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  1. Over two years of ownership I thought I'd make a build thread as i don't have enough procrastination in my life as it is. up until this car I hadn't owned a car more than 6 months before selling it due to being bored of it or finding something else. Originally bought this car back in November 2012 as a means for a quick profit. The plan being to fix the little problems, swap the wheels and sell it. However as with most thing in life it did not go to plan... This is how it was when i bought it coilovers with chopped springs 1/2 turbo converted lenso D1r 18x11.5 +12 with 235/40/18 Horrible interior missing parts. First thing to go was the enormous wheels which just were not to my taste and did not suit the car in my opinion. in the mean time i put the lenso on my trike haha Bought some old school work wheels for $70 to roll on while I sold the lensos and bought another set. also put some stock struts with lowered springs in. Swapped the lensos for a few sets of wheels and cash my way. Included in the swapped sets was a set of R32 GTR rims Due to the excessive guard rolling that had been required to “fit” the 18’s and the ill-fitting +30mm vented fiberglass guards the gtr wheels sat a fair way inside. which is kinda funny on 4 door here is where i will leave it for the first post and will steadily update to present day over the next weeks
  2. Hi all, I've been a member on here for a little while now, but have only start becoming fully active in the last few months. I purchased my silver R34 GTT last year around mid-August I think it was. Appearance wise it was completely stock, but it had a few performance goodies. It was nice to finally get a turbo car, my first car was a '94 Suzuki Swift GTi, and after that I had a '00 S15 Autech, both were nice, but obviously wouldn't compete with this performance wise. I live in Dubbo NSW, where there are a few imports getting around, but not many, mostly P platers in non-turbo Supra’s haha. At the time of purchase the Skyline had the following mods: Apexi Power FC + hand controller (tuned prior to the hiflow turbo to 206kw) e-Boost2 Hiflowed turbo Splitfire ignition coils Trust front mount intercooler (retaining factory piping holes) Trust pod filter 3" turbo back exhaust JVC head unit It also has a factory sunroof. Not something I was looking for but figured it was a bonus, though, after driving it for a few weeks I realised how tiny it was The car had close to 150,000kms on it, but the previous owner who lived in bathurst was a guy in his mid-thirties who had owned the car since 2001 and had all receipts from when it was imported, its services, and all work carried out on it. He was pretty meticulous. The km's didn't bother me after seeing the condition of the car and meeting the guy. We settled on a decent price and I was a happy Skyline owner I will also note that this is my secondary ‘toy’ car. I own a VY Commodore for my daily duties, and because my girlfriend is at university and I wanted something easy to travel in, so it does that well. At first I didn’t do anything to the car, I wanted to drive it for a little bit and enjoy it without spending money. It only took me a couple of weeks before I decided to pull off the NEO engine cover though, and also take out the factory air intake ‘snorkel’. It looks pretty crappy but I wasn't a big fan of the cover either. After a couple of months of ownership I decided to head to a local drag meet which is a 1/8th mile, held at an old airport near Wellington. I went with a friend who has a Sil80 pig. Wasn’t expecting any amazing results, just wanted to go for the fun of it and ‘play’ in a legal environment. It’s the only ‘track’ related thing I can do without travelling 4 hours. I had a number of runs throughout the day, and was improving each run, until my diff begun to play up. It started doing singles and was launching terribly. I think the best run I managed was a low 9.3. I know I could’ve definitely done better, but I was still learning. After the drags I obviously needed to fix the diff, so I decided rather than repair it or replace it with a stock diff I would go a 1.5way. I decided to go with the Nismo Pro GT LSD 1.5way so I ordered this online. While waiting for the diff I bought some second hand King Springs and Bilstein shocks from a forum member. I decided it was time to fix the ‘boat-ish’ look the Skyline had. They never turned up. Luckily, having paid using PayPal I got my money back, and bought another second hand set of springs on eBay. I chose spring for the current time as after putting coilovers on the S15 I previously owned I got sick of the roughness on the ‘country’ roads too quick. Once these turned up I got a mate to help me fit them and I was amazed at the difference. It looked better and drove firmer too, but still not rough. Once lowered I decided I needed to source some wheels. I kept my eyes on the forums and soon found a set of Rota DPT 18x9.5 +22 for sale with tyres for a reasonable price. So I purchased these. I was a little unsure how the fitment would go, but from what I read I was hoping they would be fine. I also rolled the rear guards in preparation for them, just using one of the the ‘cheap’ eBay guard rollers. This worked a treat. When the wheels turned up they had a few more marks around them to what was pictured/described, possible because of the poor ‘protection’ the seller provided when having the wheels delivered. But anyway, I guess that’s part of the risk you take when buying second hand. I got home from work the next day and went to fit the wheels all excited and discovered that my wheel nuts were not going to fit. I raced around town trying to find some that would fit to no luck. As a result I bought some 50mm extended wheel nuts from Cartel Aus, and opted for blue ones, as I thought they would match the black wheels on the silver paint. Once these arrived I fitted the wheels and was happy with the appearance. Not quite ‘build’ related, but I went for a bit of a drive one weekend when I had nothing better to do with a mate Kam, also a member on here, who just recently purchased a R32 GTR. Originally I was just going over to visit him (about an hours drive) and we would drive to Mudgee for lunch. This ended up in about an 11hr round trip drive for me after we decided to drive all the way to Bathurst and cruise around Mount Panorama before heading home. Next the diff arrived and I tried to find somewhere local to fit it. After being refused service by about 5 different local ‘transmission and differential’ shops, absolute joke but I guess that’s half the trouble with living ‘rural’ with an import, I finally found someone who would fit the diff for me. I must say, best thing I have done to a car so far. After driving the car for 20minutes I felt like I learnt so much. The car felt so much nicer to drive too. After fitting the diff I haven’t done much with the car, just been driving it around to bed in the new diff. Did go for a cruise out of town with a mate in his XR6 and a couple of mates with bikes. I attended a local car show with Kam in his GTR and a couple of other mates, who had R32 GTST, XR6 turbo and a Supra (N/A). It was good to attend this and push some local support for imports. I wanted to do this because the ‘charity car show’ had about 16 trophies covering Holden, Ford, muscle, bikes, utes, even ‘country utes’ and tractors, but nothing for imports. We gave them a bit of shit about it haha. Ahh to be in the country *bliss*. After the event we went for a bit of a drive. Along the way, the clutch slipped in 3rd gear, and later slipped in 2nd and 3rd. Time for a new clutch. Because I’m saving for a month’s holiday in Japan my budget is tight. But I wanted to replace it as there is a motorkhana event on locally at Easter which I want to attend, and have already paid to enter. I picked up an Exedy heavy duty clutch (just a basic one) on eBay for cheap that was coming out of a wreck. I received that a couple of days ago and am going to get a couple of mates to help with getting that fitted. Soo… this gets us to present time. Let me know what you guys think and I’ll update more as things happen Tim
  3. Hey guys, I have a 2006 Skyline V36 Type SP - Just wondering what spark plugs people have used for these cars and any feedback? - Heard that NGK is good - Where to buy? Any inputs would be great!
  4. So I bought a 1996 Nissan Skyline R33 in October last year and thought you know I'm going to enjoy the car as it is and slowly upgrade/fix things. For those looking for a car with massive amounts of power, this is not the build for you. This is for those who are like me (i'm sure you exist) who are happy with their stock car, and spend time washing, polishing, fixing things and just enjoying the car for what it is. I am an engineering student and also work part time which funds my car therefore everything is small and restricted. Many of you thinking, why bother with a build thread. My reply is because I can and why not. I have been reading other peoples threads and it has inspired me to start my own. Also I lost most of my pictures since October and am working on recovering them. So without further ado, here goes. This is my first car. I saved up for 2 years working on weekends to buy this. After a year of searching and finding all sorts of shit cars which had been modified, i found this bone stock Series 2 R33 GTST. The only thing upgraded was the audio and the wheels. I have the standard wheels sitting too just in case I need em one day. with ~158,000 kms (more on this later). I absolutely love it. I'm obsessed with cleaning it and my first aim was to fix everything that was not working or not working 100%. So the last 8 months have been small upgrades and improving things in the car. This is a picture of the day it came home. Instantly I decided it was time for a wash and a drive and photoshoot.
  5. All good Just had a phone call, car was found in hobart!
  6. IKARA

    From the album: My Skyline

  7. As per title: Parts for sale in Sydney Prefer pickup as its easier. Panels will need to be painted to suit your car. R33 GTR Drivers Seat $450 R33 GTR Guards (Left & Right) $500 R33 GTR Guard Risers $100 R33 GTR Bonnet $500 R33 GTR Bonnet Hinges $50 R33 GTR Bonnet Latch $75 R33 GTR Door Cards (Front & Rear) $150 Contact: PM or Post in here
  8. Hi everyone! I'm selling my 1998 R34 Nissan Skyline GTT!! Follow your dreams and drive your very own Nissan Skyline! Car is located in inner west. All work done has receipts. All the awesome details White! Like all good skylines 120,000 kilometres. Good condition Short Shifter Turbo Timer Metal Nismo Pedals Exhaust QFM A1RM Brake Pads Work done by Japlink Motors Extreme HD Organic Clutch Machine flywheel Spark Plugs Machine Front rotors New radiator and coolant Front tension rods replaced. Brakes bled and new fluid. From Tempe Tyres Hankook 2354517 97Y VentusV12 evo K110 Wheel Alignment Issues to note Rego expiry in April 2014 Rear tyres will need replacement soon Bonus items! BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD Dashcam! 1kg fire extinguisher Fire extinguisher mounting bracket Apexi pod filter Possible: Bell Custom 500 motorcycle helmet! Call me! 0403 two two 80 80 $13,000 Just one photo for now, more to come. It looks like every Skyline you've ever seen.
  9. Hey Guys, Selling my custom number plates. Godzilla GTR - ZLAGTR - 1 black slim line and 1 black standard size $2,000 ono - eastern suburbs - melbourne Refer to pics Cheers David - 0412 588 809
  10. Hey guys, I just bought my R34 two days ago, it runs good and I love it. I noticed the previous owner had a APEXi ECV exhaust control valve fitted to the exhaust and control lever next to the hand break. I asked him about it and he said he hasn't connected it up. But the next day I looked under neath the car and saw it is connected but the butterfly valve isn't moving. That's not why I'm here though. I saw that the valve is located in the centre of the car's exhaust pipe. Normally they would be fitted at the end of the bore right? Have a look at the pics: From the other side (passenger side) My concern is if that butterfly valve were to close, the exhaust fumes have no were to go. Usually they fit these control valves onto the end of the aftermarket exhaust and have an extra hole behind the valve so when it closes the fumes are forced into that opening and will travel down the length of the muffler usually 3 times before it exits (so I've heard) and that makes the muffler silent. Does anyone about these things? Does that setup look right? I'm planning on making the valve work so it will be handy to use for when I'm starting my car at 5am in the morning so I don't wake everyone up in the neighborhood, or if a bored cop tries to follow me.
  11. Hi Everyone Im Looking for a cannon for my r33 skyline ( non turbo rb25de not sure if its different ) coupe but i was hoping someone had one that bolts straight up as i dont want to weld it on Thank You
  12. Just bought an r34gtt & have some spare parts from it that i dont need Make an offer if you need anything Can dropoff parts locally or post them,pickups from Mt.Gravatt Brisbane Stock r34 gtt tail lights,no damage at all,no bulbs I will sell them seperately $150 ono Deep dish steering wheel & boss kit from r34gtt,Suede style material fairly new Might also fit r32/r33/Silvias im not sure $60 ono HKS[copy]Sequential atmo BOV with rb25det adapter,might fit rb20det's i'm not sure though Cost $100 new,sell for $60 Gearshifter fits skyline and silvias $30 ono I also have a stock black[Nismo?? spec] wing from bootlid up for grabs I'll add a pic of it asap
  13. Selling my brand new Bosch Z32 AFM, these come with new tomei plugs/tails. Was for my R34 GTR, however I have sold the car and these are just sitting around. I am after $300 each. Everything is still new in boxes/packaging. Sheldon Gold Coast, QLD 0450313126
  14. Set of stock wheels in good condition,rims are all solid & not cracked or warped Brand/Style: Stock r33/s14 rims Tyres: Two 205/50/16 Federal 535 & two 225/50/16 Milanaza Hero[made by Federal] all about 95% tread Diameter & Width: 16x6.5 PCD & Offsets: 5x114.3 +40 Price & Location: $380 ono Mt.Gravatt Brisbane Make an offer if you need them,can dropoff locally or send with a courier offer 50% discount for depot to depot deliveries Australia wide.
  15. For sale: Nissan Skyline C110 (KenMary) center console & square air vent glove box. After giving it some thought I realized I wont be using these and they should go to a good home where they will get used. Both parts are from an early C110. * * MORE PARTS BELOW KEEP READING * * Center console - $300/USD - FIRM Glove Box - $300/USD - FIRM C10 (hakosuka) center console - $200/USD - FIRM C10 (hakosuka) window trim - $200/usd - FIRM Buyer pays shipping. Email (nostalgics07 @ or PM me C110 Center console: will come with glove box lid. Not pictured. C10 (Hakosuka) center console - Console does not come with badge or switches. C10 (Hakosuka) Window Trim All parts are in California. Will ship but buyer pays all shipping costs.
  16. Hi Im looking for a cheap set of Coilovers or Lowered suspension for My R33 Series 1 Skyline Coupe im Located in Victoria and im willing to travel as long as its not a rediculous distance inbox me What anyone has (IM LOOKING FOR A SET OF FRONT AND REARS) Thanks
  17. 1993 R33 Skyline GTS I Need Help When Im Doing 100kph my speedo reads 85kph What The F*@k do i do to fix it Someone Please Help me is there a easy fix ( Car had a Manual convertion ) not done by me Previous owner PLEASE HELP ME Iv Got no idea what to do ANY HELP WILL BE APPRICIATED
  18. No room in the shed so these have to go... Set of stock r32 gtst rims in good nick Some rims dont have any gutter rash at all All tyres are camber worn but still ok for skids Two tyres are still about 40% two are about 20% $180 ono Set of stock r33 gtst rims freshly black Minimal rash on some [under paint] Two 205-50-16 Federal 535 super steel tyres have over 90% tread Good quality steer tyres that cost over $100 each new Other two rims dont have tyres fitted $280 ono Set of silver stock r34 gts wheels All in good conditon some have light gutter rash & a few scuffs/scratches Easy to repaint them Two tyres about 60-70% two are now almost bald $300 Located near Sunnybank/South Brisbane Can send with courier interstate or drop them off locally. PM to contact
  19. G'day, I have a set of NSW number plates that read GTS 25L. Perfect for anybody who has a GTS. Really sort after plates. If you have any questions you can call me on 0434 099 806 or email to I am leaving the country very soon so I am excepting an offers at this time. Thanks
  20. WTS: 1996 Nissan Skyline R33, GTS-T Manual. ODO: 176,XXX Reg: 15th September 2014 RWC: Yes Modifications: FMIC. Interior Mods: Sony DVD Touchscreen with Reversing Camera, USA Audio Amp + Sub. Factory Sunroof. Alarm & Immobilizer. Asking Price: $9,000 ONO. (I am open to negotiate, the worst I can say is no) Location: Northern Suburbs, Melbourne Victoria. Contact: Ben: 0433 060 967. Overall an immaculate example of a well looked after R33. I am the second Australian owner, and have owned this car for 3 years. The previous owner imported the vehicle and owned it for 5 years. I know for a fact the car was in Japan in 2003, as I found inside the sun visor (and still have) a car parking ticket from Japan, dated 2003. The car has been serviced every 5000 km's at Temby Auto Service in Eltham. (Can provide all paperwork). Besides from the FMIC, the car is mechanically stock. (Stock 7psi, stock exhaust, rims, suspension etc). This car is my daily drive, and unfortunately I'm selling due to purchase of property.
  21. WANT TO BUY MUST BE MANUAL +TURBO, sub 125,000kms and have a rwc or can get one R33 Skyline - R34 Skyline - S15 (JDM OR AUDM) -OR- 180SX I have cash ready to spend just havent seen anything that catches my eye I am located south of Brisbane but am willing to travel a little to have a look. Please post pictures along with descriptions. looking to spend $8000-15ish can go a bit higher for perfect car but would prefer not to. Once I get this hopefully I can stick around and become a useful member of this community Thanks Matt
  22. Tomei RB20DET & RB25DET Expreme Dump Pipe Kit -=Transaction Instructions=- All transactions are conducted via a portal to our website, usually indicated by the button. Upon clicking this button a new browser window/tab will be opened and the item added to your shopping cart. At this point I would recommend logging (located within "My Account"), this will ensure that the item is added to the permanent cart attached to your account; otherwise it will be lost at the end of the session. If you haven't already created an account on our website you can do so now by clicking here Please Note: If you have any troubles simply send me a PM via this website The pricing below does not include delivery, unless otherwise stated; this cost will depend on location and is automatically calculated on our website at checkout Price: $440.00 Description: Tomei Turbocharger Dump Pipe Kit (76.3mm / 3") - Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-4 / GTS-t, R33 GTS25-t, R34 25GT-t & Stagea WC34 RS-Four / RS-V. Details: We are proud to announce the much anticipated release of the Tomei Expreme 76.3mm / 3" turbocharger dump pipe kits to suit the RB20DET & RB25DET engines. These are a bolt-on upgrade for the applications listed below and suit factory and factory replacement bolt-ons such as the soon to be released Tomei ARMS M8265. Applications:Nissan 300ZX Z31 200ZR (RB20DET, 10/1985 - 06/1989) Nissan Cefiro R©A31 (RB20DET, 09/1988 - 08/1994) Nissan Cefiro LNA31 Attesa Cruising (4WD) (RB20DET, 08/1990 - 08/1994) Nissan Laurel R©C33 (RB20DET, 04/1989 - 01/1993) Nissan Skyline HR31 JDM (RB20DET, 08/1985 - 05/1989) Nissan Skyline H©R32 GTS-T (RB20DET, 05/1989 - 08/1993) Nissan Skyline HNR32 GTS-4 (RB20DET, 08/1989 - 08/1993) Nissan Skyline E©R33 GTS25-T (Series 1) (RB25DET, 08/1993 - 01/1995) Nissan Skyline E©R33 GTS25-T (Series 2) (RB25DET, 01/1995 - 05/1998) Nissan Skyline ER34 25GT-T (RB25DET Neo 6, 05/1998 - 06/2001) Nissan Stagea WGNC34 RS-Four (Series 1) (RB25DET, 09/1996 - 08/1998) Nissan Stagea WGNC34 RS-Four (Series 2) (RB25DET Neo 6, 08/1998 - 10/2001) Nissan Stagea WGC34 RS-V (RB25DET Neo 6, 08/1998 - 10/2001)
  23. Wrecking R33 Skyline, Series 1 GTS-T coupe, No running gear, Maroon in colour, S2 wing, Most panels and interior available, All parts cheap No motor, box, diff, tailshaft, brakes, wiring harness or front bar Located in Alexandra Hills, Brisbane, Call/Text on 0481109712
  24. Up For Grabs R34 Skyline GTT Diff Centre Good working order, swapped out for nismo unit $400 ono (no reasonable offer refused) Any questions call Jared 0432672018 Local pickup preferred, postage can be arranged.
  25. BleedinThroughXx

    Hey Guys, needing a car for when I'm on my P's, so I'm looking to buy a Skyline R33 gtst Non-turbo. Anyone looking to sell theirs? Cheers