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Found 61 results

  1. Something I've been meaning to ask for a while - I have deleted HICAS via a GKTech lock bar and ages back I bought a TOG (standard ebay type) hicas delete kit which is still sitting in its box in the garage. The kit looks solid but a few things I don't see as beneficial - first of all the toe arms are the same as your camber/traction arms, as in you turn the middle section and it shortens/lengthens from both ends at once, and is a fairly coarse thread. The stock tie rods are a finer thread, and will give a much more precise adjustment turn for turn than the delete kit arms. Also on the hub end, the stock ball joints appear to maintain a better angle during up/down movement > less bump steer, with the ball joint pin allowing sideway deflection while still being " fixed"...and replacing with a poly bush bolted to the toe-arm will turn the hub more, aka inducing bump steer. What's the arguments to the benefit of going with the delete kit, apart from it being a more solid setup?
  2. Hey guys I've checked a bunch of forums and haven't found a problem similar to mine. I am driving a 94 gtr r32 and am having some hicas issues. My particular issue is when I connect my consult cable and hook it up to my computer (it doesnt matter what software I use) my hicas light comes on and my power steering gets heavy. I noticed the actual change for the power steering occurs when the solenoid drops from 1.05 when I normally drive to 0.25 using nissan datascan to monitor. When this occurs I believe it stops the possibility of 4 wheel steering occurring as the hicas solenoid stayed on 0. I have run hicas diagnostics without using consult and I get error 5, faulty speed sensor. I am currently in the middle of sorting that out. When I check the self diagnostics through datascan, I get no codes which makes me question datascan a little. My fluid levels are optimal in the front and back. I get no error codes in the ecu either. My g force sensor isnt broken. I believe my car uses the super hicas in the late model r32's Anyone have any tips? I would like to keep hicas. Cheers!
  3. Wanted: R32 GTS-T hicas system I need the front solenoid, cut off valve, and all the hydraulic lines. Will need to be posted to Tasmania Price: ?
  4. Hi All, I’ve done a search and couldn’t find anything on this specific topic. On startup I have this weird buzzing sound from the rear of the car which goes away in about 10 seconds. It’s definitely not the fuel pump. Sounds like something 4WD or HICAS related pressurising? It can be heard intermittently for about 2 seconds every 30 seconds or so after the first “prime”. Is it a normal V-Spec thing, or am I losing pressure somewhere? Hope someone can shine some light on this. Thanks!
  5. Hi! Has anyone tried replacing the hicas computer between a r33 gtr and r33 gtst before and knows if this works? Gtst art: 2850519U10 Gtr art: 2850524U10 The reason for this is that my powersteering goes heavy from time to time, and recently stoped working fully. I did try to fix my old unit without succes. (gtst) I now have a second hand hicasbox from a R33 gtr. The units look exactly the same on the outside with identical pin connections, but Inside it looks alot diffirent! For example, In the gtst box there are 2 circuit boards, in the gtr it's only 1 etc..😅 I'm just want to retain the powersteering function! as my Hicas steering is removed.
  6. Hi people, I'm looking for an r33 gtr hicas wiring harness/ plugs and hicas motor relay to do an electronic hicas conversion on my r32 gtr. I have tried all of the skyline/jap spares and wreckers I could find and haven't had any luck, if anyone on here knows where I might be able to get one or has one, it would make the project a lot easier and make it a lot neater. I have everything else ( r33 gtr hicas ECU, yaw sensor, rack assembly, clock spring and a good set of wiring diagrams which I have already cross referenced to the r32 diagram to make it work). Any info or help would be appreciated. Thanks 😁
  7. Hi, I'm Ben and I am currently working my R32 GTR ( never ending life choice) and I have decided to upgrade the hicas system with the electronic super hicas from the R33 GTR. I have all the parts except for the hicas motor relay and the wiring harness/plugs. I know alot of people lock the hicas system out and I'm hoping someone on here has the couple of bits I need laying around that they could sell me as it would save me alot of hours in making/wiring everything from scratch. Cheers.
  8. Hi, I'm new to the sau community and hope someone on here can help. I have an R32 GTR that I am swapping the hydraulic hicas system for the electronic hicas system out of an R33 GTR. I have the hicas ECU and rack assembly but I was unable to get the wiring harness/plugs and hicas motor relay and am in need of these parts to make it easier to integrate. Hoping someone on here has the bits or might know where to get them. I haven't found any info on anyone else doing this swap but if anyone has info on it or any tips it would be appreciated. Thanks,
  9. Replaced two of my power steering lines between the reservioir and chucked a seal kit in the PS pump. Now I have no Power Steering. The Hicas diagnosis comes up as Error 22 - Steering angle sensor. My question is, is the Steering angle sensor the clock spring? My car is a series 2 r33 GTST with no modifications to the steering system. I still have Hicas and the stock steering wheel.
  10. Hi There For sale is a r34 gtt front brake kit and r34 gtt Hicas steering rack. The Brake Kit includes front calipers, pads with little use, and discs with only a slight lip, these are good to go as is. $300 The hicas steering rack is in working condition. $50 I am happy to post at buyers expense.
  11. So I’m new to this whole r32 thing and I’m sure this topic has been covered ten fold. Hours of research got me nowhere. But my situation is slightly different. I have a R32 GTS-t with an r33 rb25det swap. my issue is removing the hicas.. I have the R33 power steering pump that has one pressure line, yet I have that extra pressure line the R32 uses for the hicas pressure line that I’m trying to loop in to the power steering in order to maintain my power steering. I’ve deleted the Hicas pump from the frame rail, looped the cooler line and removed lines running all the way to the back. I’m just trying to now loop the second pressure line Into the power steering system. Would it be easier just to find the RB20 Gtst power steering pump with two pressure line fittings or is there something I’m missing and it’s a simple fix? as stated, super new to this please help!!!
  12. Hi new here from the US and lack knowledge on if there is a non hicas pump I can use for my RB20DET as I tried capping the 2nd port and removing the splines inside the pump and even welding it shut still leaking. I used the search on here all I could find was hicas delete kits for the rear of the vehicle not the pump I could be searching wrong. Any help would be appreciated or a specific part number for the pump I would need. Thank you in advance
  13. All items are located in SE Melbourne. But I do work in the city so happy to bring the item into work and meet up there. Otherwise happy to post at your expense. Best bet is to SMS me on 0402346691 and I'll reply when I can. Tomei Hicas Lock II kit (To suit BNR32 and other Nissans from the same era - please see link for full listing) Brand new (Opened only to inspect) - imported from Japan. Nobody likes HICAS hence why I bought the kit... but not something I'll be able to utilize effectively due to change in car plans. Contents as per link http://www.tomeiusa.com/_2003web-catalogue/e190_others_drivetrain.html "The Tomei HICAS lock eliminates both electrically and physically the HICAS system, making it possible to control rear suspension more directly. More direct driving feel Removes the HICAS system and warning lights Removes the uncertainty of suspension movement" COMPATIBILITY NOTES: Compatible only with the following Hicas model and vehicles: Model HICAS II: - KS13 Silvia - KRS13 180SX - HCC33 Laurel - CA31 Cefiro Model SUPER HICAS: - KSP13 Silvia - KRPS13 180SX - HCR32 Skyline GTS - BNR32 Skyline GT-R - (G)CZ32 Fairlady Z Before M/C (~93.3) - PBY32 Cedric/Gloria Model SUPER HICAS: - ECR33 Skyline GTS/GTS25t - BCNR33 Skyline GT-R - CS14 Silvia - (G)CZ32 Fairlady Z After M/C (93.9~) - HBY33 Cedric/Gloria - GCC34 Laurel Price - $70 firm
  14. All items are located in SE Melbourne. But I do work in the city so happy to bring the item into work and meet up there. Best bet is to SMS me on 0402346691 and I'll reply when I can. Tomei Hicas Lock II kit (To suit BNR32 and other Nissans from the same era - please see link for full listing) Brand new (Unopened) - imported from Japan. Nobody likes HICAS hence why I bought the kit... but not something I'll be able to utilize effectively due to change in car plans. Contents as per link http://www.tomeiusa.com/_2003web-catalogue/e190_others_drivetrain.html Price: $115 Nismo 320km/hr speedo cluster (Late model - blue circuit film backing) Purchased recently off another seller but have had to sadly change the plans for my car. Has 166k kms on the speedo. All tabs in good condition. This won't suit earlier model BNR32s. Would prefer pick up/Melbourne sale just to ensure safe carriage. Price: $320 HEL braided brake lines (To suit BNR32, brand new unopened) Brand new HEL braided brake lines. Change in car plans hence sale. Improve pedal feel and replace those aging rubber lines! (Please ignore Cusco arms in pic) Price: $140
  15. Hi All, I know all you guys usually remove your HICAS warning light from your cluster but that involves more effort. I have another quicker solution, and is 100% proven. On the HICAS ECU, there's a specific PIN for the dash warning light. All you need to do is snip it, easy as! How it connects up: ECU Schematics: So all you need to do it go cut PIN 15 on the HICAS ECU (larger one in the boot). PIN 15 is a GREEN WIRE with a WHITE STRIPE. You can locate it look at the backside of the harness, it's on the bottom row, 3rd pin from all the larger 4 wires. Bye bye HICAS light P.S. thanks http://www.theautomotiveindia.com for the images.
  16. GKtech Hicas Delete Hi i want to install the GKteck Hicas delete in my R34 however it does not come in a kit and I need to find my own polyurethane bushes to replace the Hicas ball joint that fits in the rear knuckle. Does anyone know where I can get the bushes required? I only want two not an entire kit. i have already tried GKtech they did not know, Whiteline and Redranger. you can see the bush (orange) in photo attached.
  17. Really cheap 5 Stud complete front Hub assembly incl bearings (off R33 GTST). ($15) + some other bits. $15 each for the front hub assembly Bearings were good when they came of car 1 year ago. Pickup Campeltown NSW. Pm with your number for pickup info Also have for sale hicas 4ws rack $30 Rear seat $10 Ac condenser $20 Headrest $10
  18. Hicas on r33 Hey guys just got lock bar fitted and steering still heavy if turn car off and restart.. Do I need to remove pin from hicas computer or cut wire.. Any help would be a huge help. Thanks
  19. <p>Hi,</p> <p>My 1994 R32 GT-R has two possibly related problems. After driving for about five minutes the power steering basically shuts down and the steering is heavy as if it has no assistance, at about the same time the HICAS light comes on.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>The power steering fluid level is normal as is the reservoir in the boot. My mechanic says the power steering pump is not showing any obvious signs of problems and the car is genuine low mileage and generally mechanically excellent.</p> <p> </p> <p>Any suggestions, before I take this to Nissan?</p> <p> </p> <p>Note that the steering returns to normal when you switch the car off and start again though I have not worked out how long it takes to "reset".</p>
  20. R32 GTR Hicas Eliminator Kit Hello all as i have sold off my R32 GTR i shall not be needing these anymore GKtech hicas eliminator 2x Inner tie rod ends 2x Outer tie rod ends 2x Outer tie rod end plastic protectors 2x Rack boots 4x Outer ball joints ( these press fit into your upright ) All parts are brand new and only selling as package deal parts are located in WA Asking price $500 ( receipts valued at close to $900 ) PM me or just call Robert 0423 549 665
  21. Wire identification near rear diff I recently replaced all the bushes in the rear subframe of my R32 GTR. When re-installing the subframe I found a wire that I couldn't identify - not sure where it plugs back into. In the pics it's the one I'm holding / is hanging down. Has a sort of red connector to it. Could it be an old HICAS wire? Where does it go!? Cheers
  22. R33 GTST HICAS problem Hi guys. I think my 33 is having the same issue as this one http://www.jdmr32.com/hicas-aftermarket-steering-wheel-error-light It will lose power steering after 10-15 minutes highway driving. I also confirmed that my current steering boss doesn't have hicas. I have ordered a boss kit with hicas (HKB on-177) from justjap. Now trying to read the steering angle from the consult port. However, it seems I am experiencing some ridiculous issued with consult interface. In Nissan DataScan free version, I can only read rpm and speed. There are a lot of other free functions but I cannot read. Dont know why. So I havent purchased a full version. ConZult-free works fine, but I find nowhere to buy its paid version. And it seems to be pretty expensive. ScanTech Nissan and TECU cannot connect. ECUTALK works fine but it doesnt have steering angle. So it is useless here. So, can anyone give me some suggestion now? I am in Mel. Can anyone help me? Or tell me a good and relatively cheap mechanic who knows skyline in Mel? I am sure glad to pay for that. Thanks guys. Michael
  23. HKB boss kit (what is this part?) Hi! I Just recieved my new Personal Neo Grinta steering wheel today and a HKB Hicas sports III non airbag hub (ON-177) to my Skyline r33 gtst series1. I think I have figured out were everything goes except for one thing. Can someone here tell me what this part is and where it goes? im referring to the small silver ring to the right in the picture. The bigger one to the left I believe is a horn adapter? I have googled for hours but didn't find anything about this smaller ring. So If anyone here have a indentical Boss kit or can tell me what it is i'll be happy. Thanks.
  24. GTR Steering Heavy With Consult Connected I have been having some problems with the power steering in my R32 GTR when a Consult device is connected since I imported it a year ago and I am finally trying to get it sorted out. I have searched the forum and found a few related topics, but so far nothing has been able to fix the issue so I figured I would start my own thread with the hope that someone can help. Unhooking the HICAS ECU and/or cutting the green wire on the smaller plug were both recommended fixes from other threads that did not help in my case. The issue is whenever I connect a device to the consult port the steering gets really heavy. I have tried various things with the HICAS ECU (since that was the typical culprit according to other threads) with no luck. Removing the HICAS ECU completely actually makes things worse, despite the fact that I have already removed the rest of the HICAS components (installed an eliminator kit a few months back). I did a number of drive tests last night to try to narrow down the exact circumstances and have it listed out below. Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. With NO Consult Device: HICAS ECU Stock - Steering Normal HICAS ECU Small Plug Removed - Steering Normal HICAS ECU Both Plugs Removed - Steering Immediately Heavy HICAS ECU Green Wire Cut - Steering Normal With Consult Device Connected: HICAS ECU Stock - Steering Heavy After 5-10 Minutes of Driving HICAS ECU Small Plug Removed - Steering Heavy After 5-10 Minutes of Driving HICAS ECU Both Plugs Removed - Steering Immediately Heavy HICAS ECU Green Wire Cut - Steering Heavy After 5-10 Minutes of Driving Edit: Additional information that might be helpful. The steering wheel appears to be stock, but when I have the consult device connected and check Data Scan it shows the HICAS sensor is way out of place. Although if that was the issue I would think I would always have a problem, instead of only having a problem when a consult device is connected.
  25. R33 GTST HICAS problems Hi guys. I got an issue with my 1994 s1 R33 GTST's hicas. If I drive over 80km/h the hicas light will be turned on, then I will randomly lose power steering on next start. It is becoming more and more often recently. I tried to enter hicas diagnose mode to see what is wrong. However, to my surprise, my r33 cannot enter diagnose mode. I followed this post but nothing happened. http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/22193-hicas-diagnostic/ Here is my guess. My boss kit seems to be a normal boss kit that does not come with hicas. So when the hicas system kicks in, it cannot detect the steering wheel. Then the hicas light is turned on and I got heavy steering. This guess can also explain why my R33 cannot enter diagnose mode, I think. Can anyone give me some idea? Will the boss kit cause this issue or something else? Btw does anyone know some cheap skyline specialist in Melbourne? I am not a native English speaker. So please do not mind my mistakes. Thanks guys.
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