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Found 212 results

  1. R34 Skyline Nismo Cluster R34 Nismo Cluster 30,000k's est - $600 ono FREE POSTSAGE
  2. Hi, Selling my vinyl factory boot mat. Suits a C34 Stagea. $200, located in Upper Kedron 4055. Pick up preferred. A bit big to post.
  3. 6boost t3 manifold ceramic coated black with 60mm turbosmart external gate with 14psi spring $1500 plus postage located in townsville 4817 does not include aeroflow fittings
  4. R32 Standard Cat back Exhaust Hi There For sale Is this original catback back exhaust off an r32. This was on my gtst but as far as im aware its the same as an r32 gtr catback exhaust. Price: $250 Condition: Good for age, has rust marks, dirt etc but no significant damage, dents or holes. heat shields in place. Im sure a good polish would see it come up quite nicely. Location: Brisbane Northside Cheers Ben
  5. qld 

    Im am selling my R34 due to lack of use ,2000km in the last 2 years .I purchased the car from a mature owner who owned the car for 7 years he bought the car as a weekender and left it basically stock . I flew to Melbourne to purchase the car and it was immaculate ,drove it home and added the following .High flowed Hypergear Turbo ,750 ID injectors ,Power FC with Hand Controller ,Turbo Smart electronic boost controller ,ACI Hi Performance Clutch ,Blitz Radiator with new thermostat and hoses ,new Nissan OEM Coil Packs ,New Nissan wiring loom,Z32 AFM ,HKS strut tower brace ,Walbro 460 fuel pump,new Tie rod ends ,Nolethane Castor bushes ,Hi flow dump and cat ,HKS Hyper Street 3 coil overs base height and dampening adjustable ,professionally set up ,New Hankook Ventus R-S3 ,Hel Braided brake lines, DBA slotted and cross drilled rotors ,I think we put EBC green pads in ,Turbo Timer ,SAAS Velour Steering wheel ,Car is tuned for E85 Fuel it made 306kw low boost and 330 KW high boost .the car is very fast !!!.Clarion 305 BT head unit and Vibe slick component speakers .Everything is in good condition and works ..All fluids changed with Synthetic fluids ,gear box , engine ,diff , gear box etc ,engine oil changed every 1000km .The performance shop was given the brief if anything needs replacing replace it compression and leak down was all very good .Block was flushed with liquid intelligence and sealed with the same ,currently running penrite coolant and Lucas water wetter .I remover the rear spolier and painted the boot with plasti dip white / pearl .No trades or swaps i have got too much stuff .No messages from oil rigs off shore or offers of credit card payment and your mate picks it up ,Gary 0400796009 $22,900
  6. qld 

    Gearbox Hey guys got 2 auto awd stagea gearboxs for sale Box 1 has 155000k out of a 97 s1 awd Box 2 has 148000k out of a 98 s1 awd $250 each Or take both for $400 Cheers pete
  7. As per title. .84 rear for a precision 6466. Suits 66mm turbi es. Dyno time only on housing. $180 plus postage. Locared in central queensland
  8. people give the R33 gtst sh&t saying it handles like a boat; I disagree. It handles great, just not in stock form. Then again, a lot of cars don't. Some stuff I've got for sale, for an R33 but I believe most/all will fit r34 - pls check for yourself though to confirm. All available for pickup/delivery in Brisbane, or postage as listed. R33 a-pillar braces. Handmade in my workshop so don't expect production-line welds and finish; they are neat enough, fairly light and strong as sh&t though, and if you don't notice the front end feeling a lot more solid on the road over 100kph I'll be very surprised, I found a huge difference once fitted. $100 the pair, $15 posted anywhere in Oz. TEIN medium S-Tech springs. These drop the car by about 30mm, and are around a 4.2kg spring rate? from memory anyway, exact rates on the Tein JP website. Ok, these are as close to brand new as you can get; bought them when I thought my bc coilovers were on the way out. Bought these tein springs and put them and a set of shocks in, and found the issue was the same and nothing wrong with the bc's (product plug for bc's, good item) and so these springs came straight back out, and have sat in the garage for the last 18 months being kept for when I might need them again. BC's still going strong, so if you want a set of top-quality springs new without the new pricetag, here they are, still in original Tein box. Link to counterfeit Tein spring id'ing, these are genuine not copies. here's the cheapest price I could find so, I'll do $350 for the set of 4, and $20 posted anywhere in Oz except NT and WA. Cusco castor-rod brace. Genuine item not a copy, in excellent condition, just has usual scuffs/marks from being fitted to car. This is cheapest price I could see so, $90, plus $12 posted anywhere in Oz except NT and WA. also genuine HKS SSQV recirc adapter, 29mm hose size. Brand new, still in box as per pic. I found the 25mm adapter fitted to the other end of the hose so didn't end up using this 29mm one. $15, plus $7 posted anywhere in Oz. also 2x stock R33 wastegate actuators, just have mounting holes elongated to work with Hypergear hiflow turbos, will still work just fine with stock turbos. $15 each. Gizzmo IBC-R electronic boost controller, options of 6 boost presets, and rpm setting. Guaranteed in good working order with user manual, just that the wires have pulled out of the back of the plug that plugs into control unit. Either track down some square-end wiring plugs or just call Ray at gizmo and buy another plug kit, and you got yourself an electronic boost controller cheap. $100, plus $10 posted anywhere in Oz. And I do mean guaranteed working, I wouldn't sell it if it was no longer working. other stuff - set of 6 stock R33 injectors, $40. - 2x R33 series 2 engine mounts, rubber solid as, no cracks/splits, $25. Sriously in good cond and perfectly usable, I just put Nismo mounts in trying to eliminate drivetrain 'slush' as I have auto trans. - series 2 CAS. Working fine, I replaced CAS when troubleshooting idle issue which turned out to be afm. You're welcome to test before buying if in Brisbane. $80. By all means reply to thread but also PM me pls so I can get back to you sharpish. Any q's on anything just let me know.
  9. GK Tech tie rod ends, as new yo...Bought a set of GK Tech spherical bearing tie rod ends, as shown here As everyone is no doubt aware spherical bearings can transmit a lot more NVH, and I found I didn't personally like the feel of them in the tie rod ends for a street car, I prefer a ball joint. So, after only being on the car for 167km's (then changed to ZSS ends as per log book), we have an almost new full kit for sale. The current GK Tech kit doesn't have holes in the ends of the kingpin for a split-pin retainer so I have drilled this in, to allow the extra security of having a split-pin fitted top and bottom. As it notes in the GK Tech link, you need to cut down your stock tie rods too to fit these, so included is a set of rods already cut to the right length (note if you cut your rods, it only leaves about 8mm of thread engagement if you ever decide to go back to a stock-type balljoint). One rod is genuine Nissan, the other is Roadsafe - both 12-18 months old and easily 5+ years left in them. Selling the tie-rod end kit and the 2x tie rods as a set, $150 posted across Oz .($160 WA and NT)
  10. trash or treasure, a bargain or an insult to your wallet? you decide. All parts for R33 gtst. Subframe collars - have 2 sets, one aluminium solid type, the other Superpro urethane (seem to be missing 1 ring, as soon as I find the other one in my garage, will sell as a full set). Marks etc as pictured, both still in good order and very serviceable (aluminium ones hardly used, superpro ones have about 3 -4 years on them) $25 a set. Superpro steering rack bushes, about the same amount of use 3-4 years, still in very good order. $20. Genuine Nissan tailshaft centre bearing. This is effectively brand new, but - fitted this bearing, only to find an issue with the tailshaft itself, so had to swap tailshafts. As this was brand new and they cost $160+ I pulled it off and in trying to do so without damaging the rubber casing, one centre flange got bent up as pictured. If you straighten this out so it doesn't rub, it will be as good as new, but, price reflects this damage. $50 neg. Which leads me to - 1x tailshaft flange and front section, both still in good working order, issue was with rear section. These might be handy if making a custom tailshaft...? $20 neg anyway. 1x R33 actuator, $10. pickup on Brisbane northside or can post anywhere in Oz (tailshaft excepted).
  11. BNE - rb25det to suit rebuild Rb25det bottom end out of R33 Skyline - block is in good order, crank is good but superficial scuffing to no.3 rod journal where rod spun a bearing - only shallow marking so will be fine for engine rebuild. Have the stock rods, and 4x stock pistons (have used the other 2), and sump. Apart from oil pump which is yours if you want it, this is just the parts listed, no balancer, manifolds etc. Had bought this to do an engine rebuild but ended up rebuilding the engine already in the car. Not really keen on shipping, prefer local buyer in Brisbane - $150.
  12. EOI r34gtt rb25 neo nistune setup EOI. Selling my type 4 nistune ecu and nistune hpx1 afm sensor. Located south side of Brisbane. Currently in car running. Will be installing new ecu later this year. Will post at ur cost. $550 ono.
  13. R33 GTR Vspec -MNP targa car My targa spec R33 GTR is up for sale. very regretful but don't have the time to do the build I want to do. as mentioned this a targa Tasmania spec car and was very competitive. Main build was done back in 2007 after import and only saw targa events from then onwards. Few mods - DMS Motorsport coilovers. All arms adjustable, Hardrace mainly. Brembos need a paint job but still work a treat, running forza FR6 pads (literally brand new) Could do with new rotors, ATTKD 2 piece from Just jap are my go too. Enkei RPF1 18x9.5 - 265 RS3 all round Rotor something 18x9.5 spare set yokohama s drive's - these were a wet or street set 6 point weld in CAMS certified cage with harness bar, will come with CAMS log book. Side intrusion is very easy to get into and out of even for me who is 6'7, interior trim still in but cut to fit cage. Will come with simple bucket seats as I only just purchased the Sparco and it is very bloody hard to get seats that fit my fat ass so not keen to part with it. 5 point harness' Aftermarket helical cut gearset (not 100% sure what, told ppg) opc clutch. Held a 6-700 hp motor before this motor. Running Haltech plat pro, Haltech wideband & gauge, Can HUB, 3 bar map sensor, Haltech boost solenoid (18psi) terra trip rally computer and terra trip intercom system, tuned on E85 @ godzilla motorsport (made 300kw) motor has n1 turbos custom stainless intake piping with pods, 1250cc bosch inj, aeroflow fpr, dual feed rail with stainless braided fuel lines from back to front, AI sp1200 surge tank and holley dominator external pump + walbro 460 lift pump, oil cooler with T'd in Braided line to boot for Moroso Accusump, Split fire coil packs, have a spare set as well. Baffled catch can with breather. My aim was to put everything in needed to support a big power motor and aside from an extended sump it is pretty much there. Most the hard work is done. was waiting on extended sump to plumb the catch can drain back to sump. I literally copied this whole setup from another track 33 gtr that ran consistently for 4 years and only met its death due to engine bay fire caused by fuel line split. It is the best setup you can do to save an RB before going to dry sump (arguable statement) Aircon still in great working order, perfect for sitting in pit lane waiting to go on a bloody hot QLD day. This car had a monster motor which made up to 700hp but motor spun a bearing so a reconditioned one went in and is about 18,xxx old, Nismo 320km cluster reads 92xxx Car was registered in Tasmania and has a mod plate for seats. Was about to sort out the mod plate for cage and a few other things but dont have the time to do what I want to do anymore. Would look at swaps for other cars of interest, street cars, 4x4, Track only cars etc. I am not going to pretend this a concourse condition car it certainly has marks and scratches in places and the sills are not in perfect condition. This was and is a track based car, what I can say is it has been very well looked after over the years in terms of maintenance. Consistent oil, oil filter, fuel filter changes and spark plugs just changed. Always used Penrite 10 tenths 15w 50/60. Have just picked up the new Nulon racing oils 10w-50 and was keen to see how it performs @ $110 for 5L it aint cheap and would stack up over a race season so I am hoping it is an epic new oil. Price is $36k Also have a semi enclosed trailer for an extra $5k Plenty more pics and info just PM if interested.
  14. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has or knows of someone with an ECU for a S2 WGNC34 RS Four S (factory manual). Part number is 23710 0V801.
  15. Nissan RB26 N1 Block Nissan RB26 N1 engine block, brand new in box. Price is $4900, for a comparison Kudos is listing them at $6500 Located in Brisbane, pickup available or postage at your expense. Cheers
  16. RB25 neo cas Hi all For sale new Nissan cas sensor to suit neo engine's. New from factory with 6 months warranty left been sitting on my shelf in shed. My loss your gain. $320 delivered to you in Australia No offers I'm allready at a loss on cost. See photos
  17. 97 r33 w/ RB26 highmount 430hp looking at selling my 430hp rb26 r33 skyline, have had the car for around 4 years and since than i have just been using it as a daily and slowly trying to get more power out of it, it was on its way to making 500hp when i didnt realise the wastegate spring maxed out at 20 pound. engine has been well looked after with oil changes every 5k, unfortunatly im not really focused on looks so the front bar could do with abit of repair work. apart from that the exterior is tidy, interior is in great condition and still has the original mats, steering wheel ect, located in fraser Coast, QLD contact: 0438 016 754 Looking for 15,000 negotiable engine RB26 r32 engine rebuit with crank extension new n1 oil and water pump 6boost manifold garret 35r turbo 50mm pro gate wastgate 4in apexi exhaust with Vband downpipe splitfires coilpacks custom oil catch can setup brand new radiator hoses Aluminium radiator front mount intercooler brand new adaptronic modular ecu fuel pressure sensor for tunning brand new boost solenoid deleted all un-used vaccum lines and waterlines and got it tune with map pressure for a better idle. deleted standard oil warmer to reduce clutter relocated fuse box into center console Fuel Turbosmart 1200 FPR Id1000 injectors twin Bosch 044 3L surge tank setup race works billet fuel rail fuel pressure sensor custom braided lines in engine bay Suspension Tien coil overs adjustable rear lower control arms adjustable rear camber arms adjustable castor arms Exterior slim line boot wing roof wing series two lip extension standard weather shields ssr meshies
  18. Super Spark Coil Packs to suit R33 S1 Gtst Hey guys, Changed setup so these are no longer required. Nothing wrong with them just changed setup. Located Qld, Redbank Plains but will post at buyers expense. Price 200
  19. R32 ISC Suspension Top mounts Hey Guys I have these Brand New never used R32 ISC top mounts. I no longer need them. For some reason I seem to have lost 1 nut for the top. Im asking $150 including postage to anywhere within Australia. They are $200 brand new not including postage. Located in Brisbane Call or text me on 0468778939 Cheers Ben
  20. $6k Info in pics. Price is firm. Sold with all spares. Advertised elsewhere.
  21. Perfect condition located cairns qld but will post
  22. For sale 2000 R34 Gt-T coupe 3/2000 ER34 GT-T in Silver I Have owned the car for 5 years and it was only daily driven for around 2 of those the rest of the time it was garaged under a car cover I purchased it at 107,000k's and it now has just over 139,000k's so it has only traveled around 30,000k's in 5 years,In that time it has always been looked after I changed the oil and filter every 3-4000k's or 6 months and only ever used Royal purple full synthetic 5w40 and also changed and flushed the gearbox oil once a year with castrol Tranzmax z full synthetic,Brand new battery just fitted and will come with 6 months Rego and Rwc. Vehicle was purchased completely stock Modifications are as follows Stock engine Apexi power intake kit JJr custom air box with custom air feed Z32 air flow meter Custom turbo air intake pipe Hks 2540 turbo JJr 3 inch stainless steel front pipe Hks silent power cat back exhaust Greddy return flow front mount intercooler kit Nismo 480cc injectors Walbro Gss342 255lpoh fuel pump Splitfire coil packs Nistune Ecu Greddy profec oled boost controller Gearbox Mv Automatics stage 2 shift kit 3000 Rpm stall converter Wheels/tyres/Brakes and suspenison Works wheels 17x9.5 rear 17x9.0 fronts Works rs blue wheel nuts Nitto Nto5 255/40r17 (new) Endless super street M-sport pads all round (almost new) slotted and dimpled front rotors (almost new) Pedders front comfort shocks Low King springs all round JJr pillow joint front caster rods Tog adjustable rear upper arms(0 camber for best traction with Nittos) Interior Pretty much Left standard apart from Lager shadow pro volts/oil temp/boost gauges for gauge pod and all interior lights have been replaced with blue led bulbs Pioneer Mechless Head unit with blue tooth and speaker 6 Inch sony speakers front and rear Vehicle was tuned by PITS making 225Rwkw with a manual bleed valve that bleed down to 14psi but with the Greddy profec it holds 18psi Price is $14000 negotiable Hardly Ever on here anymore so please send me a txt on 0431 720 seven seven one
  23. RB26 Head RB26 R32 Head B&C Valves *New Supertech dual valve springs *New Head has been machined 20 thou. Valves have been seated shims have been gauged. $1800 Any questions contact me on 0435307905
  24. Rays ZE40 18x11J +15 Brand New Brand new in box, only opened one box for photos, high-type centre caps included (I paid extra $80 for those). Can fit 295/305 tyres. I'm chasing $3800 for the whole set, cheaper than the price I paid. Location: Brisbane
  25. WTB R33 s1 skyline front reinforcement bar Hey would like to buy a reinforcement front bar for my series 1 r33 skyline. Will pay for postage but if in brisbane, that would be easier.