems. We can assist you in making sure your topics get the greatest possible impact. This includes content analysis and suggestions. We will share your topics across our social networks, increasing your reach and exposure to more than just visitors. We regularly reach over 2000 with our posts on Facebook and our network continues to grow. We link to the latest trader topics at the top of the forums index (on the right). We can encourage discussion within your topics! Providing content and questions that encourage users to return to the topic allows you to further engage with the community. SAU is committed to assisting businesses to succeed in a very competitive market. Contact @PranK for details. How does it work? Businesses post in a general trading area when they have a new topic or service to advertise. This topic is automatically added to the top right of the forums index. SAU will review the content posted and if it is of a high enough quality, we will post the content to our social networks. If it is not of a high enough quality, feedback will be provided to the business to assist in making engaging, clickable content that will get them more traffic. SAU members can comment in the topics if they wish (it's a good idea to add compelling content that users will wish to reply to.) Terms While there is no limits on posting replies or topics for businesses, we employ a 'fair use' policy which means we may restrict your ability to post as much if we feel your posting habits exceed what is considered "fair". Please note that we will be in contact well before any restrictions are enforced to make sure we give enough opportunity to change posting habits. There is to be no negative posts about any product or service - this includes products and services that you provide. Contact @PranK for further info.
  2. Plans changed and not looking into upgrading any time soon so I am getting rid of these. Unknown mileage. No shaft play. Bought them from a guy in Canada. Never installed the units on my vehicle. Been sitting inside the box since I got them. Ball bearing, great response from what I have read online. Will ship it via USPS priority mail from Alaska, USA. Haven't seen a lot of these for sale so I am guessing they are kind of rare. Not sure how much they run for so I am asking 1700 USD plus shipping. Flexible on price so I am open to offers. No trades though. Pics available upon request.
  3. A pair of brand new OEM diff bearings 38440-03VO1 to suit RB front diff. I believe, but you should check for yourself, that these will fit GTR, GTS-4 or AWD Stagea. Price for both AU$110 including postage to anywhere in NZ or Australia (may be extra to the US) Please PM if interested!
  4. - New never used old stock with all papers and fittings. 60 MM cursive font model! Very very rare especially new. 220 USD - Ultra rare limited release 1993 Skyline CD case holder, was released to celebrate the production start of the R33 GTST. Never seen another and never will! 130 USD - New HKS Duracon Shift knob for a most Nissan's 10 x 1.25 (R32/R33/S13/S14/C33). Price includes one shift coin please specify which you want. (180USD) Worldwide shipping 40 USD paypal 4.4%
  5. New HKS Duracon Shift knob for a most Nissan's 10 x 1.25 (R32/R33/S13/S14/C33). Price includes one shift coin please specify which you want. 180 USD Worldwide Shipping 40 USD paypal 4.4%
  6. Original BNR32 Early model pre 91/8 Steering wheel in remarkable condition for age, personal rating of 8/10 no major imperfections. Please see my high resolution detailed pictures! Price 349 USD Worldwide Shipping $60 USD Paypal 4.4%
  7. Original Rubber/plastic Nismo BNR32 Hood lip in excellent condition, paint has some cracks because these flex when you take them off. But the rubber/plastic it self has no dings or scratches. Missing metal frame support but can be mounted via 3m no drilling needed. 350 USD worldwide shipping 40 USD paypal 4.4%
  8. Nismo 320km/h Cluster for a BCNR33, these are getting very expensive!! Priced far below jdm going price. Condition is absolutely stunning and this unit had no rev problems upon removal. $1000 USD Worldwide Shipping $45 Paypal 4.4%
  9. Made in 1995 by the Super Taikyu N1 racing team ALTIA, which was part of the Nissan group. Only made one for their street demo car. Silver face custom font with red lighting. All In working order and very very clean. The lit picture was dirty cleaned the plexi glas after that. Once in life time chance!! Prices less than most normal Nismo's go in Japan. $1100 USD World Wide Shipping $49 Paypal 4.4%
  10. Discontinued HKS Kansai ETS BNR32 4WD controller that allows to put the R32 in full RWD or regulate how much torque goes to the front. Very handy for high HP cars as standard torque split Atessa ecu sends too much power to the front wheels and is known to snap drive shafts when you launch the car. Priced to sell far below normal going price! $255 USD Worldwide shipping $40 USD Paypal 4.4%
  11. Hey Guys, here is something special for you.. In this offer you can buy 2 NEW Brembo GT1/F40/40 brake calipers. From Ferrari F40/F50, Bugatti EB110 and so on. Built in 1993. Since this point of time they was stored by Bugatti Automobili in Italy, Campogalliano. After they went bankrupt, the spareparts were brought to germany. Only calipers, no disks - space between adaptor-holes is 13cm- 4-pistons (2 big ones and 2 smaller ones)- usable disks between 320mm to 360mm diameter, Bugatti had 322mm, - thickness of disks (not included in this offer): 32mm- min. 17 inch rims needed-weight: 3.4 kg / piece Pictures are self-explaining. You can make me a price proposal. If you have questions, please ask me! [email protected] Located in Germany
  12. Very rare and long time Discontinued C's Short Shifter kit, with all needed hardware and in box. To my knowledge no other company has ever made a Getrag Short Shifter. $950 usd Worldwide Shipping $40 usd paypal 4.4%
  13. These camshafts are 252 duration with a 10.05 lift. They have been discontinued from MINES but was told they would do a limited run on these cams if we would buy atleast 10 sets. The cams are listed at 148,000 japanese yen so convert that to what ever currency you use and that is the price of the cams shipping is not included in that price. I live in the United States but we will be going with a reputable Mines dealer in japan and I will give everyone his contact info once we have all 10 sets sold. You will send your money directly to him and he will ship them straight to you from Japan. I am ordering them specifically for R32 Rb26's but from what the website says these cams will work on all R34's. The only differnece I have found between the 2 engines is Crank Angle Sensors. My friend fit a set of R32 Mines cams to his R34 Rb26 and all he did was swap out the CAS. If your going with a trigger system then you will avoid this problem. These cams also come with buckets and shims to fit the cams. These cams need no degreeing. Stewart Leask from Leaskspec installed these and checked and rechecked these cams 5 seperate times and they were dead on every time. Below is Stewart's dyno after adding R35 MAFS, his custom pipe kit, and these cams. No head work was needed to fit the cams either. I have 5 sets sold so only 5 sets left available. First 5 to message me with money ready get the cams. This is a link to MINES website for the english translation of these cams.
  14. Join Date: Feb 2017 Location: Amsterdam Posts: 147 Trader Rating: (0) Feedback Score: 0 reviews - Nismo Winter jacket Blue Size LL fits like L in 10/10 condition. Silk like material changes color under lighting. $300 USD - Nismo size M summer jacket 10/10 condition back singed by F1 driver Ukyo Katayama $225 USD - Nismo Size L summer jacker 10/10 same model as above $250 USD - Nismo 1980/84 OEM Skyline Club Jacket condtion 9.5/10 fits like a M no size listed. Allot of 80s shoulder and arm room. $250 USD Worldwide Shipping $40 USD tracking mail Paypal 4.4%
  15. Hey guys, looking to buy (relatively inexpensive if possible lol) an RB20DET automatic ECU. I can't locate one online and the majority that come up end up not being compatible because they're listed wrong and the serial number is for a manual. Any help is appreciated. I can't find any support in the US. I'mean certain that someone has one or even can go to a pick and pull and get their hands on one. As well need a trans harness for my car. I suspect that the Z32 NA harness will work because it's the same part number transfer though...won't leave to chance. Similarly, instead of starting a new thread, I got an R31 A/T ECU which was used on my R32 by previous owner, ugh. If anyone wants or needs I'll be happy to help out. Maybe we can do an even exchange.
  16. Hey guys, I joined the Stagea life back in Februrary (although ive been looking for one since mid last year) and recently came across the Fujima 260rs dolphin models. Although its not quite the same as my Stagea, its the closest ill get as I havent seen any s2 stagea models.... Mine is a s2 RS4-S with a 260rs front bumper, dolphin skirts, and a dolphin rear bumper, and a DAYZ wing. Anyone still have one of these laying around by chance? Ideally one that hasnt been built, but would consider a built one. Would need to be shipped to me over in Canada land! Thanks,
  17. Old logo nismo cigarette lighter very rare. Can post anywhere. $250 Only selling as i want a yellow one.
  18. Highly sought after BNR32 Ganador mirrors in 326 white paint that's perfect. Also tested and all working. Don't like the price find them cheaper?! $1000 usd Worldwide shipping $40 PayPal 4.4%
  19. looking for an rb30 to add a rb26 head too for a swap. issue is that im located in hawaii and would pay for the shipping if anyone would be willing or if anyone has a used rb30det thats already swapped or built and getting rid of it please feel free to contact me.
  20. Nismo G-shock 2004 20th Anniversary Watch in box Nismo Casio 2004 20th Anniversary G-shock in original box and packing, pretty much perfect spotless condition. Looks like it never was used. Both batteries just replaced and was water tested. 300 USD Worldwide shipping 35 USD Paypal 4.4%
  21. EC Works Group A BNR32 Racing Mirrors GTR EC Works BNR32 Group A racing mirrors from the early 90s. Same mirrors as were used on the Calsonic R32 and other GR.A cars. Very lightweight about 200 grams a piece. Condition is the following, could use a fresh layer of paint as the N1 color has some marks and scratches. Mirrors have some spots because of age. $850 USD $40 USD Shipped world wide Paypal 4%
  22. Carbon fiber rear seats delete panels for R32 New carbon fiber rear seats delete panels for R32 . Price 890 AUD + shipment .
  23. Old Stock NEW BNR32 OEM Steering Wheel in Box + Mint Used BNR32 Steering Wheel 2 x Nissan BNR32 GTR OEM wheels for sale. - First is a New Old stock wheel with box early model see part code on box. Manufacture year is 2002 but it still has the new smell and looks to have been properly storred against the elements. Price $1290 USD - Used early BNR32 Wheel which apart from few marks on top is as good as a used wheel can get. $590 USD Worldwide shipping $45 USD Paypal 4%
  24. R34 GTR Diffuser Blades For sale genuine set Nissan R34 GTR diffuser blades brand new 400 dollars . 0419 912 902
  25. The car had 90k km's on it NO RUST Original M Sports Everything is for sale! Before ppl start complaining about the part out the car was involved in a high speed head on collision chassis buckled in the middle it was beyond repair! I AM WILLING TO SHIP ANYTHING AS LONG AS YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR IT. I haven't listed everything so please inquire! Everything is located in CHICAGO, ILLINOIS U.S.A Taillights $150 Sunroof assembly SOLDDD Rear window SOLDDD Lower c pillar plastics $100 Door sills $60 Glove box $60 LH A pillar plastics $60 Cluster SOLDD Seatbelt plastic covers $10 Front seat rail plastic covers $10 Under hood insulation $50 Front brake calipers SOLDDD Rear brake calipers $100 Rear seat/ trunk metal cover $20 Taillight trunk cover SOLDD Center console $100 Door panels $150 Headliner $100 Gas tank $100 Gas tank straps $20 Front doors $100 Rear trunk latch plastics $20 Under dash bar $10 Steering column $20 Clean trunk (wing sold) Trunk hinges $20 M sport rear splatters/valences $250 M sport sideskirts (RH front broken) $100 Rear seats SOLDDD Front seats SOLDDD Clean oem carpet $200 Oem hand brake $40 Trunk/gas door latch SOLDDD Trunk interior SOLDDD Seatbelts SOLDDD Dash vents SOLDD Rear window bottom trim $20 Oem rear bumper SOLDDD Oem rear crash bar $50 Oem fuel pump assembly with walboro fuel pump $60 Cat back exhaust $50 Electronic cut out exhaust $40 GlowShift boost gauge $40 Overhead light/sunroof switch SOLDDD Ignition plastics (turtle shell) $20 Door handles $20 Door handle plastics $20 Oem amplifier $5 Rear subframe LSD w all arms/axles/hubs $800 Koni coilovers $400 Front subframe SOLDDD All oem suspension arms $100 Steering rack $50 Rear qrtr glass $100 Rear qrtr metal $200 Rocker metal $100 Floor boards $200 Trunk floor $300 Taillight housing metal $200