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Found 1,097 results

  1. Gathering thoughts/opinions on divided charge pipe. Looks like a fairly low cost way to improve consistency and perhaps some power.
  2. Alrighty gang, up for sale are my set of BBS LM's in 18x9 with the faces reversed for a (estimated) +5 offset. Perfect fitment on an R32 GTR. Will also suit a whole range of 5x114.3 cars. I spent far too many hours getting these up to scratch polishing and flipping the faces (done correctly, loctite'd bolts and torqued to 30 n.m) so my loss (of time) is your gain. Two wheels have some rash on two wheels, two are fine. Tyres have almost full tread, but are very old. one tyre has a little chuck out the middle. Last pic is fitment on a 32R. Located SE Melb Please pm me or text on 0424four90187 for any more info or questions. Wont reply to texts tonight as I'm at uni cramming for exams with no service inside the buildings so pm's preferred.
  3. Nismo pre 91/8 260km/h speedo in box, mint condition 20.773KM on it. (350 USD) Veilside 91/8+ 340km/h full cluster, pretty much cleanest housing I have ever seen! (675 USD) Worldwide tracking shipping 40 USD paypal 4.4%
  4. Selling a brand new HKS Type R 100mm Intercooler to suit all GTRs (R32, 33 or 34). Model number is 13001 AN007 Core dimensions: 600 x 300.5 x 103mm Suits applications up to 515kw Only minor scratches from test fitting by previous owner. Has sat in a cardboard box under my ownership. I bought it with plans to incorporate it with a lot of other work, but I've decided to stick with my current power and focus on track reliability (so looking for a new radiator + breather tank instead - will consider swaps with cash my way). Looking for $1500 shipped. Item located in Sydney, NSW I can be contacted on 0407778421 or PM
  5. Hi Guys, Ive recently moved over from NZ and have purchased a R32 gts-t coupe. Looking forward to getting to know the car community here! specially around Melbourne. Look forward to seeing you guys soon for car meets and so on! Cheers, Simar
  6. For sale hks spark amplifier Hks dli model tw14588 Bought brand new for 450 used for 9000kms Includes install instructions in English and diagrams Works great made big difference on my vg30dett Can be installed on most imports Including r32 , r32 gtr, r33 gtr , r33 gtst Selling for 250 firm these are discontinued now
  7. Hey guys I need some help from some fellow members I’m in the next stage of my build and that’s suspension the car is my r32 four door but I need to lay the power down to the rear what suspension is every one running these days ? Rang just jap talking to them they recomaned bc coils but I am open to options the car will be setup for drag racing the set up now is way to hard
  8. Hey all, Thought i had a build thread for my 32 but cant see it so maybe not, anyway. Bought (becuase it was cheapppp) what can only be described as the worst looking r32 around. Ugly kit, check. Ugly white painted interior, check. $2 bucket seat, check. on LPG, yes LPG! check. i wanted a project, so i bought it for cheap and brought it home
  9. Hey all Im looking to tidy up the engine bay, have nothing in it at present. Has anyone relocated the R32 fuse box? Where did you mount it? any pics? What was the difficulty like? Is it just re running the wires or is it a cut and solder job? Also doing the battery to the boot. Is it better to run the power inside the car or tucked up under it? what gauge wire is used?
  10. Recently got an alignment for my R32 GTR, all still within spec except left rear camber. Still riding on old factory upper control arm, and the eccentric bolt is maxed out. They told me a new bushing will not make up enough of the 0.5 degree difference even if I get new OEM upper control arm. Is that a fair statement? How about the Nismo upper control arms? All the adjustable aftermarket options I find all use solid bushing, but I still want to use tradition rubber bushing, is there no such aftermarket option?
  11. My doors are catching the side skirts. The bottom door hinge on both my doors is are very worn, the hole is ovaled on the bottom hole that takes a lot of weight. Are the top and bottom hinge the same part? I could get less the worn top hinges and put them on. Or does anyone have the Nissan part number? Any other solutions?
  12. Hi All, The HICAS light came on the other day and not long after the power steering turned off...opened the bonnet and there was fluid all around the reservoir and leaking onto the ground, though it only appears to be leaking when the engine is on. Added more fluid and the HICAS light went off and power steering returned to normal but it wasn't long before the HICAS light came on again. Dropped the car off to my regular service place and they came back and advised that one of the high pressure hoses going to the rack(?) is cracked/split and is leaking the oil. I was advised that to replace the hose properly the engine would have to come out or almost out to fix the issue. Does this sound correct that the engine has to be lifted/removed to have the high pressure hoses replaced? thanks guys
  13. Hi, im trying to find out if the rear diff in my 1990 skyline r32 gts-4 is abs or non-abs. Can someone tell me?
  14. Unique opportunity, bootlid from R32 GTR or similar, unused and newly painted in Spark Silver (code KL0), without spoiler or holes. Still in bubble wrap after paint Suit the fitting of a non standard wing or use as is. $500, located in Melbourne
  15. Selling engine as I have sold the project car it was in. Standard late model r31 bottom end. Genuine under 90k km. R34 gtr rb26 head. Was reconditioned with new valve guides and 3 angle valve seats and surface grind. Standard cams as I wanted a smooth idle. ARP head studs, new head gasket Hks 750cc injectors. Block has brand new genuine vl turbo oil pump, all gaskets and seals, timing belt and tensioner kit, n1 water pump, tomei oil restrictor, mod to sump to allow external oil pressure adjustment. Modified plenum with Vh45 throttle body. Removed from car. Hasn't been fitted with a turbo . Have a video of it running. Cam covers not included as they were painted by our kids. sell for $5000 ono or swap for something of value. Located 2287 nsw Also have turbo and manifold that was running on my r34 gtr. Made 380 kw. Can include for a deal for serious buyers. Rb2630.mp4 painted by our kids.
  16. Hi guys, i'm here to find out if the front diff+sump of the r32 GTR will bolt straight onto my 1990 r32 gts-4 as well as the rear diff from the r32 GTR. My current rear diff has blown up due to running on no oil and I cannot not find one with the right ratio to replace it so im looking to swap out both for the 4.11:1 from the GTR. Thank you
  17. I’ve seen comments previously about changing the mounting locations of the LCA’s and wanted to get some knowledgeable comments. Front: Moving the bolt location on the subframe outwards by approx 20mm ?? Will the existing holes get welded or just drill out fresh points. Rear: Welding on a dropped mounting bracket the front mounting point fro the rear LCA? Will this cause issues with the alignment of the rear mounting bushes. Car is 90% Street / 8% Drag / 2% Track but 100% enjoyed. Already fitted: MCA XR coilovers, hardrace Castor arms, GKTech rear camber & traction arms. Thanks in advance.
  18. - Nismo 365A Steering wheel with horn, famous model with extra horn buttons on back! Probably the best condition I have ever seen doesn't look to have been used and leather has zero sun damage. All original cable's are intact! 670 USD - Abflug Ferrari Short Shift BNR32 Gated, new old stock never used. very rare and made on order cost over 69.900 Yen 20+ Years ago. Only 32 one I have ever seen! 900 USD Worldwide shipping 40 USD Paypal 4,4%
  19. So I have recently bought a 1990 r32 skyline gts-4. Unfortunately, the person I bought the car from must have never put any diff oil in it, and i drove it for 3 hours home and the diff blew up. Im trying to find a diff to replace it with, but due to the rarity of the gts-4, im struggling to find one. I was wondering if any one could tell me what cars have the 4.3:1 ratio that i need and would also bolt straight on to the 6x1 bolt pattern since the other varients of the r32 would not work. Thanks
  20. Adz2332

    Wanted all to suit R32 and or Rb20det Injectors around 555cc ish denso, DeatschWerks etc Nistune z32afm walbro fuel pump
  21. Hey all, ive removed alll the hicas stuff from my r32. including all the piping under the bonnet etc What are my options when it come to power steering pump? Is there a non hicas 32 pump? can i fit another type? Cheers
  22. Hi guys/gals! I'm trying to figure out a strange sound coming from my Skyline. Every so often, say, once every 3 or 4 times I reverse out of my garage, I hear an awful sound coming from under the car. I equate it to a slipping belt, but a lower tone. It sticks around for maybe 10 seconds, and goes away. No issues driving as of yet, no clicking/grinding. It's just a loud howl and I want to address it before it gets worse. Has anyone had this issue by chance? I was asking some friends local to me and they figure throw out bearing is failing. Ideas? Car is a '93 GTSt coupe with 165k K's on it.
  23. Hi everyone! New to the site, new to Nissan in fact. Acquired my dream car a few weeks ago, and am joining up here to share information and maybe learn about my car along the way. Thanks for reading, and have a great one!
  24. Hi everyone. I know there's a thread for speedo cable problems for the 32. But I removed the cluster to take a globe out. Then replaced the cluster and speedo was inop. Cable has been previously replaced under 500km ago. I've also put the globe back in and tested and it's still not working. I pulled the cluster out and drove the car a little and the cable still spins inside its sleeve. Many ideas? Cheers
  25. Anyone have a lead on what wires on the R32 fuel pump plug are what. The R32 fuel pump plug is a 6 pole 5 wire plug whereas the R34...well that's just it, I don't know. Backstory, I gutted my R32 chassis and engine harnesses and ran an R34 chassis harness with the intention of running the fuel pump on the R34 connections, low and behold someone snipped the connectors to the fuel pump so now I'm stuck with my dick in my hand trying to sort out what's what. The chassis harness came out of a 4 door GTT, I'm anticipating the R34 dash, instrument cluster and other parts to arrive shortly so I can start doing the swap. My plan (assuming that I'm correct) is to just pop out wires and repin the blue R32 fuel pump plug. From what I am guessing, the R34 fuel pump has two plugs that go to it, a 2 pin and a 4 pin. I could be entirely wrong. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any pictures close up of anyone's R34 fuel pump assembly with the wires. Even so there's still a few plugs missing on the harness that I need to sort out. Anyone with an R34 could be really helpful right now to decipher what's what.