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Found 1,145 results

  1. Hey so we found out that the car is being flooded with gas after stalling or being driven around a lot, the plugs were soaked after testing it. So sounds like things aren't getting hot enough in the ignition system, do you think it needs new plugs and coilpacks? if so what types should I get? I've heard about people running ls1 coilpacks in the rb25
  2. My tuner just did some before and after pulls with HKS Vcam and shared on his Facebook. I would like to share that here for those thinking about Vcam. His car is still running on stock R32 turbos with steel turbine wheels. The pulls were done on E60 ethanol mix.
  3. Smitty88

    Hi SAU community I'm wanting to buy an R32 4 door preferably GTS-4 but happy to look at GTS-T, i know its a stretch but looking for one quite standard in good condition i have good money ready to spend for the right car. Any help much appreciated, also at this stage not looking at 2 doors.
  4. Hey Guys, So I've blown a headgasket in my rb25 r32 gtst. I've had a few problems with it with the MAF and some idle issues, but now the headgasket has died. I've been tossing up between just fixing the rb25 head gasket or leaving it for a little bit and building a rb25/30 on the side. If anyone has done it would you say its worth it and what power are you pushing and how much did it cost? What do I do?? Thanks
  5. Hey, Wanting to know if anyone could post a pic or confirm how the shifter should sit in the hole in the tunnel. I have an RB25DET Neo from a Stagea with a cut down 4wd sump mounted with brackets and mounts that came with engine. Its in an R32 sedan that was factory auto, with R33 RB25DET gearbox using an “A” stamp gearbox mount. The engine and gearbox mounts line up with the factory positions perfectly but the shifter sits forward of the centre of the hole and looks too high. (Will get a pic asap) Cheers
  6. PranK

    From the album: PranKs

  7. Hi SAU, As title says, looking for a p-platers skyline for my brother. Will be used as a daily, so a reliable example would be most desirable. - must be manual, coupe, and n/a (GTS or 25GT) - maximum budget of $7500 - must be healthy mechanically for age (no leaks in engine, no gear crunching, etc) - not to fussed on interior/exterior condition (a bit of color fade not an issue) - r32 and r34 would be top preference, but r33 which meets requirement will also be considered (already have an r33) - any color - registrable in VIC - prefer it come with RWC, or at least in a condition where RWC would be easily obtainable - VIC located cars only please Contact me through this forum or PM me. Thanks, Josh
  8. oktaytrz

    Hi guys, I became a member here when I bought my BNR32 2 weeks ago. The car does need some work done as the engine is out (previous owner spent around 18k just for the engine itself). I was wondering if theres any good mechanics in Perth, WA that can put in the engine for me. Thank you
  9. 1994 R32 GT-R Tommy Kaira Special Edition 13,000 km's, Grade 4.5B $125,000 Complied, but currently unregistered. Located in WA. Vehicle is still as per inspected in Japan, see here; This is my second R32 GT-R - unfortunately my business needs the money more than I need the GT-R Contact:
  10. Beyond rare 1993 set! - Nismo Step motor boost gauge with peak warning! - Nismo Oil Pressure Gauge - Nismo Exhaust Temp - Nismo 3 din Gauge Holder Set cost over 900 USD new without inflation adjustment! All working in perfect condition with all sensors present! Only full set that I have ever seen and are gonna see! $1250 USD Worldwide Tracking Shipping 50 USD paypal use cost 4.4%
  11. Hey everyone, I have a mystery problem that I NEED help figuring out. So 2 weeks ago I bought my first import a 1992 r32 skyline gtst type m, with an rb25det engine swap, overall a wonderful car that has been nothing but a pain in the butt. I noticed the problem the first night I drove it (learning how to drive manual on it) I stalled out at a stop sign and she wouldn't start back up. Ended up draining the battery and killing the alternator. Once we got those replaced I started seeing the problem as if I drove the car around for <2 miles and it either stalled or got turned off she wouldn't start back up. Spark plugs were fine so I assumed there was bad gas (smelled like bad gas) and I replaced the fuel filter, cleaned the fuel lines along with dropping and cleaning the gas tank. Also did an oil change with a new filter for the hell of it. Nothing changed. She starts up in the morning after sitting all night and if I drive her for a while she won't start back up when she turns off or stalls. Brought it to a shop that specializes in older Nissan and they said it was probably the PTU over heating and that I should buy a new one and plug it in myself so I save money. I just wanted to get your guys opinion on this. As I said the car will start up and drive fine but it's when it stalls after being driven that it won't start up again. Thanks guys!
  12. Matvei27

    My driver's side under-floor rail had an unfortunate meeting with a wrongly placed jack stand. How bad is this and can I get it repaired? How?
  13. Some of the buttons work, some don't. I can control the temperature, but can't seem to change the fan speed or use the off button. AMB doesn't work and neither does defrost. Should I replace the unit or does this sound like a wiring/sensor issue?
  14. Heya all, I am new to the site and already made a post in photography lol. I didn't realise there was an introduction section (oops) I'm a deaf and wheelchair bound newbie photographer from Perth and a huge lover of the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R/GTS-T and want to own one one day. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and Ill answer the best I can.😁
  15. Hey all, this is my first post here and I am a beginner deaf and wheelchair bound photographer who loves to take pictures of cars whenever I can. My main favourite is the 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R and want to own one one day. I have some photos that I have taken today (5th October 2018) while I was at Powercruise in Barbagallo. I'll upload some more photos once I find the best ones so far, for now, there is just that one for now. Please let me know what you think 😁
  16. I’m curious that no one has developed a drop-in 6 Speed synchro gearset for the standard R32 & R33 gearbox. I would imagine that there is a market for strong street gearbox with the Getrag ratios and maybe the Carbon Fibre syncros that are now available. PAR used to do a straight cut dog 6-speed gearset but no longer offer this product. Im interested if there are reasons it hasn’t been done before wether it’s space related or something I’m ignorant of. Seeing so many Getrag conversions are in 32’s and 33’s these days I would see a drop in gearset as being and attractive option to keep the modifications to minimum. Happy to hear all thoughts in this one. Cheers.
  17. Wrecking a white R32 GTS-4 sedan (4 door). Also some left over parts from another white r32 sedan. Parts in fair to good condition. Some parts are already gone, here's what remains - Shell, no crash damage, small amount of rust. Mostly stripped (not rolling). Able to be registered. Suit reshell or front cut for a GT-R. $500 Front RH door x 2, $40ea Front LH door, $40 Rear RH door x 2, $40ea Rear LH door, $40 Bonnet, $40 Front guards (pair), $40ea Front bumper (unmodified), $70 Front bumper (cut for FMIC), $50 Rear bumper (unmodified), $60 Rear bumper (cut for towbar), $30 Rear bumper iron x 2, $40ea Taillights, $20ea Headlights, $40ea Random plastics, from $5 Full front chassis loom (unmodified), suit R32 GT-R, $50 OE control boxes GTSt (RB20DET) OE ECU, $25 GTS4 (RB20DET with ATTESSA output) OE ECU, $25 ATTESSA ECU, $25 HICAS ECU x 2, $10 Drivers window control switches, $20 Other as pictured $5 I'll take some photos of the shell and other random parts tomorrow and post below. Strictly pickup from Ringwood East, Vic only. Price negotiable. email or PM Thanks, Darren.
  18. Dominic32gtr

    Wanting to upgrade my stock turbos on 1990 r32 gtr and want some opions
  19. Hey, sorry if this has been covered but I couldn't find it if it was. I need some help identifying the rear calipers on my R32 GTS (NA). It has the 4 lug hub and single piston real calipers. Does anyone have the part number of the caliper as well as those for the associated parts? My problem is that the lower slide bolt on the left hand side won't move freely, no matter how much I clean and grease it. It seems like the pin sits in a rubber sleeve that goes all the way through, is that right? If so I think I need to replace that sleeve as the pin looks to be in good shape. Does anyone know the associated part numbers or can otherwise identify the caliper assembly? I've attached a few pictures, thanks in advance!
  20. I am reassembling my interior and can't for the life of me remember how to reattach the glove box striker to the dashboard. Diagram says it's attached with two screws, but there's nothing in the holes on the dash for them to screw into? All I really need is someone to open their glovebox, unscrew those two screws and take a picture for me to show me what's underneath the striker. Maybe I'm missing some metal clip? Will buy someone a beer if they can help!!!
  21. Stixbnr32

    I seem to have sprung a leak. Gas mileage has gone down and I seem to hear a leak underload. When I got it tuned (401kw) I remember the tuner had issues with my BOV's and he resolved it but told me that they could cause issues. So if I order a Greddy Type R BOV (one big one) how do I install it? I should need to retune it or anything like that? Thanks Again.
  22. I am looking at replacing the bushings in front and rear of my R32 GTR. I have been told to use OEM or Nismo and to forget Nolathane/Superpro rubbish (not my words). So my question is should I just get the Nismo bushings or are the arms a worthy upgrade as well?
  23. HKS oil cooler kit for R32 GTR Comes with everything to bolt on Decent condition as pictured Located Sydney $500 ono
  24. - Nismo 365A Steering wheel + Horn excellent condition. Solid 8.5/10 or better. Back horn button wires all intact. 675 USD - Nismo Old Logo Chrome shift, minor scratches on top 8.5/10 condition. 300 USD - Nismo winter old logo design project jacket, size L new condition fits to 190cm. Worldwide tracking shipping 40USD paypal at buyers cost
  25. Selling Power FC + Hand Controller for r32 or r33 GTR. Everything works. Could also work with a r34 GTR however would require some pins to be changed over (I had it on my r34 gtr). Has a current tune for stock car + exhaust + boost. I would assume you will need to tune it anyway. Good for those who want a cheap tunable ECU, who do not need all the features of a Haltech for example. $700 ono. Willing to post. Located Western Suburbs Melbourne. 0422 804 252