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Found 35 results

  1. Used Apexi PFC with hand controller to suit R33gtr or Stagea 260rs, $600. Pick up Sth East Melb or can arrange postage. Cheers
  2. Hi all I have a great condition R33 gtr airbox, competed (box and snorkle) forsales, Sth East Melb pick up preferred. $350 is what i'm asking for, exactly what i paid for. Thanks
  3. Apexi N1 stainless steel catback exhaust built for R32 GTR but has had one section added to fit my 260rs Stagea. 3 inch exhaust in good condition but sits a little low for my liking. A few minor scrapes. Rear cannon in great condition, always polished. Would suit 260rs or 32/33 GTR with minor modifications. May suit other stageas with some modification. $350 pickup in southern suburbs of Adelaide. Price negotiable for a quick sale.
  4. Hey guys, I've been looking seriously at purchasing a C34 Nissan Stagea for the past few months. I've researched all the information and old threads I could find, but I'm still hoping to get some knowledge and experiences here. I've always had a soft spot for Nissan's, and I'm getting a bit tired of my VE SS. I also play drums, and loading and unloading my current car is becoming a bit of an issue; so the Stagea, so far seems to be ticking all of the boxes I live out in the country, and hence would like to get as much info as I can before travelling to have a look at any for sale. I'm particularly interested in the 260rs. My budget is 25k which I'm hoping will get me a pretty neat example (when the right one comes up for sale).I'm very interested to hear people's experiences with these cars and the advantages/disadvantages of this model, as well as anything particular to watch out for when looking at potential purchases. Also wondering if going the import route would be feasible? I've been looking at a few past sales and a grade 4 car could be imported and complied within my budget. But the idea of it makes me a little nervous to be honest. Lastly, I've read mixed opinions regarding the legroom in these cars; I'm 6'4" and I'm worried that I might not even fit behind the wheel. Looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say! Thanks
  5. Regretfully selling GTRWGN Nissan Stagea 260RS. This is one of the toughest and cleanest 260RS Stageas in Australia. I no longer have the time for it and therefore it sits in the garage far too much. Lucky to drive it 8 or 9 times a year! $30,000 spent on engine alone with receipts! Technically …you’re getting the stagea for free! It's running a Powertune built RB28DETT Tomei Stroker. This engine can make over 500bhp (372kw) at all 4 wheels. Currently making 460bhp (342kw) on 20psi of boost at all 4 wheels with 491nm of torque. The engine configuration is extremely drivable. The setup allows for instant grunt as soon as you put your foot down with no turbo lag what so ever! This car never fails to put a smile on my face when I am behind the wheel. It turns heads on nearly every single person it passes and the exhaust sounds absolutely amazing! Has a nice lumpy idle due to the HKS stage 2 Camshafts. The Stagea has 101,000km on the odometer. The engine has not done 10,000km since rebuild. Nor has it seen a race track. The interior is in immaculate condition. List of modifications: N1 GTR engine. Tomei RB Stroker Kit. Tomei 86.5mm Piston Kit w/ Titanium Coated Top Rings. Tomei Forged Counter-Weight Stroker Crankshaft. Tomei Forged H-Beam Conrods. ARP Main Stud Kit. ARP Head Stud Kit. ACL Race Engine Bearings. Tomei Head Gasket. Power Enterprise Super Kevlar II Timing Belt. Nissan N1 Oil Pump. Nismo Low Temp Thermostat. Garrett GT2860R -5 Turbocharger 0.64A/R. Tomei Dump Pipe Kit. Supertech Single Spring & Retainer Kit. HKS Step 2 Camshaft 272 10.2mm. Bosch 1250cc Injector. Walbro 450LPH E85 In-Tank Fuel Pump. Hardrace Engine Mount Kit. Turbosmart Kompact Plumb Back BOV. Huge intercooler. Nismo Solid short shifter. Greddy Fuel rail. Greddy Radiator. Greddy Hard piping kit. K&N Pod filters. Exedy Triple plate clutch. Coil overs. Rear strut brace. Slotted and dimpled discs. 8 point roll cage. Factory Momo steering wheel. Defi Gauges with dash mount. 4.5 inch exhaust. 100 cell cat converter. Volk TE37 wheels with near new tyres. Boot mat. Standard air intake and a quiet rear muffler. 2x new tyres. Never used. 1 complete 260RS body kit plus another 260RS front spoiler $35,000. Price is negotiable. Car is located near Newcastle NSW. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information!
  6. Hey guys, I joined the Stagea life back in Februrary (although ive been looking for one since mid last year) and recently came across the Fujima 260rs dolphin models. Although its not quite the same as my Stagea, its the closest ill get as I havent seen any s2 stagea models.... Mine is a s2 RS4-S with a 260rs front bumper, dolphin skirts, and a dolphin rear bumper, and a DAYZ wing. Anyone still have one of these laying around by chance? Ideally one that hasnt been built, but would consider a built one. Would need to be shipped to me over in Canada land! Thanks,
  7. I have a seat of clean autech 260rs front seats I'd like to sell but aren't sure what they're worth. Not looking to fetch premium, just the fair market value so I can buy bride seat rails. please move if it's the wrong section.
  8. 260RS Diff Noise? Hi All, I need some assistance, recently I noticed my diff starting to make some whining noise, not sure which one but I was wondering what is the cost involve to repair and does anyone have any recommendations in Sydney? Would really like to sort this out as soon as possible as its starting to annoy me when I do drive the thing. Thank you in advance!
  9. Rb26 intermittent miss, runs a bit off. Sarted after driving in heavy rain. Hey everyone. Im a bit stumped and perplexed at this point. I have a 99 stagea 260rs. It has an apexi power fc, other wise stock engine. Anyways i went with a friend to go look at a cheap Delica an hour away on the weekend, on the drive back it was a nasty downpour. I noticed when i took over driving the engine sounded a bit off at idle when i stopped to switch seats with my friend. Got home and when holding the revs at 2-3k rpms a noticeable intermittent miss occurs. At idle the car sounds off, almost more of a honda sound with a rice can, same as revving under load it has a riced out honda sound (as funny as that sounds). This all happened after driving in really heavy rain for over an hour. It's also revving just bit higher as well. I noticed the commander will say 900 rpms for current revs while the tach reads about 1050. It sounds like a bit faster idle as well Only 2ks ago i put in new plugs ngk bcpr7eix, and put on super spark coil packs when i got the car. I was thinking a plugin or coil pack got wet. After the rain i have gone and pulled any plug i could find including the ignitor, and dryed with compressed air then applied dielectric grease to each plug as well. No difference. I pulled all the coilpacks and even pulled a plug. I bought new coppers to run, but after pulling the new irdium plugs i decide dto keep them in there as no evidence of of foul plugs was present. The plug looked in great shape and no coil packs or plugs were wet. I installed my old set of stock coilpacks and no difference either. I can hear a noticeable miss from each cylinder when i pull each coil pack plug as well so its not one individual/constant miss. I have a friend with a spare igniter that i am going to try as well. I'm not really sure what next to do. I also checked the wiring but didnt seem to notice anything change while checking the ignition harness and plugins. I was thinking fuel but i dont think so as im not getting a knock but it could be fuel im not sure. The fuel filter is fresh as well but i can change that too. When i was going through the apexi fc commander i noticed that the second O2 sensor is sending no voltage or 0.04V so im guessing that's gone. I don't know if that would cause the miss tho. There is an aftermarket grounding kit that goes to the ignitor as well. I had to put on larger north american terminals and can't get the greatest contact but after adjusting he grounding kit there was no difference. Any ideas would be appreciated. I'm a bit stumped and i was considering selling my stagea then this develops. Thanks!
  10. Stagea 260RS Autech Version Reluctantly up for sale is our 1998 Nissan Stagea Autech 260RS, boasting a factory fitted RB26DETT, R33 GTR gearbox, Brembo brakes and Autech bodykit. Nissan did not spare a cent on these and it shows! The fit-out and quality is second to none. We were the first owners of this car in Australia and have owned it for the last 9 years. It has always been garaged. We are only selling it because I have purchased an R32 GTR which must be garaged and the Stagea is too good to park on the driveway. My wife and I have been struggling to part with this car since the GTR arrived. This thing handles and drives like new and gives a big smile when you hit a twisty road. GTR performance with wagon practicality. It is just at home on the race track as it is on a long distance camping trip. It has the following quality modifications: • 3.5” Fujitsubo stainless exhaust with Apexi front pipes, • Vipec ECU tuned by Godzilla Motorsport with a mild 13psi of boost • Innovate Motorsports wideband O2 sensor • DBA slotted brake rotors • Whiteline rear swaybar • Eclipse stereo with Bluetooth and iPod connectivity. • Autowatch car alarm professionally installed • Additionally it came from Japan with Stagea series 2 tail lights and a series 2 Momo steering wheel (same as series 3 R33 GTR) which is quite rare and in great condition During the past 9 years it has been meticulously looked after. I have full service records for the whole time we have owned it. A year ago I did the second 100,000 km service. The car only had 157,000km on it at the time, but I needed to replace the radiator and decided to do a full service while I was at it. This Stagea will give years of hassle-free driving. In the past year the following maintenance has been done: • 100,000km service done 5000km ago • Brand new Bridgestone RE003 tyres • Brand new DBA cross drilled brake rotors with QFM pads • Koyo radiator • Starter motor • Replaced all fluids It has never seen a racetrack and has been looked after. The fact that it still has the factory clutch is a testament to this. She currently has 162,000 km on the clock, but is in fantastic condition. The photos speak for them themselves. You won’t find much better.
  11. Opinions Since i'm fairly indecisive and not sure which way i want to go, i was after you opinions on what i should do, the car would be used occasionally for track and drag work. I'm going to be selling of a few projects and cars that i have so i can focus on just one (having too many really is a pain in the arse) My thoughts are: I have invested time and money into the GTS-T so i might as well continue on that and have a solidly built car. GTR would be an investment of sorts, alot of fun, and the ultimate R33 I have had a massive love of wagons and the 260RS combines the best of the GTR and wagon body
  12. 260Rs front suspension removal - help! Hi all, I need your help, just removing my standard 260rs suspension to MCAS and have bumped into a dead-end, the rears are done but I am having issues with the front, all bolts are removed however on the bottom I have what looks like a cover, I can't remove it. I've removed the nut on the bottom but can not see the other side. Please see picture attached. any help please? Thanks David
  13. Hello everyone! Introduction and help request Hi All, hope you are well! Just getting back into the car scene, have been out of it for quite some time due to family commitments! Previously owned a BNR32, BCNR33 and BNR34. After getting permission from the missus I am now back in the RB world, got myself a S2 Stagea 260RS. Fun cars, feels like a sport car until you look to the back. Quick question for you guys, I have already bought myself some MCA coilovers with 10kg (F) and 5kg (R) as it will be my daily with a odd spirited driving (if i get the chance). Is there any other upgrades you would suggest? As mentioned, I have been so out of the car scene and feel kind of lost with all these new techs. Also, sounds like I have a whining diff, what do you recommend? What is out there for the Stagea? What is interchangeable between the skyline and stagea? Thank you so much!
  14. (LOCATED MELBOURNE, VICTORIA) Hey Guys, As I'm a bit time pressured I've decided to throw out some feelers to see if there is anything that I can purchase. Here is everything out on the table. - I'm looking to spend around $10,000. - I want a manual version (so an Autech 260rs or a RS4s, OR a converted version), no autos unless meeting criteria below. - Preferably looking for a clean version (ie minimal dings and complete interior), mods are fine, suspension mods/alarm/rear camera is a plus. - Need it to be easily registered, so a RWC or minimal needed for RWC is a plus. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - I'm trying out anything to get my ultimate goal (A manual 300wkw+ daily stag), so I'm happy to buy any sort of C34 Stagea, then I'll be happy to swap my HSV 2008 R8 Clubsport E1 (LS3 6.2 litre manual) wreck (Rear quarter panel damage which damaged the chassis, total loss, however there isn't any driveline damage aside from possibly the right rear quarter wheel and hubs) for a built RB26 and trans to swap into the stag. - Also happy to sell the HSV Wreck (Currently priced at 13k, the whole thing runs, just can't register it without extensive repairs, perfect to do a crazy LS swap, and the brakes and trans are great). - Details on the wreck - HSV Clubsport R8 E1 2008, Manual, LS3 6.2l, Dark Grey. - 11X,XXX kms - Full service history, engine doesn't miss a beat, transmission shifts great - The car is currently getting assessed (2nd May is the date), so I kind of want to get it gone asap, I will be able to get better pictures on that date if people want them. - Contact me on 0433 763 559, texts are preferred as I work 12 hour shifts, however I will also answer pms . Cheers, Aidan
  15. I have a Momo steering wheel with airbag from a Series 2 260RS for sale. Leather is perfect with absolutely no blemishes. I've seen this style of wheel on some R33 GTR's. This pic is for illustration purposes only. I'll upload pics of actual item tonight. $300. postage extra
  16. The car has developed a long flowing constant harmonic drivetrain noise. It is road speed dependant and independent of throttle input (clutch in still makes the noise). The period of the noise is about 1-2 seconds at 60kph cruise. I have an idea of what I think it is but wanted to get peoples unbiased opinions before I put ideas in your head and cloud judgement. Car has done 180,000kms. The noise was intermittent but is now constant.
  17. Hey guys, i'm a bit torn. I'm looking for a RB26DETT car for my next ride and i'm stuck between R33 GTR and a Stagea 260RS. This is going to be my DAILY and it will have to run a 11 second quarter mile They use the same engine, most of the same components, both AWD and same power etc. I was going to go for the R33 for the weight but I found out it's actually not that much of a difference(about 200kg I think). I like that the stagea is very unique and uncommon (sleeper) but the GTR has a sportier look and feel. Now i understand this is completely personal choice but I wanna see what you guys think! All opinions and thoughts would be appreciated Here's the link for the poll. fire away! http://strawpoll.me/3564871
  18. Hi all, I have a set of 260RS door handles and interior trim, asking $50 (they cost me more than that). Turns out they don't fit series 2, but should fit series 1 I am assuming...? PM or reply here... cheers DaveB
  19. Hi all, Does anybody know whether the 260RS/S1 and series 2 C34 share the same interior door handles? My driver's door handle is broken (just the plastic surround broke off) and I can't find any series 2 ones for sale on the Yahoo Japan auctions, but there are a couple of sets of series 1 260RS going cheap(ish). cheers DaveB
  20. I have had the car for 10 years this year and was one of the first stageas in western Australia, 260rs were not even available at that point. I owned it for 2 weeks and put in a rb26 and manual conversion from my previous car. The rb26 ended up getting modified abit too much and got defected and I put this more streetable engine combo (with very very responsive turbo) in and have only used it on rare occasions due to having a work car and buying a house and therefore only doing 5500km in the past 3 years since the motor was built. I have all receipts for the engine build and photos etc. the engine is a built rb26/30 (5500km since build) with gt3076r turbo, autronic, brembos, bilsteins, full gtr driveline (gtr diff, axles, gearbox, etc) plus heaps and heaps of mods... full engineering permits for engine conversion, and mods. currently making around 350awhp with potential for much more! mods: rb30 rebuilt bottom end king bearings endurotec 86.5mm pistons hastings rings Proengines 4wd sump adaptor gtr 4wd sump setup rb26 head & plenum setup freshened up with new valve stem seals, redone valves, shims setup, deck etc hks drag 1.2mm metal head gasket hks drag metal intake and exhuast gaskets gt3076r turbo custom steam pipe manifold hks 50mm wastegate 3' dump pipe and exhuast with magnaflow muffler and an apexi centre muffler K&N pod filter custom alloy cooler piping and intake pipe custom metal oil and water lines jun adjustable cam gears gtr 5 speed manual box extreme single plate clutch 32 gtr diff and axles 32 gtr rear brakes 34 gtr brembo front brakes dba 5000 alloy hat front slotted rotors custom adr approved braided brake lines r33 handbrake 4.11 front and rear diff ratios autronic smc ecu eboost 2 defi 3 din gauge setup whiteline springs all round bilstein shocks all round all noluthane bushes throughout front and rear arc front swaybar whiteline rear swaybar adjustable camber bushes r33 gtr wheels and near new tyres dayz rear bumper lip nismo copy sideskirts over 20k+ in mods alone very very well build and all round modified car, faster than gtr's and can carry 5 people in comfort. Car has only drivin 5500km in 3 years and 15 000km since 2004. previously featured in high performance imports magazine (with different engine combo). Car is in good condition overall. full gtr driveline in a wagon. can also supply stock twin turbo setup with pipework, lines and 3' exhuast dumps etc with mines twin pipes incase someone wants to stick upgraded twins on it for the stock look (last pic is engine with stock turbos on it) looks standard and with upgraded twins can make over 400awhp and cops wont be able to tell its modified) no timewasters please! car is in Perth. NOTE: does not come with nismo wheels in one of the pics (comes with r33 gtr wheels) $17k ono
  21. i was browsing the internet and i found this Nismo version of the 260rs and i was wondering if anyone knows if they ever went through with developing afew of the Nismo edition and selling them to the public as i cant really find any information on them also i cannot find good pictures or videos of them these are the old photos i found if you do find any good photos or videos link me or post below cheers
  22. Hi guys, Selling a standard intercooler, that came off a 260RS Autech RB26 Stagea. I've been told they are a R34 GTR item, but happy for someone else to confirm. Reason for selling is that I'm going a different path with intercooler type, so this is no longer needed. Came off a 2001 Stagea 260RS Autech. Pickup from Seaforth, NSW, 2092, or Neutral Bay NSW 2089 during the day. You can contact me on (zero four zero one two zero two five zero nine) or at showusyourtints (at) gmail (dot) com or PM here. Pics: Cheers, Shazza
  23. just having a look for stagea parts and came across this on Boostcruising, they have it listed as a rs4 but it's an autech and under 15k regards http://www.boostclassifieds.com.au/advert/2310575-1997-Nissan-Stagea-RS4-WC34-for-Sale.html#sellerdetails
  24. wanting to buy a nissan stagea 260rs victoria please pm me if you have one to sell
  25. Hey my fellow SAU'ers I am having an IDLE problem with my Stagea 260RS S1 that has RB26DETT on it. The idle goes up and down and not stable between 1500rpm down to 200rpm and sometimes stalls especially when called. We have checked the AAC valve.. and cleaned it aswell. I have read somewhere that TPS can be another issues and need to check the voltage, I have a datascan but I dunno what values i should be looking at. We have tried swapping Air Flow Meters with my mates RB26 R34 which doesnt have any idle issue and plug it in to my Rb26 and it still doing the same behaviour. But what myself and my mate notice is, when we pull out the plug out of the water temp sensor that goes to the ECU and the idle started to be stable around 800-1000rpm range.. But ones plug back in.. the idle goes up and down again. We have tried swapping the water temp sensor with the R34 one, idle still the same, going up and down.. but we notice the part number is different on this RB26 water temp sensor compare to mine. Is there anyone can give me information and point me to the right direction what else should I test and check? Would be much appreciated!! Cheers Sau'ers
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