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Found 27 results

  1. Hi everyone! Just wandering if the 1999 Skyline GTT r34's are affected by the huge takata airbag recall? I've had a look around and couldn't find anything =\
  2. I've got a brand new Mamba Adjustable Internal Wastegate on my highflow RB25 turbo. I did a boost leak test and it leaks a lot of air from the wastegate's diaphragm out through the hole that the wastegate has. I've attached a video showing the massive boost leak. My question is, Is it suppose to leak air like this? The stock nissan wastegate doesn't have a hole that leaks air out of the wastegate. Maybe the hole is there to save the engine? I don't know.... I have a EBC that uses a mac solenoid. My second question is, there ment to be air going through the mac solenoid if the car is off or EBC switched on? If not, then I'll know my EBC or mac solenoid is stuffed. IMG_0792.mp4
  3. Hi All, Got a few parts taking up space in the shed that id like to move on to a new home as per below: Parts available for pickup Bathurst, or can post at buyers cost Contact Dylan via PM R32 OEM Coils $50 One has slightly damaged boot Two sets of 6 coils available Ignition Coil $100 Two available Wiring Harness $30 (assumed working condition, removed from donor engine) Coil Pack Cover $50 Coilpack Mount $0 w/ other sale Air Con Compressor + Lines + Engine Mount (assumed working condition, removed from donor engine)
  4. After doing a 5 stud conversion + brake upgrade (r33 gtst brakes) onto my r33 gts I cant get my brake pedal to feel firm. The car used to have ABS but everything has been removed including the sensors on the calipers. I have compared my brake setup to another non abs r33 and its exactly the same so theres no reason it shouldn't work. Ive already had a mechanic look at it, tried to bleed it, but still no improvement on the brakes. Besides that I have also tried to bleed the brakes and master cylinder using the brake pedal and a hand pump vacuum bleeder. With the car not running, the first 20% of the brake pedal has play, and the last 80% of the brake pedal feeling solid as. With the car running, is literally the opposite, 80% of the brake pedal is useless and the last 20% is when the brakes stop the car although i haven't tested it at speed higher than 30km/h. Theres no leaks, every connection is tight, fresh brake fluid etc. The brake booster is also from a turbo r33 to match the turbo gtst brakes. Could the master cylinder be broken? is there a way to test if it is? the brake booster and master cylinder both worked before installing them. I read on a forum from someone who did the same brake upgrade, same car, and had to upgrade to brake booster and master cylinder cause the brake pedal always felt soft/spongy. But there was no information on the upgrades he made? Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Hey guys, hope you’re all good. I have an obnoxious sounding vacuum leak somewhere under my throttle body. It’s very bad and throws out the car terribly, so it’s off the road and I’m addressing ASAP. There is no issue around the TB itself and I don’t see any kind of issue around the fuel rail or injector seats, so I’m assuming it may actually be either the upper plenum gasket, the lower inlet manifold gasket, or perhaps an idle control hose underneath the manifold somewhere. To the point of my thread - if I can not locate any obvious leak, I will be pulling off the intake to replace the gaskets. Should I get so far as to pulling off the lower intake, I was just wondering if anyone had tips or advice to share? Specifically regarding how and what to disconnect in regards to coolant hoses, vacuum hoses, etc, and if there are any tricks to any of the bolts? Ive searched extensively on this topic but most threads only cover the upper plenum and I’m looking for any general helpful tips to removing the whole thing. So far my plan is to remove the TB, the fuel rail, then upper plenum - raise the front of the car up and just see what I can attack from the bottom. Assume that’s the best method? Thanks in advance!
  6. Racepace R33/R34 GTR Catch Can/Washer Bottle with inbuilt Oil/Air Separator Hi Guys, I have a Racepace R33/R34 GTR Catch Can/Washer Bottle with inbuilt Oil/Air Separator for sale. This came out of my R34 GTR and was working perfectly but needs to go now as I have to fabricate a new one to suit the new engine setup. The great thing about Racepace catch can's over normal ones is they have a built in oil/air separator which means you can have it leading back into your intake without having to worry about sucking oil back through.It also means you end up with one clean looking unit rather than the usual style oil air separator you see on top of the engine covers. I had this one specially made with -12 AN fittings rather than push on style hoses as it looks a lot nicer. You have 3x -12 fittings for breathing (rockers, sump etc) and a -6 drain. Overall its in good condition just a little bit dirty. No marks or scratches. Cost me $450 new. Price is $300 ONO and catch can is located in Rouse Hill, NSW. Pickup is preffered over post but will post at buyers expense. Any questions just message me or sms/call 0403858714. Thanks, Brett
  7. For sale. WA local pickup only. BNR34 GTR front splitter. Has minor repairable damage, see imagery. $50
  8. Nismo S Tune Panel Air Filter suit many models Hi All, I have a brand new Nismo S Tune Air Filter Element. Still in it's original box and never used. It suits numerous models including Skylines, Stageas, Pulsars and of course all models of the GTR. These are at least $100 retail so I am asking $60. Happy to post at buyers expense ($10). If you'd like to check if it suits your car it is part number A6546-1JB00
  9. [WANTED] R32 GTR Air Con Compressor Looking for a non-leaking and working air con compressor for a 32 GTR only. GTSt compressor will not fit. Thanks
  10. R32 GTR air con compressor rebuild? G'day, looking for recommendations for an air con rebuild for an R32 GTR. Asked for a leak test before finally getting a regas, turns out it's leaking from the compressor. The shop says it won't touch imports though because the parts are going to be hard to find. Now I'm looking for a place to help me out. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. [VIC] WANTED: R32 GTR Air Con Compressor Just looking for an R32 GTR working air con compressor. My current one has a slight leak. Would prefer VIC location. PM me, thanks.
  12. New never installed to suit R33 GTST. See example pic plus pics of actual item. $100 Pickup Geelong.
  13. Heya Im looking at buying a new pod filter for my R34 RB25DET Neo. Last owner had a DRiFT one in there. I want to get the APEXi Power Intake pod filter but I've heard there's alot of fake ones out there on the market (ebay). So I want to make sure that I'm buying the official one and not the fake one. I saw some ones on ebay from china, philippines for like less than $40, so that to me sounds like fake. There is this one on ebay for $84 from Aus: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/231873798273?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Does this one look legit?
  14. Hi SAU, Clearing out a few parts as I unfortunately no longer have my Skyline R34 GT-T stock airbox, snorkel and aftermarket panel filter - $120 R34 A-pillar Gauge holder - $15 R34 Series 1 front reflectors with globes- GREAT condition, pair - $30 R34 side indicator covers - weathered - $10 R34 weathershields - genuine Nissan I believe, but old and turning 'purple'' - clips not in best condition - $40 Single din early-gen touchscreen stereo - nothing fancy at all, but is good enough to get radio reception and accepts USB playback. Couldn't figure out the bluetooth. Comes with remote, stylus, cable, fascia cover, and wiring harness - $30 Location Homebush, or Kurrajong. Pick-up preferred Please sms enquiries to 0431965540 Cheers, Mick
  15. Hey guys, I am looking for a NACA Air Duct. Which the same or similar air duct for Skyline R34 GTR V-SPEC II bonnet duct. Does anyone have one that they dont need or atleast point me to the right direction. Not looking to spend big bucks on it though. Sydney preffered though will to pay postage if needed. Cheers Kelvin
  16. Hey guys need help i bought a r33 gtst 1994 about 6 months ago however the guy told me he removed the air-con, now i wan't to re-install it so i want to ask what are the equipment that i need to put it all back i'm going to put a link in and is this a whole complete air-con to put back in the gtst http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nissan-Skyline-R33-GTST-RB25DET-Air-con-air-conditioning-kit-/271194060912?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3f246cf870
  17. AlphaWolf32

    Build Stage 2ii

    From the album: R32 GTS-4 4 Door

    After being in need of a new air filter, due to the K&N being 5+ years old. I started trolling the net once again, I saw an article saying that Autosalon had tested some '3A racing' pod filter so time back now with results confirming it had better airflow *cfm* than K&N and all your other expensive brands. So I purchased one a nice red one to help start the red theme.
  18. From the album: R32 GTS-4 4 Door

    Purchased some autocool warehouse radiator *ebay*, after reading a few reviews. Decent build quality for the price, looks good. Bought some bottom radiator rubbers and slid the radiator straight in. Nice Fit. Decided the radiator hoses could do with an upgrade too. Just a nice clean set of red hoses should do the job nicely. A start to the red and purple theme, sexy yet aggressive.
  19. Hey Guys and Girls want your opinion on cold air intake for r33 i'm thinking of two options for cold air intake opinion one set up like this but if i set up like this i'm pretty sure it will be classified as an illegal mod or pod filter in an enclosed box and running a pipe underneath which do you reckon will be better
  20. Wanted, Air Flow Meter for RB20, Part number 22680-02U00, 5 pin with green label. Must be genuine (not Chinese) and in good working order. I am in Brisbane. Thanks. Alan 0414 915 267.
  21. Hi I'm getting a bigger turbo for my gtt and I'm wondering if I need to get an aftermarket ecu and a tune or an apexi afc to controll the air:fuel ratio. Does anyone know what's better for a car ? Also nistune or power fc for an auto? I know there's a lot of threads but they all have different answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  22. -Complete Series one r33 gtst airbox with snorkel,no damage,includes a hi-flow filter which I think is an Apexi filter Pickups at Runcorn South Brisbane,i can drop it off locally or post Asking $150 ono -Series one r33 gtst snorkle $30 ono -Series one r33gtst bottom section of airbox $40 ono
  23. KF95 model 100% Authentic Nissan Part Perfect Working Order Mesh intact Supports up to 350rwkw+ Suits 180sx, s13, s14, s15, r32, r33 ,r34 ,GTR's $200 Images https://www.facebook...=1&l=70d9c55491 ALL OR MESSAGE (prefered) 0431340469 ONLY
  24. KF95 model Perfect Working Order Mesh intact Images https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151595533982322.1073741827.549402321&type=1&l=70d9c55491 asking 250 ono CALL OR MESSAGE (prefered) 0431340469 ONLY
  25. Images of AFM https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151595533982322.1073741827.549402321&type=1&l=70d9c55491 $150 CALL OR MESSAGE (prefered) ONLY 0431340469
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