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Found 645 results

  1. mr_rbman

    Just chasing the rear stock strut brace for the R32...
  2. bakwoods

    Hey guys, I know this is an AUS forum however I'm not having any luck with support in the US for the Skyline, in fact the Nismo guys are less than helpful and rude to boot. Purchased a 1990 Skyline GXi chassis (FR serial number) with an RB20DET swapped into it. It was a real mess wiring wise. I'm still trying undo the damage done. The car is an A/T which is good for me since I'm a cripple. I won't lie, I'd love a 5 speed, but it's hard to shift with my condition. Fast forward to a week ago, I took the car off the road, took the entire interior out (carpet included) and I started figuring out where to begin. I yanked out the entire chassis harness and TCM, it was a nightmare and when I download the pics from my phone I'll share the build. It wasn't pretty. It was rat's nest of wires under the engine fuse box and even bigger mess near the ECU. Somehow an R31 ECU was hard wired into the harness to work. I found a new chassis harness off of a GTS-T which was A/T and came with a new TCM for $200. Sweet deal and when I got it, it was unmolested! How rare is that? I ran the fuse box, I ran the entire chassis harness from the dash back to the tail lamps. Everything looks good. Even came with the Clarion amp and wiring (it'll be removed). Even had the EGT probe for under the passenger side seat, again, something mine didn't have. It took me a 2 days to realize that the engine harness was a separate assembly and I needed to buy that in addition to. So I ordered it and it's on its way now from Japan, $300 later. So now I'm $500 in on wiring but it'll eliminate a lot of issues. I'm assuming the engine harness has the wiring for the alternator and starter unless that's somehow a separate unit? Shouldn't be (hopefully) Halfway into my dimwitted effort to replace the harnesses I decided "Hey let's order an RB25DET NEO with A/T trans." Found one from a reputable source in Canada for $1,700 shipped. So now my big question is what is it going to take to get the 25 motor to work with the 20 harness. I've spent about a week searching and found the general details like swapping two injector wires on the RB20 ECU and RB20 harness when installing the 25 motor. Though the transmission is what eludes me. I haven't found any posts, threads, information pertaining to running an RB25 auto trans on a RB20 harness. From my understanding the RB25 ECU controls both transmission and engine. If that's the case then what's my next step to make it work? Should I just try to find an RB25 auto chassis and engine harness and scrap everything?
  3. Aaron Nagy

    I am after a GTR Shell, not much more to add... Preferably SA.
  4. Hi guys! Mr R32 GTR had a missing spare tire. I want to find a replacement but not a 16 inch that comes with it. Anyone used any 18inch spare that can fit in the trunk? OR any other spare temporary tire worst case in 16 inch size that fits the car? Can't find anything in USA but maybe under a different car would fit.
  5. Dokmahn

    Hi im bit of a novice when it comes to forums. I drive a r32 gtst m spec. Cammed rb20det qas running a hks 2530 but now I have a gt3076 which is lag city until its tuned. I hoined up to get ideas and chase parts, as my current rb decided to let the rod bearings go. Cheers Eric
  6. Fairly self explanatory. R34 GTR intercooler, in good condition - $200 Came off my 34 as i went to a Plazmaman. Photos show condition Note: 34 cooler has the IAT sensor bung. So will suit any R series, but if you don't have IAT sensor you will just need to plug it up. Located Sutherland Shire, Sydney. Can post at your expense
  7. Hey guys, when full locking my r32 gtr shutters like crazy as if it has a locked diff. It has fresh oil and I've also put in an additive to stop the clutches from sticking. I'm not sure if it could be because of my other problem with my awd, which I wrote up in another post >
  8. Didn't even intend to buy another R32, after purchasing an ADM from Bob.... but this was too good not to bid on; One owner 12,766 km HKS muffler Tommy Kaira Recaro seats A/m HID lights, air cleaner Sports clutch A/m fog lights and 17" wheels Cusco tower bar Mbro corner lamp A/m adjustable suspension Remote / TV will come later Sideskirts a/m ? small dent (couldn't see it) Centre console has a small scratch Dash has small glue mark
  9. Hello, i recently bought mishimoto fans and shroud and also my plan was to just use the probe sensor in the rad, but i was also wondering if i could splice the probe wire to the existing sensor on the bottom of the rad. Would this work? Although it looks to be as the sensor on the car has 2 wires going into it but the probe only has 1.... maybe splice into one of the 2 on the top of the rad? Thanks for any help
  10. Hello all, I'm currently in the process of getting parts together to fit to my car ready for fitting and alignment. I have some thoughts as the best setup for track, time attack, sprints etc but want to confirm i'm going about it the right way. The parts I'll get: R33 rear cradle - with offset bushes and possibly a reinforcing kit GKTech front upper control arms for camber adjustment Whiteline front and rear anti roll bars I was going to modify the front upper control mounts to be the same as the nismo items - to gain hopefully even better front geometry when combined with adjustable upper arms. Adjustable rear upper arms to change rear camber Any thoughts on fitting front R33 lower control arms or should i think about roll centre adjusters for the standard arms? I have the usual front and rear strut braces, coilovers etc. big brakes being fitted shortly. At this stage i'm avoiding fitting a cage but might in the future - however I may fit a A piller brace set from ultraracing.. The mods listed are inspired from SAU and other sites on the web. I'd like to have the car setup as well as possible from the get go and then just tweek from there. Thanks
  11. CRSKmD

    unsure if there is a better place to share this... But here is a video i put together of a very clean late model R32 GTR. Strongly suggest using good speakers or headphones. Enjoy!
  12. WTB 2x rear 300zx TT rims 16" x 8.5" not after the N/A 16" x 7.5" location melbourne if anyone has any send me a PM
  13. Are there any differences in interior with the r32 gtr and r32 gtst? I'm looking at buying the carpet trims inside my 32 gtr boot wondering if they are any different? Cheers
  14. Okay, so I'm sure most of y'all know that the 32 skyline gtst tops out at 110. Well, I'm trying to get my husband this piggyback he keeps talking about. He keeps referring to ECU and piggyback, and I wanted to know if there's a difference and any recommendations you have. Would love some info quick! His birthday is coming up.
  15. GTR Virgin


    Wanted to Buy R32 Stock Rims Wanted to buy, set of stock R32 GTR rims . Prefer good condition with no gutter rash if possible. Please PM me or ring Rob on 0428 350 186. Thanks Rob.
  16. R32 Skyline Commercials So i was digging around on youtube and came across a few old (read: 1989) commercials for the, then new, r32. Theres a few filmed in Japan but theres a few that seem to have been filmed in a desert with some serious mountains in the background. It looks strikingly like California, minus the space themed skybox. Theres even a commercial thats introduced by a "John Dachner" who apparently directed the SFX for the commercial? He seems to be American or possibly Canadian. I was wondering if anyone here has any information about all this? I realize its a bit of a longshot but im curious. It would be kind of neat if the commercials were shot in Cali all those years ago and an R32 in fact did make it here even if temporarily!
  17. WTB R32 Passenger side window switch Looking to get my hands on a working R32 window switch for the passenger side. Cheers.
  18. R32 Standard Cat back Exhaust Hi There For sale Is this original catback back exhaust off an r32. This was on my gtst but as far as im aware its the same as an r32 gtr catback exhaust. Price: $250 Condition: Good for age, has rust marks, dirt etc but no significant damage, dents or holes. heat shields in place. Im sure a good polish would see it come up quite nicely. Location: Brisbane Northside Cheers Ben
  19. sonoramicommando

    moving radiator back Hi all, I noticed there is around 45mm (give or take 5mm) gap between the back of the radiator and the fan and I'm wondering if I can pull back the radiator closer to the fan so I can have some room for intercooler pipes. Does anyone have ideas what effect that will have on 1) cooling efficiency and 2) whether there will be interference when the fan is spinning at max rev and 3) any other issues? It's an R32 GTS25 but I suppose the idea is the same for any car in general. Cheers
  20. Hard Brake Line Query R32 GTS-T Hi Everyone, I'm in the process of dismantling my old engine bay and transferring it over to my new shell, i've stumbled across this hard brake line that had nothing attached to the end of it. Please can someone enlighten me as to what its for? is it a to do with the HICAS system? I haven't traced where it goes underneath the car yet, however the car that it is on has had the hicas removed and an eliminator kit fitted if that is any help. First image shows the hard line - situated near the power steering pump on the passenger side of the engine bay, second and third pic show where the hard line goes. Cheers,
  21. R32 GTR Shuts off driving I'm having an issue with my '89 R32 GTR. Twice now it has shut off completely while driving and after about 25 or 30 minutes it will finally start up again. This has happened after taking a hard pull and then coasting with the clutch pushed in. After pushing in the clutch the rpms blip a thousand or so and then go down to normal and then a mile or so down the road the car just shuts off. I can continually try to start the car and it will try to turn over but won't start until about 25 or 30 minutes later it will just start up. After it happens the car drives normal and reaches full boost and full power no problem. It was about a week or so between the 2 issues. Originally I thought it was an issue with the alternator which was found to be bad, so that was replaced with an upgraded Nissan Quest unit. Even with the boost turned all the way down on the ebc, it will fluctuate between 19psi and about 21psi. Is that normal to not have a dead on reading all the time? It was at 20.8 psi when it shut off the last time. It is frustrating because I was doing hard pulls earlier and had no issues. I had done hard pulls in the week or so between the 2 instances and didn't have a problem. If anyone have any suggestions I'd appreciate it. Car has: HKS GTIII SS turbos Tomei Expreme Outlet Pipe HKS Front Pipe R33 Catalytic Converter HKS Silent Hi-Power Exhaust Apexi Power Intake Kit Nismo Fuel Pump with rewire Injector Dynamics 725cc Injectors R34 Coilpacks and conversion on Wiring Specialties harness to remove Ignition Module Link ECU using built in map sensor with mafs disabled, o2 sensor removed and tuned for wideband HKS Vcam HKS 264 Exhaust Camshaft Greddy Profec B EBC
  22. haltech platinum pro rotational idle switch hey guys i have a haltech platinum pro plugin on my gtr and im going to wire up a switch for rot idle on/off i have the pinout and have used avi 3( pin 10 black aux plug) (analogue input) and pin 9 +5v i turned it on in ecu on haltech software but it doesnt work when i supply 5v to the avi3 input . i have set turn on 5volts and turn off 0 volts, do i need something extra to activate it ie, another aux input box ?
  23. New to the #nissangang from Washington! Couple ?'s Hello all, the names Mike! im taking the plunge and having a fresh, 46xxx mile '92 gts25 sedan brought over seas for me. Theres a few things id like to have clarified as I've done a fair bit of searching and either find vague answers, deleted posts, or opposing answers. First off, the rb25 and re5r that is coming in my car, same engine trans as the r33 or an earlier rendition of the two? is it possible to do a simple r33 lsd swap into the 32 assuming the trans is the same? I've also come across a couple threads of some seriously modified auto's to handle massive power. Will a stock trans with an upgraded converter hold on to 300 or so whp? What does everyone do about tuning when having an auto? I assume in these the ecu/TCU are one unit? Guessing that kills the possibility of using a haltech or some standalone? last Q! Yes or no, the gtr front bumper fits right up? I've seen both yes and no answers. Some say you need the fenders others say it fits right on the gts.
  24. R32 GTR Stock Dyno Curve Are there dyno curves available for stock R32 GTR? I am curious what stock setup makes at 4000 and 5000 rpm, or even at 3000 rpm if that's possible.
  25. R32 Gtr Has Constant AWD Hi guys, 4WD light is on but my car is constantly awd, I pulled out both awd fuses and it was still sending power to the front wheels, (I had the car on a hoist). I have found that the awd bleeder connector in the driver side kick panel is there but there is no plug or wires coming from the boot into it. There is also a small loom cut before the pump in the boot. I noticed when the car was on the hoist on the front right wheel was spinning the same speed as the rears but the front left was stopped. Also when I took the car around the shop it would shutter when turning and if you accelerated a little and backed off it would clunk harshly. Any ideas?