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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys New to this forum, recently bought a V36 350gt Type SP, and it has what looks to be an antenna/parking pole, in the front bumper on the passenger side. I've spent the last hour or so looking reading through owners manuals, but no luck. Does anybody know how to retract it? Currently it's up whenever the car is on and I'm finding it a bit annoying. Attached are a couple of pics. Any help would be appreciated Cheers!
  2. Hey guys, recently my power antenna started grinding, pulled it apart and the plastic stem is snapped, there's a few links on this forum but all old and don't work, what antenna stem replacement kits have people used? eBay has a few for a 200sx, and for Nissan patrols, any ideas? Cheers.
  3. Just some left over parts that are not needed. Located in Melbourne. Most items can be posted at an additional cost. Cusco strut tower bars suit R32 Front and rear. Avg condition. Scratches and paint chips. $180 pair HKS Boost gauge and GReddy A-pillar pod Up to 2bar. Suits R32 dials perfectly with black back and red needle $160 Sports steering wheels (leather) 1. Momo, good cond, leather not worn through. 2. Unknown Italian brand, carbon inserts. 3. OMP style deep dish blue stitching, hardly used $40 each Antenna booster - 12V amplified New. Boosts weak FM radio signal (10dB gain). Problem particular to R32's where the antenna is built into the windscreen. $25 CUSCO springs (from Zero 2E coliovers) Cusco ID65 200 series. Spring rate: 11kg, Inner spring diameter: 65mm, Length: 200mm, Stroke: 100mm. Travelled 2000kms $120 pair A'PEXi ECV (Exhaust Control Valve) and cat Control the loudness of your exhaust. Approx 40% reduction on my 3" exhaust. Catalytic converter is empty / gutted. $90 Child anchor points and brackets Fitted onto rear parcel shelf during compliance process $20 Oil catch can Never used. Looks about the size of 500ml. $35 Blaupunkt CD/MP3 Head unit Excellent condition. Detachable face. Anti-theft features. Comes with loom plug $70 Hks Electronic Torque Split Controller (Hks Etc) And Hks Electronic Drag Adaptor (Hks Eda) $620 pair Similar to this post: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/425910-brand-new-hks-electronic-torque-split-controller-hks-etc-and-hks-electronic-drag-adaptor-hks-eda/%C2'> Pics available for all items!
  4. I have continually had trouble getting DTV reception in my coupe with my Alpine TV tuner. The reason is more than likely that the stick on antenna is on the top of the windscreen but placed where the tinting is. I have purchased 2 x HiTV antennas which I am going to place inside of the bumper bars. I was wondering if anyone has done this before & if it is difficult to do? I am presuming that both of the bumper bars have to come off completely. I also need to run the antenna wires back into the cabin & don't know the easiest way to do this. Can anyone offer me some advice? I was also wondering if anyone has used the HiTV pure 4 (or3) TV tuner? If so comments would be appreciated
  5. Hi all, Recently pulled the stereo out and replaced it with a Pioneer unit, painting the black plastics at the same time. However, the radio reception wasn't great - when we held the harness (including bracket, Climate control, single din head unit and ashtray) before screwing it in we were getting amazing, loud, crystal clear reception. However, as soon as we screwed it all in, the clarity faded, though you can still hear the radio fine. We're going to try again this weekend and get a good ground going - we feel it may have been grounding through the antenna. While the stereo was out, we found a pair of TV 'bunny ears' antenna (from the jap install with previous headunit that had TV function? The TV never worked for me).Also, there were quite a few proper connector plugs unplugged - is this where the automatic models would be plugged in? My vehicle is manual. I also found some RCA cables (L and R) that seemingly didn't fit anywhere. It seemed that when i turned the ignition 1 click when they were unplugged, there would be lots of whining noises coming from the dash. However, when they were plugged in, this seemed to subside - even if they weren't plugged into anything with output. Curious, i opened up the boot and took off the little cardboard/carpet section between the boot and the rear seats, and found these things (pictured) near the rear speakers on the parcel shelf. I receive frequencies for Triple J 105.7 and Triple M 104.9, so obviously at some stage in Australia (vehicle imported 2004 i believe, 1998 R34 GT-T) i had an FM expander installed. There is a 'Diversity' plug/antenna thing behind the stereo i believe. Are these things antenna amplifiers, or are they to do with the Hicas? I have had no experience with this before. Because of the RCA cables, (and whatever that thin blue wire is?) I suspect that the previous owner had amp and subs installed, and pulled out the power cables, when he sold (as well as the amp and subs - i own neither) because i can not find anything connected to the battery. If anyone could shed any light on what these things are, and possibly go all Sherlock Holmes and tell me what the previous owner got up to, it would be much appreciated! Finally, any suggestions on how to clear up radio reception is also welcome! will provide further information once i open it up again this weekend Cheers, Mick
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