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Found 10 results

  1. Okay guys, so originally I was planning on putting an NA Barra into my R33. However,my dad has a 1jz gte lying around in the garage with pretty much everything there for it, including the r154 gearbox. Im pretty interested in buying it off him and putting it into the R33, but the problem is that I’m just getting onto my P plates haha. I was wondering if there would be any problems taking this from a TT motor to an NA. I know there are a few oil drains including the one on the block and the sump which are for the turbo and would need to be blocked, but also some other things I wouldn’t really know about hahaWiring and the fabrication stuff is not really a problem, because I know people who can do that for me. I know it does seem odd, but I was just wondering if anyone has something to add or give me any tips or share some insightful knowledge. thanks guys.
  2. Hi guys, im currently living out of Aus for a few years and would like to pick up a cheap car for daily driving and fun cruising on the weekend. I have average experience with cars and do alot of reading on specs/stats etc. I would like to know some pros and cons from users here in regards to buying a 2nd hand cefiro with one of these turbo engines. Im a big fan of these 3 engines and there is a large supply of cefiros for sale with these engines available in them. Now obviously it depends how good the work has been done on the car, but for now i would like to be able to narrow my search on them. It will most likely be personal preference of which engine, but in regards for maintenance etc and less issues of modified engines i have heard the 1jz is quite reliable. Rb25 would be great, and the 2jz has always made me cream myself as a youngster watching my first mkiv supra fly by...... If anyone has experience in these engines in a conversion point of view, especially in a cefiro could you please let me know. I would be driving manual. A few of them have had LPG conversions too.....im not too fond of the idea and i have done some googling on LPG tubo cars, but could i get some light shed on the idea of LPG in a turbo car. The reason for buying a cefiro is because years ago they were a bigger import here and anything such as a skyline, or silvia/s14/180sx are a few thousand $ more than the cefiros that have had some slight work........hence the choice of the A31. I have drivin in some old soarers and a chaser. Ive never drivin a rb25det. They are all fun to ride in but now that im looking at 1 chasis and have to choose which engine its quite difficult! I enjoy my cars and im not too biased about them. Dont be upset or biased about a nissan running a toyota engine please!! Just give me your thoughts from a tuners POV. Thanks heaps! Any help will be much appreciated.
  3. Hey, 2000 Toyota Mark II IRV GRANDE AUTO 71,000km Full leather interior in black Factory cruise control Factory sunroof Factory floor mats, boot mats and boot storage bin Digital climate control and factory touch screen JIC Coilovers suspension 34 GTR 18 inch rims Fujitsibo Legalis R cat back exhaust system Blitz metal intake with deflector Premium horns upgrade Car also come with Blitz boost guage, felt non smokers ash tray insert, stereo surround to mount singe/double din head unit. Car is in fantastic condition and drives like new. Coilovers are quite soft and very nice to drive with. Recently serviced with Mobil 1 oils. Car is registered in Victoria and can be supplied with RWC. Asking $22,000 ono.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a new member and I currently have a S14 zenki project car with a 1JZ swap using a conversion kit to a TR6060 (T56 type) transmission. I'm towards the end of the project just with a few things I'm stuck on, I'm here to look for some solutions and post some questions that I'm having trouble with. The end goal will be 500whp on E85 with a focus on an all-rounder car, at the moment I only have the standard skyline brakes upgrade so that will be upped in the future, it's got BCracing coilovers and all rear arms done, 18x9.5 concept concave rims with Hankook 255/35/18 rubber square stanced. The main engine mods are BC racing 264 cams, steel head gasket and ARP studs, then single turbo conversion to a GTX3582r at about a 0.69 a/r for good response. Fuel is on a upgraded sard top feed rail, with 1000cc bosch injectors and a walbro 455, this is going to be the limiting factor for making power off E85 so might have to see some upgrades here. The work still to do is workout how to fit an off the shelf shifter that fits in the car, or to go custom, then to have custom intercooler piping, exhaust, and recirculating valve installed, and finally to have all wiring and tuning done at the end. The car is currently unregistered so I'm going to have everything engineered and to the law. Any suggestions or help along the way would be greatly appreciated, Cheers guys.
  5. Hi All. For sale is my Eaton M62 Roots Supercharger, with electronic clutch. Off a Mercedes CLK 230 Kompressor. (A 2.3L 4 cyl i think...) I bought it originally to do my R31 wagon RB30 project. But budget constraints and more off the shelf performance have changed my mind. I have had the inlet and outlets on the supercharger properly fitted up from the square outlet to a neatly welded alloy pipe on either end, because I was going to side mount. I believe the pipe is 2.25 or 2.5". These blowers are hard to find. This blower has also been serviced previously to me buying it, so it has new oil and bearings, and no slop or play in the pulley, and I have never had it on the car. It also has a custom mounting plate on it also. It is low kms aas you will see from the rotors pics below. This is ideal for a twin charge setup, because you can plug the clutch into your auxilary output on an ECU to cut the blower out when your turbo kicks in, so you have boost from go to woe. Or if you want to just run a supercharger (was my plan on the dirty 30), Eaton rates these blowers from 2-4L applications, though they are best suited to 3L and below singly and you can switch it on and off whenever, handy for cops etc. If you wanna drive around N/A, sweet, you want some extra boost at the lights, you flick it on These are hard to get, because they only come out in the mercs. They flow a lot better and lot more efficiently than the SC12s/SC14s and are a more compact unit than the M90s. Can post anywhere in Aus at buyers expense. Comes with mounting plate, piping on inlets and outlets with gaskets, spare stainless flanges. Current piping can also be cut down and modified to fit other ways. Blower can also be mounted any way, eg. upside down, sideways etc. Asking $800 ONO , make an offer because i've already got my turbo. thanks guys Simon 0407162720 Located in South East QLD Pics here: http://imgur.com/a/8Z6Dr#0 Pics of Rotors: http://i.imgur.com/U3tWR.jpg http://i.imgur.com/3pvYe.jpg and video:
  6. Castlemaine Rod Shop t56 gearbox conversion and t56 info Hey im currently doing a t56 conversion and was looking to use a castlemaine rod shop conversion. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them and their quality of bellhousing as of recent. Ive read a few good and bad reviews from the past years so wondering if anyone has any first hand info and if anyone has used a mantic clutch?? This is all going behind a 1jz (close enough to an rb) in my s13 drift car looking to make 600hp. Also wondering if anyone can give me any more info on my t56, its a 2009 ve SS box but missing a shifter and there is too many t56 im unsure which shifter and accessories I need but I need the shifter 200mm back from the current location. I chose to ask here (although not expecting much knowledge of this) because ive been a member here forever and didnt want to go sign up to holden forums if someone here could possibly help!
  7. Selling my spare 1JZ i bought for my track car, i ended up buying another full donor car which had a 1j so this is not just taking up space! Almost full 1JZ, came from an auto car (still has the converter attached), only missing a ps pump which can be easily bought and standard exhaust manifold (both ct12a turbo's come with the engine), full uncut wiring loom included, and it is also sitting on a jza70 crossmember which will be included in the sale. I've had a peek at the cams to ensure there was no sludge, had 112,xxxkm's on the car it came from. BYO engine crane Cheers Ken PS: Located in Burnside, VIC 3023, willing to ship via e-go on a pallet, buyer pay's freight, and ill do my best to get a pallet and borrow an engine crane
  8. Hey guys, not my first car but probably my first keeper. Had many cars before and lost my license because of them but I think this one is my keeper and sleeper hehe. stock non vvti 1jzgte with a w58 box
  9. Been a long time lurker here but just joined recently just to get some thoughts & opinions. So I'm currently in a long-standing dilemma, whether should I build an r32 with a jzx90 1jzgte or just get a toyota jzx100 chaser which has a newer engine. Main purpose will be a reliable daily and will have occasional track/drift days. If you had the time and money, what would you rather pick between the 2? Also has anyone done an r32 1jz here? What are your thoughts?
  10. Seller Details Name: David Location: Melbourne Phone: PM me Item Details stock JZX100 turbo 109 xxx km no oil leaks, doesn't blow smoke, no chipped blades, very minimal shaft play etc - perfect working order! hi flowed it can handle 270kw $300 ONO and pick up
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