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Found 26 results

  1. My drivers side window hasn’t worked properly ever since buying the car 2 weeks ago. On the first day I managed to get it working for an hour just by whacking the door, after that it hasn’t worked. I originally thought it was the motor as the relay clicked when operating the buttons however when directly connecting a battery to the motor it works just fine. when turning the car on ( if window is in the up position) it will automatically retract all the way down. The switch is a bit dodgy as when pushing the button down it doesn’t do the clicky thing, but if doesn’t effect the way the window operates I am fine with leaving it how it is. I am out of ideas and am just wanting to ask before I go buying new parts that might not need replacing. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. Hello and Merry Xmas to All, If youre like me you are attempting to dodge family by browsing the forums looking for quick holiday fixes for your car. I bought a 4 door r32 and only the drivers window button is attached. I have tge other three (and 3 little plastic rectangle things) in the console and have tried to attach them with no luck. I press them on but they dont want to stay in. Any ideas before i get frustrated and break something? There has to be a hack/trick to getting them on for good?
  3. Hey everyone I recently bought a 2003 350gt and am in love. I'm having an issue on the drivers side door. When I first open the door the window doesn't auto drop. I have to close the door and then open it again for it to work, but the autodrop goes down by around an inch. Way more than the other side. I recently changed the window motor as it was dying a slow death and this issue has been here before then. I'm hoping it's just an adjustment issue and wondered if anyone has any tips on how to adjust the window position? It seems to sit slightly low at the front of the window. Any help here great fully appreciated. Thanks Richard
  4. R34 GTT Window Rubber/Seal/Moulding/Glazing Replacement? Hi guys I'm busy trying to restore my R34 GTT to immaculate condition. I want to replace the rubber seal that goes on the windscreen at the bottom. I looks dried up from the sun and caused it to warp and break. I've attached photos. I would like to know where I can get my hands on something like this as I would like to replace it. Also, on the driver and passenger window upper seals, there seems to be a line of glue that was left behind from previous owners putting wind deflector/visor guards on it. How would I get this off the rubber? Also, there seems to be a huge gap between the rubber and the frame. Is that normal on R34s? Could I just replace it? And how would you restore all the rubber seals so it looks brand new? Thanks
  5. Hey guys I have just bought a 2003 350gt coupe with the central locking and drivers window not working. Does anyone know the part number for the drivers window motor as desperately need to order a replacement. Also any recommendations on what is a good replacement? Are there any aftermarket options that last? Cheers guys
  6. Hey Guys I have an R34 GTT. My passenger window will go up & down fine all day when controlled from the drivers side, but when operating from the passenger side I get no response. It is not kiddie/window locked from the driver side, would this be as easy as replacing the switch to get it going again? Just thinking if it goes up/down fine when drivers side controlling it, then chances are the mechanics are OK and could just be the switch? Cheers!
  7. Hi guys, Looks like my window motor is cooked on the drivers side of my M35 Stagea. After a couple of things: 1 - Does anyone have the part number? 2 - Does anyone have a new or second hand one they are looking to sell? Cheers
  8. Hi everyone, This is my first post and I am in desperate need of some help. I am in the United States and I have an imported A31 Cefiro. My car was vandalized and someone smashed the drivers side front window. I am struggling mightily to find a replacement. There are of course no spare parts in the United States and I have so far been unsuccessful sourcing one from overseas. Does anyone know where I can source this window? Or can anyone help to get one shipped over? At this point I'm willing to pay just about whatever it takes to get the right glass. Anyone have any ideas? I greatly appreciate it!! Thank you, Blake
  9. Hello all, now i I don’t own a skyline but as my name suggests it’s my wife’s car, but I’m always working on it if not on my own ford. for the last couple of years the drivers window hasn’t worked, I decided to get cracking on it this weekend and it’s now working, it had all the usual problems other have described before, window stuttering, gets stuck, goes half way up and stops like it’s stuck well you need to get the regulator out of the door, if you can’t manage that turn back now..undo the 3 screw on the silver motor cover, little gold screws.. the inside of the silver housing and the black plastic part are likely full of crap and dried up grease.. buy a can of electrical contact cleaner from Supercheap about $10.00 and clean out the silver cap..windout the motor spindle anticlockwise while gently pulling on it.. clean this also with the contact cleaner.. get a small piece of fine sandpaper and clean the small copper ring where the contacts touch it while it’s in the housing.. clean the contacts with the sand paper also.. put a little grease or silicon spray on the screw end of the motor spindle..put it all back together, silicon spray the window runners and all should be fine, if all this doesn’t work then it’s electeical or the switch module mick located in Adelaide and happy to help if you need it, sorry I didn’t take photos:(
  10. indicator lights will not turn off hey guys, so i recently had some problems with my 2003 v35 skyline coupe. my window was left down in the rain and my drivers side window stopped working. it was stuck down so i pulled off the door skin to try and get the window up. i was unable to do so i unpluged the battery to try and do a reset and when i re connected it my indicators were stuck on. not flashing but just stuck on solid. the only way to turn them off is to disconnect the battery. i have since replaced the window motor and switch. does anyone know what might be causing it?
  11. V36 Sedan - Unable to close rear left window from driver switch Hey guys, just found out today that from my driver side window switch I am unable to close rear left window. All other windows works fine from switch, and even to open the window of the rear left works fine, it just doesnt close Have attempted to do the automatic window reset technique but to no avail. Any suggestions?
  12. The Spare part I have for sale is detailed below: Make: Nissan Model: Stagea C34 Part Description: Front RHS (right hand side) window regulator (does not include motor) Nissan Genuine Part Number: 80720-0V721 Condition: New, never used imported from Nissan in Japan See attached photos. Asking Price: $50 pick up (postage extra) Local pickup from Crestmead, QLD PM me for contact details. Tim
  13. I'll give you guys the quick run down. But actually figuring it out is up to your own abilities. I assume if you own a gtr, you should know how to do some sort of maintenance, disassembly, or repair. List of items: Solder Station 3mm 5000 - 20,000 mCD LED at 30 degree - 45 degree focus beam (Green, orange, red, white, cool white) Know your LED specs! Forward Voltage, Forward Current, Supply Voltage Any of these LEDS are good: http://www.mouser.com/.../Standard-LEDs.../_/N-b1bc8... Next is your resistor. Below is a resistor calculator https://www.digikey.com/.../conversion-calculator-led... For instance, I used a 3.2v LED, 20mA, and we know that cars use 12v. So I needed a ~440 Ohms resistor .176 watt. It's safe to go with 500mW. The best resistors are metal film. They reduce noise (LED Flicker), better tolerances for voltage spikes, and higher heat handling. These are the resistors I used. REMEMBER TO USE YOUR RESISTOR CALCULATOR!! Good choices here (470 ohm 500mW):http://www.mouser.com/ProductD.../Vishay/CMF55470R00FKR6/... On each specific switch, as shown in the video here on this forum, there are rubber 'bulb condoms' that sit inside the switch. They're ass, take em, shit on them, throw them away. Remove the switches from your facia after you've taken it out. You'll have to unscrew them. Makes it easier, and there is a reason for this. Hide your empty facia somewhere. You won't need it for now. Plug your removed switches into your harnesses. Turn on your running lights. Get your red or some colored paint pen. Take a spare LED that's been wired with your resistor, and touch negative or positive to your contacts and do some guess work on the polarity. Don't short your LED out unsure emoticon Once you've found the correct polarity direct, mark your hot wire with your pen After you got the marks, I mean it's basic soldering. Red to Pos terminal, Black to negative terminal. It'll take some fenaggling to get the LED into the hole, but you'll just have to be patient. Use some epoxy or RTV to glue the led in place. This is to hold the LED in the correct position, or it'll bounce all over the place because it ain't got a condom. For the window switch. It's just clipped into the door panel. Pry it out gently. It's difficult to find the location of the clips so you don't break them. Took me a bit. There will be a yellow cover on the back of the main window switches. Take mini screw drivers and pry off the clips. Once you get it, you'll see a circuit board with a T3 socket. I decided to just solder in an led (after testing my polarity using the same method above). Take down with epoxy and good to go. Before your decide to snap everything back together and start driving, test out your switches to make sure they even work. Also, you can test the illumination. If you're feeling froggy, this is the perfect time to completely disassemble your switches and clean / lubricate them. I got rid of some electrical gremlins when I did this. I also flowed solder on the circuit board. Standard LEDs - Through Hole | Mouser Standard LEDs - Through Hole are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Standard LEDs - Through Hole. MOUSER.COM
  14. I've looked around on the forums about LED interior lighting conversion. I got the jist of it all, and bought the LEDs I need. Then, I became addicted, and now I want to replace the lights in the hazard buttons, electric window switch buttons, and all those random little places. Does anyone know the package size needed for these replacements? (IE: T3, T5). What I found online so far is this: http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/32293-hazard-light-switch-lamp.html But that post is dead as hell, and from years ago. Help would be appreciated! Thanks y'all.
  15. Hi. I replaced the door glass for lexan plastic in my race car so have this left to sell. R32 skyline coupe Right door Power Window Regulator/motor only. No glass. Working condition. pickup in melbourne. I'm also selling window glass for R32 coupe. thanks. Note: image is not of the actual item but looks the same but for right side door. $40
  16. Hey all So my driver window motor has given up, i had some issues with it previously and got it repaired although the auto electrician said it will eventually give way again and so it has The pictures below are the motor found in my car, 2001 r34 25gt sedan and im not too sure if it matters from different series. Im willing to pickup the item or if anyone knows where i could go purchase one.
  17. M35 Stagea LHS Front Passenger Window Regulator for sale - Used, in good condition. Make an offer. Does not include motor. Can throw in a broken drivers side power window motor if you have any use for it. Located in East Hills, NSW. Pick up or can arrange delivery.
  18. as above working r32 window relay (black box) $60 can send a pic if you really want haha 0423456426
  19. Hi all, I've noticed over time (as with my then-tarnished clear coat), that the black plastic window trim (as I could best describe it), has tarnished under the Australian sun. I'd say at least 40% of the trim is "patchy". Is there a part number or something to remediate this problem?
  20. Hi, I'm looking for a 1997 Skyline GTST coupe passenger side window. Needs to be tinted. Also if you can get it installed for me would be great. Also looking for a R33 window rain visor drivers side only. A pic of that of what I'm looking fot attached. Msg me with price. Prefer to buy from western suburbs.
  21. I have a drivers side R33 GTS-T window glass. It came out of an R33 GTST 95 model. It's in excellent condition and only needs to be fitted. For any extra info or pictures please feel free to contact me on 0422797395 or restless_662@hotmail.com if I don't answer a call, please email or text and ill get back to you. This item is pick up only from Glen Iris 3146.
  22. ITEM: R33 rear glass (no hole for rear wiper). Suit GTS-t/GTR. LOCATION: Sydney (west), NSW CONDITION: Very good used. Has window tint in very good condition PRICE: $120 CONTACT: PM ITEM: R33 Rear 1/4 glass (left and right). Suit GTS-t/GTR. LOCATION: Sydney (west), NSW CONDITION: Very good used. Has window tint in very good condition PRICE: $60 each CONTACT: PM Willing to swap tinted door windows to make a complete tinted window set if required. Only selling because I don't like tints.
  23. Extra drivers window reg, $140 needs to go, will ship at buyers expense, pm for details.
  24. Sick of a stinking hot car, time to drop the coin. Must be in working condition, preferably in Melbourne somewhere. Either PM or text 0439 393 699
  25. Howdy as above I have an R33 drivers window tinted dark inn great condition only light marks in tint $50 R33 series 2 centre console with brake boot in great condition $50 Located Sydney will post at buyers expense
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