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  1. Over two years of ownership I thought I'd make a build thread as i don't have enough procrastination in my life as it is. up until this car I hadn't owned a car more than 6 months before selling it due to being bored of it or finding something else. Originally bought this car back in November 2012 as a means for a quick profit. The plan being to fix the little problems, swap the wheels and sell it. However as with most thing in life it did not go to plan... This is how it was when i bought it coilovers with chopped springs 1/2 turbo converted lenso D1r 18x11.5 +12 with 235/40/18 Horrible interior missing parts. First thing to go was the enormous wheels which just were not to my taste and did not suit the car in my opinion. in the mean time i put the lenso on my trike haha Bought some old school work wheels for $70 to roll on while I sold the lensos and bought another set. also put some stock struts with lowered springs in. Swapped the lensos for a few sets of wheels and cash my way. Included in the swapped sets was a set of R32 GTR rims Due to the excessive guard rolling that had been required to “fit” the 18’s and the ill-fitting +30mm vented fiberglass guards the gtr wheels sat a fair way inside. which is kinda funny on 4 door here is where i will leave it for the first post and will steadily update to present day over the next weeks
  2. OK ladies and gents. I have been lucky enough to be allowed to borrow an original ADM R32 GTR rear number plate infill panel. I know many ADM R32 GTR owners are worried about what would happen if someone was to rear end their car (I pray it never happens), as Nissan have discontinued these along time ago. This could be your opportunity to grab one as a precautionary backup plan. I am currently in talks with a local wollongong company, with an outstanding reputation, to take a mold of it and produce some copies. I will be trialing fitment on my car with the first item to make sure it is 100% before any of this goes ahead. The first item should be done in about a 2 - 3 weeks. After that, time frame will be dependent on how many are ordered and is yet to be confirmed. On completion, all items would either be picked up from me or posted at your expense. Obviously the items will be in their raw form and will need to be prepped and painted (not the carbon, unless you want to), which will be up to you to organise after the fact. The picture shows what the infill panel behind the number plate looks like on the car. As you can see, it does need the JDM reverse lights to be relocated (if you are putting it on a JDM version), so it really is for the ADM owners, unless you want a custom light setup like I am doing. (Photo from dragangt on SAU) Please note: unless I am 100% happy with the finish and fitment of the first copy to be produced, this will not go ahead. Start Date: Tentatively around the end of March 2016 (pending quality and fitment) End date: Around the end of April 2016 (1 month run time), subject to start date. Actual Items on Offer: Replica of an ADM R32 GTR Rear Number Plate Infill Panel. Cost: Fiberglass: $250 each Carbon Fiber: $400 each There is no RRP on these as they have never been reproduced before. But as an indication, i was quoted $770 for an average condition original over a year ago (kicking myself I didn't buy it) Payment: Direct Deposit or EFT. Account details will be confirmed once this goes ahead. Company: IFIBRGLASS. Delivery: Either pick up from my house in Lake Heights NSW, or posted at your expense. I will post up images of the first production item when fitted to my car, so everyone can see what they are getting. The first item will be in fiberglass. If any interest in the carbon item is shown, ill have the first carbon one made and test fitted again before anything goes ahead. Let me know if you are interested and in what material and i will add you to the list. Once the first is done and test fitted, i will confirm with you and organise payment from there on.
  3. Hi all, I am from UK and recently purchased a R32 GTR N1 from Japan and due to be with me in 2 days time. I am very excited as I sold my last 32 GTR 10 years ago and now I am back with a GTR that I love. I will keep updating this thread as I am planning to drive the car and not just a garage ornament! I have bought lot of new OEM parts to refresh the car such as new carpets etc. Herewith few photos in Japan
  4. Hi, I have a 1990 R32 Gtst, 5 speed manual for sale. Asking $3k and take it away. The only reason for selling the car is that I need some space in the garage and I don't have the time to complete the car. The car runs well and is 90% standard. It would be perfect for someone looking for a project or even just for parting out. I've owned the car since 2006. It has approx 184,000km's on the dial. The car has been meticulously cared for. It has only been driven twice in the last 18 months but is started regularly. The car is currently in primer with some of the rear interior trims removed, otherwise the car is complete and runs perfectly. I've got a spare straight through exhaust for the car in addition to the exhaust already fitted. Car is currently unregistered so collection of the vehicle would need to be on a temporary permit or picked up on a flatbed. Located in Carrum Downs, Melbourne. Cheers.
  5. Looking for Ikeya Formula tie rods to suit s14 Thanks!
  6. For sale a pair of bride fixed back replicas, excellent condition no rips or tears. Come with r32 r33 ceffy super low rails by Australian company power rails. After $750 for everything not separating unless someone wants the passenger side first. In Adelaide ring Chris zero four 01483906 thanks
  7. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum Please excuse me if my post is long and boring. Or if the question has been asked before. So like the title says, how do I get close to the stock sound with new (non-stock) parts? Saying that I have no trust for old used stock parts. Basically, I want to hear mostly the engine, not the fart cannon. But at high revs, can go all out. AND I DON'T WANT A LOUD IDLE SOUND Any specific parts you guys can suggest? From the manifold down to the tailpipe, list me some parts I wanna hear everybody's suggestions or opinions. I'm currently listing down parts (along with their codes) for an R32 project I have planned (stock look, stock to above-stock performance, and discrete sound) Candidates: Varex, HKS Silent Hi-power Some factors in consideration: -very minimal "low-key" idle sound (least of it, if possible) -street modest (I don't want to be heard before I am seen) -not so big tailpipe (size close to stock look) -medium ground clearance (close to stock clearance) -I don't mind compromising a little performance (seriously) Extra questions: -Can anybody link me a video of the stock R32 exhaust sound? Factory exhaust, not aftermarket -Please reply? thanks in advance!
  8. Hey all I need a little help... I have a R32 GTS-4 and I need to get new "rear inner rack ends". From what I've read and been told rack ends are also known as tie rods? In short I've found these rear tie rods on GKTech, but I am not 100% sure they will fit. If I'm correct the GTS-4 has the same tie rods/rack ends as a GTR? So these ones should fit either way? Thank you in advance for the help LINK FOR THE REAR TIE RODS http://www.gktech.com/index.php/s13-180sx-r32-hicas-tie-rod-set.html
  9. Can this Pulley be removed or is it part of the shaft? I want to replace it with an aftermarket lightened pulley when the rb30 goes in. What brands of pulley do people recommend? Thanks in advance.
  10. rb26 rods with Pistons set of 6 $150 Txt me for pics or info 0401418634
  11. Full set of Work SSR Professor SP1 To suit GTR, EVO or Silvia and Gtst with flared guards. No buckles or dents all wheels balance up 0/0. These are second hand wheels so they have some paint chips and imperfections but overall condition is good. Wheels are located in Brisbane. Front and Rear 17x9.5 +12 and 5x114.3 stud pattern Currently fitted with Achillies 123S 235/45. Happy to remove the tyres if the size doesn't suit buyer. Fronts 70% Tread Rear 50% Tread $2500 Negotiable
  12. I've been asked to do a DIY on this simple fix to problems with the R32 Power Steering Assistance. Issue: After removing HICAS and installing a RB25DET engine in my R32 Skyline, the power steering computer no longer receives a speed input and puts the power steering into fail mode, which causes heavy steering approximately 30 seconds after you start driving. Tools Needed: Multimeter, Soldering iron and solder, Approximately 2m of wire, heat shrink, DC/DC Converter. Some basic electrical knowledge. Time to complete job: 1-2 hours. How the R32 Power Steering System Operates: The HICAS computer in the car alters the input voltage (depending on the vehicle speed) to the solenoid on the power steering rack. The solenoid has two wires going in, a voltage feed and an earth. The solenoid gives max assistance at 12 volts and the assistance reduces as you reduce the voltage. If you have a way to manually control this voltage level, you can adjust the voltage as required to give you the desired steering assistance. You don’t want to just wire in a 12 volt ignition feed direct to the solenoid as this would make the steering dangerously light at higher speeds and probably burn out the power steering solenoid over time. See picture below to identify the power steering solenoid. You will need to purchase a DC/DC Converter to allow you to manually reduce the voltage from a 12 volt (ignition feed). I purchased the below unit from Jay Car for around $20. The plug near the fuse box in this picture has the two wires coming from the power steering solenoid. Use a multimeter to identify which wire is the earth and which is the feed. Because I'm fussy and don't like seeing dodgy wiring, I lifted the fuse box and traced back the wiring 10 cm, so that my modification to the loom would be hidden under the fuse box. Leave the earth wire intact and cut the feed wire, then solder your length of wire to this and run it back inside the car through the port on the drivers side. This wire gets soldered to the output voltage of the DC/DC converter. You will just need to locate an earth and an ignition feed under the steering column for the two inputs. Here is me testing the output voltage of the DC/DC converter: The metal plate on the top of the DC/DC converter acts as a heat sink. The more effectively the heat sink works, the higher the current (at the set voltage) it can output. With that in mind I riveted the heat sink to a piece of aluminium and then used this as the bracket to bolt it in place. The idea being, that some of the heat will conduct to the chassis of the car and provide a higher and more stable current output. This should fix your power steering problems! I have found I like the setting at around 8 volts - it seems to give a nice level of assistance at low speeds, without being too light at high speeds. Of note: Make sure you connect the voltage input to the DC/DC converter from an ignition feed, if you use a live battery feed, it will drain your battery and probably burn out the solenoid as it will be operating all the time (even when the car is off).
  13. Hi, Looking at getting a set of Work 11r for my R32 GTR, Gun metal grey in colour. I am trying to decide on colour, and at the moment its between bronze or glim silver. I know its all personal choice, but I would like to know peoples thoughts.. size will most likely be 18x9.5+20 Cheers
  14. Hi guys I have these parts for sale, originally was planned to use on my track cars but since both cars have been sold so I need to make room for a new project. All the parts Are brand new. Delivery can be arranged. R32 GTR Jun style carbon lip - $395 R32 GTR Carbon cooling plate - $170 R32 GTR/GTS Nismo Style carbon Trunk Spoiler $280 R32 GTR Carbon Vented head light replace - $250 R32 GTR Carbon Top secret style Diffuser - $580 R32 GTR Carbon side skirt addon - $360 R34 GTR TBO Style Carbon Canard 4 PCS - $240 R34 GTR Carbon Nismo Hood - $750 R34 GTR Carbon Ztune side skirt and rear pod - $700 R34 GTR/GTT Carbon Mirror cover - $110 R34 GTR Carbon (First Lip) - $380 R34 GTR Carbon OEM front diffuser (Second Lip) - $ 430 Also Have some R33 GTR GTS carbon parts for sale Located south of sydney PM me if you're interested Thank you.
  15. Hi guys i'm selling most of my spare car parts I have accumulated over the years due to new commitment. BNR32 Front Strut Bar, manufacture unknown there is some scratches - $65 Front Strut Bar, manufacture Aiba, - $65 Front Strut Bar, Cusco, - $85 Rear Strut Bar , Cusco - $85 Floor Cross Bar, Do-Luck - $250 Genuine weather shield NEW two pairs - $350 each pair Blitz twin core radiator in good condition, no leaks, comes with fan shroud and radiator cap $ 390 Tein Comfort Sport, 16 Stage damping, 5k and 4K spring Rate no leaks or Knocks in good condition - $1400 Ohlins Full Tap 20 stage adjustable coilover with hyper coiler springs, 9k and 7k spring rate, no knocks or leaks, very good condition - $2650 Trust Oil cooler kit in very good condition $350 HKS Oil Cooler Kit $400 Ikeya Formula adjustable camber Arm Rear, Near new condition $410 Nismo 600cc Injectors good condition $520 Greedy 4pcs intercooler pipe kit $370 ATS twin carbon plate clutch push type comes with flywheel, both clutch plates are at thickness of 3.9mm plenty of life left in them - $820 Nismo Front and Rear Sway bar set front sway bar 22.2mm rear is 27.2mm - $500 Cusco 7 point roll cage in good condition with everything you need for fitment, around the dash. - $700 Okuyama 6 point though dash Roll cage in good condition everything everything you need for fitment - $520 Stainless steel front pipe two 70mm to 80mm brand unknown, no leaks - $200 Nismo GT Pro LSD 1.5 way final gear ratio 37:9 in very good condition - $1000 R32 GTST GTS Genuine Weather Shield New - $240 BCNR33 Genuine weather shield NEW - $350 Ohlins DFV coilovers, travelled 3000kms 9k and 8k spring rate 20stage adjustable near new condition $2700 HKS Hypermax 4 GT 30stage damping 8k and 7k spring rate in good condition, no leaks or knocks $1600 O2 sensor x2 $120 ECR33 Nismo G-attack s tune 4 stage damping, no leaks good condition $950 Tein Type RS circuit master coilover 16stage damping and rebound adjustment, good condition 10k and 9k spring rate $1750. Ganador Exhuast 80mm to 90mm tail is 120mm. no leaks, good condition $ 550 BNR34 Nismo R tune Air duct, Brand new - $490 Tein Street Flex Coilovers 16stage damper adjustable 8k and 7k spring rate no leaks or knocks good condition - $1050 Kakimoto Cat back Regu06 80mm to 90mm and 110mm minor scratch marks but no leaks - $620 ER34 Twin core Radiator, 50mm core size no leaks and good condition - $ 190 Trust Oil Cooler kit good condition - $500 Other Nismo Clear side indicator Brand New - $90 Nismo Carbon fiber inside Mirror cover Brand new R32 and R33 - $260 Location: Mortdale 2223. Can ship anywhere at buyers expense. I will be uploading the photos shortly Please do no hesitate to PM me thank you
  16. *** GROUP BUY OPPORTUNITY *** I am now the official distributor for Zleds in Australia. What that means is I'm able to offer significant discounts to the DIY kits for the R32 rear LED conversion kit. I am setting up a group buy to reduce shipping price on the consumer end as they are from the United States. These lights retail for more than $600 USD or about $835 AUD, this group buy will see the price cut in half at 400$ AUD with shipping included. The minimum buy is 5 sets. The lights can be customised how ever you would like for additional cost. (Depending on how creative you get between 30-95$ for what you come up with.) I can also get these boards made for the R33, R34 and R35. However the templates for the R33 and R34 have a 2-3 week lead time to be developed. The R35 already has a template if you would like them send me a pm to discuss pricing. I am also able to install the boards for you for an additional $150 with supply of the lights to be fitted. Awaken your GTR with quality Zleds rear led conversion kits. I have had these installed on my own GTR below for over a year and a half with no issues what so ever. The lights also can be set to pulse on braking or changed to be the "NISMO" style ring LEDs if you prefer. What you come up with is limited only by your imagination. I have included the YouTube link below as well to see the lights in action. (Many of the NSW guys have seen them already and can attest to the build quality) 'Nismo' styled lights Conversion 1 style If you would like to order please send me a message or you can email me at ricardowilliamsATright2drive DOT com DOT au Before any of the boards are purchased I will need to meet the minimum buy. For R32 boards it's 5 orders, the R33 and R34 are 7 as they will need to be made for the larger halos in the R34 lights and larger turn signal in the R33 light. Pricing for the R33 conversion is 490 and the R34 is 525. These prices only reflect GROUP BUY pricing. Please note that these are also base price minus the sequential brake upgrade. I have attached a few photos to view of them on my own car, Please send enquiries to my email - ricardowilliamsATright2drive DOT com DOT au You can also visit www.zledslights.com to view the current lights available and styles of others already done. Alternatively you can send me a message on facebook.
  17. Hi im looking for a P plate legal R34,R32 or 180SX for under 11k if anyone knows of any or would like to help me hunt it would be much appreciated Thank you in advance
  18. From the album: Sally the 4-door

    Manual conversion progressing well with pedals in!
  19. willus123

    low R32 gtr

    From the album: R32 GTR on R34 GTR rims

  20. I have just sold my GTR and have this set of Qld Personalised Plates for Sale. 1 GTR 0 Never been fitted to any car. $1,500
  21. Have had this sitting around for awhile and probably not ever going to use it. Stored in garage under the bench, asking $700.
  22. G'day All, I am selling all the spare parts I have accumulated over a few builds/mods. I have to clear the garage as I am selling my baby.... see here http://www.skylinesa...acked-the-sads/. All parts are either from an R33 N1 RB26DETT Crate Engine with verified 8000km on it (receipt), from an R32 RB26DETT or are other performance parts with only a few thousand kays on them. All prices are negotiable, however I will only consider reasonable offers. Happy for pickup, will post smaller items at buyers expense. Please see list of gear below with photos: - APEXi Power-FC D-JETRO with FC Commander hand controller. Purchased originally from Access Autoworks and would have less than 1000km on it. NO map sensors or map sensor wiring loom. Comes with free tune to suit my setup! Serial/Part No: PFC GTR33D 020-0499. $1100 - High Mount Twin Turbo Kit. Comes with custom manifolds, custom dumps, heat shields, custom front pipes, custom inlet hard pipes and silicone joiners, custom hotside intake pipes up to intercooler with silicone joiners, turbo's clocked to suit manifold positioning, custom wastegate acutators tuned/matched to 14psi with polished compressor housings. This setup (along with other mods) netted my wagon 347AWKW (dyno sheet to prove). $2000 pics on other camera, will post up soon - Sard 800cc twin spray injectors with full set of injector clips. To suit RB26DETT, fit in std fuel rail. $550 - Assorted silicone heater/coolant hoses (new, never fitted) and vaccuum hard pipes. $80 for the lot or offers for single items (only what is pictured). - Water pump pulleys, N1 under drive and standard. $30 for both or $20 each - Space Saver spare wheel, T125/90D16. $30 - Stagea tailgate protector. $20 The following parts are from an R33 N1 RB26DETT crate engine with verified 8000km. Will fit R32/33/34 GTR or Stagea 260RS and others. - N1 turbo's with garrett BB CHRA's - GT2860-7 equivalents. $1200 - Turbo oil/coolant hard pipes, complete set with banjo bolts and copper washers. $150 - N1 Front diff/Sump. 4.11 ratio $500 - OEM exh manifolds, untouched ready for porting. $50 each - R33 N1 dumps, with heat shields. $100 each - Exh Manifold Heat Shields $20 each - RB26 inlet plenum (intake air temp sensor not included) $100 - TPS. $50 - Throttle bodies $300 - Sandwich plate with balance tube (idle air valve and chamber and coolant temp sensor not included) $100 - OR $450 for Inlet plenum, TPS, inlet sandwich plate and throttle bodies as a package. - Cam covers with balance tube and breather tubes. $200 for the set - Valley cover $100 - Knock sensors $100 for the pair - Knock sensor, oil press/temp and anciliaries loom. $30 - CAS with mounting bracket. $200 - Oil filter block/cooler $20 - Oil temp sensor $10 - Thermostat housing/Coolant snout (block side) $30 - OEM Thermostat $20 - Front and Rear Turbo snouts $100 for the lot or $50 each - Alternator with tensioner bracket $80 - Starter motor. $80 - A/C Compressor with mounting bracket and tensioner/idler pulley. $80 - R32/R33 S1 Coilpacks, full set, with mounting frame $250 - Coilpack loom. $50 More in next post....
  23. Hi. I replaced the door glass for lexan plastic in my race car so have this left to sell. R32 skyline coupe Right door Power Window Regulator/motor only. No glass. Working condition. pickup in melbourne. I'm also selling window glass for R32 coupe. thanks. Note: image is not of the actual item but looks the same but for right side door. $40
  24. Hey all, new to skyline australia and figured best place to ask the questions. I currently am on my P-plates in Queensland and own a 1993 R32 GTS 2door. I bought the car off a mate and comes with an untouched rb20de showing around 160,000kms. Only mods done to the car are genuine sparco deep dish steering wheel, tein hr coilovers, advanti 17x8.5 wheels, exedy heavy duty clutch, solid rear cradle bushes, locker, pig pipes and stripped interior. The car has already seen a couple of track days at QR aswell as many industrials . However I am only on my P's for another 9months and am looking at my future options with the car. I am planning on further modifying the cars cosmetics (kit, new wheels, roof spoiler) and modifying the handling and suspension (adjustable arms, strut bars etc.) for the remaining 9 months as these are the only modifications as I am allowed to do. Engine wise I am wanting to replace the rb20de with a rb26det (single turbo). What I am asking is if anyone has done this conversion from a non-turbo gts before or whether I am wasting my time and should just look into selling as I go on my open license. I understand the hassles with converting to the 26 such as gearbox from awd to rwd and the adjustment to the sump and wiring etc. Any advice or assistance would be great, look forward to hearing everyones thoughts and opinions. Cheers,
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