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Found 51 results

  1. Hey guys and girls I have been looking into fitting a T56 6 speed manual gearbox or TR606 to my R33 GTR I have carried out allot of research I have found out RWD conversions are possible and have been done but no one has done a AWD conversion that I have been able to find. I think this could be a viable and cost effective option for people who are looking for a quiet street able gearbox which is capable of handling high HP. Now the cost for a setup like this could range from $6000 to $8000 that is a estimate at this stage the first unit would more than likely be more expensive but with more interest these costs could fall The T56 Magnum would probably be the gearbox of choice as it is the strongest syco box they do Able to withstand a massive 700 lb-ft. of torque while providing unbelievably crisp shifts, no other manual transmission on the planet offers as much combined strength, versatility, and general ease-of-use as the T-56 Magnum. Known in its original equipment form as the 'TR-6060', the Magnum is an aftermarket version of the same transmission found in many of today's most celebrated factory super cars – including the ZR1 Corvette and ACR Viper – giving you refinement where you want it and strength where it counts. Other positives about these gearboxes are gear sets PPG have dog configurations and sequential setups for the more hardcore drivers. I personally wouldn’t see the point all you would do is fit a PPG setup to the factory 5 speed. The bell housing is also allot larger this may offer GTR owners more clutch options more surface area and the possibility to run a nicer street able clutch (sprung centre) The biggest positive is retaining the 4WD and for me that the game changer. This isn't set in stone as yet, I am looking for advice and wisdom there is a huge amount of knowledge on this forum and would love to hear your thoughts and comments thanks for your time Frosty
  2. Hey guys I have a 2001 series 2 R34 GTR and the 4WD and ABS lights are on and I have no idea how to approach it. Car was running great up until one day I had a flat tire because a wheel cracked. Then I have replaced all four tires and hope it will go away but unfortunately it didn’t. I have tried the following methods but have no luck 😞 -checked the consult port but there’s no cable wired in for pin 4 (probably because it’s just a base model and not a V-Spec) (see attachment) -I tried looking at the trunk for the blinking red light on the attessa ECU (below the hicas ecu) but do not see anything. -I checked the fluid level and it’s all good. -I can hear the attessa pump kicks in when I put the car in accessories mode so I know the pump is definitely not the problem -tried wiggling the TPS sensor (as someone suggested on forums) and no luck 😞 -Tires are 265/35/18 and all at 35PSI Any input will be welcomed! Thank you!
  3. Hey all Mute the video before watching as it's loud My attesa ecu is giving me 1 flash. I've uploaded a video. Any help is appreciated. I've been trying to work tbis out for weeks. Is it front right wheel sensor??
  4. Hi, First of all sorry for my english 🙂 Iam looking for a Skyline R34 and in the meantime iam gathering as much info i can get. But one i kinda dont get. I can get R34 GT-FOUR(4WD non turbo RB25DE) way cheaper cuz nobody really wants them so much(right now) I already asked and it is nonsense to "put on a turbo" So question is. What type of RB25DET i need for GT-FOUR AWD swap? I thinked any type of RB25DET would suffice but now iam learning that "only" Stagea RB25DET(C34?) can be swaped cuz of the AWD ATESA system? Or can it be different? I know it is way better to just buy GT-T but this have a potential to be "good" AWD car...and i can get it like for the half of a price of GT-T Thanks for the info...or any information about GT-FOUR version of R34(it is hard to get)
  5. Hello everyone! Not sure if I introduced myself before. Name's Andres, from the US, the great state of Texas. I've been into s13's and s14's for a while now. My latest projects are an s13 with a stock rb25det which I'm currently working on and near completion, working on paint right now. My other is an s14 with an rb25det with bolt ons which I currently daily drive, and boy what a joy that is. Here's a couple of pictures of both: Anyway, I am here today to bother you searching for knowledge from the people who know the mighty gtr more indepth and speak the same language. Some freaking how, an idea of swapping the entire powertrain and drivetrain from either a 32 or 33 gtr into an s13 has gotten into me and I can't shake it off. Complete with the attesa system. Now, the plan is to keep everything stock, turbos and tune, just the typical fmic, exhaust and filters, and also keep the car as stock looking as possible. And yes, I realize the level of difficulty this task represents, but that's only part of what's attracting me to it. The plan is to swap the complete front and rear subframes along with the front strut towers. After reading for a while it seems that the geometry of the r33 suspension is far superior to that of the r32. Parts are also newer which means that generally parts should be in better condition, and the engine doesn't have the same oil problems the r32 does. To be honest, the fitting of the parts sounds like a lot of fun to me: measuring, cutting, welding. I've been going through chassis measurements for s13, r32 and r33, and it doesn't really seem very challenging. I have also been pricing stuff... thank god I'll be selling both of my 240sx's soon. There are a few threads on different sites of people who have done it, unfortunately they are years old and all the pictures are down, and you all know how much pictures can help. Here's a couple that I found from a fellow member from this site, truly inspiring, Im sure you all know who he is: Ok, I'll get to the point. I need info regarding the electronics of the attesa system, how it works with the abs system to be specific (assuming I won't be using the r32 v-spec or whichever it is that don't use abs). I know the attesa system works together with the abs system, but Im having a little trouble understanding how people delete their abs on their gtr's. I know the abs pump can be bypassed using kit's sold online which includes brake lines, but according to multiple sources the rest of the abs system including electronics, have to stay for the attesa system to work properly. I've been trying to understand this diagram. Can anybody tell me to which model it belongs? Now, before we continue, I know that there are aftermarket controllers out there, but I am not interested. To put it simply, I am not looking to get anything re-tuned. I want to bolt eveything and wire everything on, and have an attesa system on an s13 to work as similar as possible to a gtr minus the abs. According to that diagram, the attesa connects directly with the abs actuator. I know there's a pump in the engine bay and an abs ecu, by the attesa ecu in the trunk, iirc? I know the pump in the engine bay has an electrical connector. To which unit does the attesa ecu connect directly? Or is it both? I know the attesa ecu connects directly to the wheel sensors, g sensor, engine ecu, attesa actuator/solenoids, but I'm having difficulty understanding how it connects to the abs. Can anybody in here help me with that? Also, would anybody happen to know where I can find a fsm for an r33?
  6. Hey everyone, noobie question. if I get an AWD Rb25de for my RWD R33, I will need to modify the sump on the engine. I did research online and can’t find much however I do know I have to weld up the front axle holes in the sump.. is that all? Or is there an adapter plate I can just buy to bolt the rwd sump onto the engine with a AWD bolt pattern? Cheers everyone
  7. Gearbox Hey guys got 2 auto awd stagea gearboxs for sale Box 1 has 155000k out of a 97 s1 awd Box 2 has 148000k out of a 98 s1 awd $250 each Or take both for $400 Cheers pete
  8. NM35 Stagea rear subframe brace I have two of these available, one is 27mm diameter and one is 30mm diameter. These will reduce some of the flex associated with the poorly welded rear mounts of the subframe. No drilling or hardware required as they bolt straight on top the factory washers. $150 posted Australia wide or $125 for local pickup. Contact Brendon on 0402 seven zero two 102
  9. Hi SAU, HELP!!!!!!!! i need to know the TPS voltage range for an R34 GT4 ATESSA ECU. 32/33 GTR 0.3v - 2.5v 34 GTR 0.5v - 4.5v does anyone know if it’s 32/33 or 34 spec? does anyone have a 34 gt4 and a multimeter that can test pin 37 (tps out) on the factory engine ecu? thanks in advance daryle
  10. R32 Gtr Has Constant AWD Hi guys, 4WD light is on but my car is constantly awd, I pulled out both awd fuses and it was still sending power to the front wheels, (I had the car on a hoist). I have found that the awd bleeder connector in the driver side kick panel is there but there is no plug or wires coming from the boot into it. There is also a small loom cut before the pump in the boot. I noticed when the car was on the hoist on the front right wheel was spinning the same speed as the rears but the front left was stopped. Also when I took the car around the shop it would shutter when turning and if you accelerated a little and backed off it would clunk harshly. Any ideas?
  11. I am after a GTR Shell, not much more to add... Preferably SA.
  12. Hey guys, when full locking my r32 gtr shutters like crazy as if it has a locked diff. It has fresh oil and I've also put in an additive to stop the clutches from sticking. I'm not sure if it could be because of my other problem with my awd, which I wrote up in another post >
  13. 1997 STAGEA RS Four Rego till 23/01/2018 RB25 turboAUTOAWD245,000 kmsFull leather interiorElectric seatsTwin SunroofsTop of the line Autowatch alarm/immobiliser remote central lockingR32 GTS WheelsHas been my daily for 7 years and drives nicelyNow have a 4WD so no longer neededThe GoodOwned since 85,000 kmsTiming belt and idler/tensioner done at 100,000 kms and 200,000 kmsNew water pump done at 200,000 kmsNew ancillary belts at 200,000Fuel filter done at 200,000 kmsNew rocker cover gaskets at 200,000 kmsServiced with Nulon 10-40 every 5000kms the entire time I have owned itGearbox fluid changes with castrol transmax Z at 100,000kms and 200,000kms Aftermarket trans coolerNew brake pads front and rearProfessional tintGood tyresQuality stereo with amp and subwoofer and aftermarket speakers in doorsRear cargo blindThe not so goodHeater core needs replacing (heater does not work)Paint is average in placesNeeds a little throttle to start from cold then runs as normal from there, it has been this way for the entire 160,00 kms I have owned it $3500NegotiableNot interested swaps thanks
  14. WTB:R34GT-4 willing to swap with RB25/30 R34GTT Willing to buy an R34GT-4 coupe manual. I have a fully built R34GTT with a healthy 25/30 motor and immaculate body. Willing to swap for that with reasonable cash adjustments. Otherwise, im willing to buy the car outright. Vehicle must be AWD can be auto or manual. Give me a txt on 0417764194 OR PM here
  15. R34GT-Four Vibrating and clicking Im in the process of buying a R34GT-Four coupe. I inspected the car and seems like the car vibrates almost like the drive shafts have been blown. So I looked at the the tyres on the vehicle and he has different wheel widths. Now im in the process of finding out how much this will all cost to fix the issue.I have a few questions Does anyone have any experience with this on their cars. I was going to drop in a RB25 AWD turbo engine. But im worried that the AUTO engine may have a different RC ratio. I checked, RC = 4.3 and found out from the Forums that RC 43 means it was auto. It has been changed to a manual. I need some direction on what to look out for and if it will be possible to drop in a turbo engine (Auto) with RC 43
  16. WTB: RB25DET AWD Engine Willing to Buy RB25DET AWD engine RB25DET AWD engine off a Stagea or equivalent. Preferably low kilometers but not a big issue. Compression should be good. No variances between cylinders. It would be better if I could get it with a wiring harness. Pm or Send Text to 0417764194.
  17. TEIN Coilovers M35 AWD (G5POO-11931-R) $800 Theses have been great, comfortable ride and handled great. Been on 2 of my Stagea and could no fault them. Travelled max of about 15,000km Happy to arrange postage ***************************** Product Description TEINStreet Flex Coilover Suspension - NM35 PNM35GSP00-51AS3SPECIFICATIONS: Mounts: - Front: Stiff Rubber Upper Mounts- Rear: Stiff Rubber Upper Mounts Springs Specifications: Spring Rate: - Front: 10.0K (200mm) - Rear: 9.0K (272mm) The Street Flex damper is the evolution of our popular Type Flex coilover. Developed to provide the ultimate balance of comfort and performance for both street driving and circuit use, along with wide-range damping force adjustment using our new Advance Needle technology and new damper valving specs, giving the driver a much more noticeable feel in damping force change and controllability. The shortened shell case design provides optimum damper stroke at lower than standard vehicle ride height. Full-length adjustability offers separate spring preload and ride height adjustment. Updated internal components and external coatings increase durability and product life.Is compatible with the EDFC and EDFC Active systems. *****************************
  18. Attesa not working I have a S1 C34 that is manual converted, with power fc. I have the secret squirrel mod done. It previously had an extreme TSC that I removed thinking that may be the cause, but no change. My AWD has never worked since I bought the car 2 years ago. When I purchased the car the owner said the Attesa needed to be bled since the gearbox had been out. I bled the Attesa and it still doesn't work. I can hear the pump prime when I turn ign on and it runs occasionally while sitting at idle. I have had the awd and abs lights come on and stay on after sitting idle for long periods. I don't seem to have any fault codes to try and work out why it doesn't work. I have checked that the Attesa ECU is receiving a TPS signal and that is all ok. I'd really like to get it working, as it is hard getting the power down just through the rear wheels. I've been reading and am thinking either pressure switch or accumulator. Is there any way to check these for sure?
  19. Best AWD/4WD torque split controller Hi all, I did a quick search but did not find anything which really satisfied me I am looking at options for a awd controller From what I hear the ETS pro is the latest and greatest but still applies line pressure even in 2wd mode and can cause transfer failures, are failures common? Has this been raised with full race? Ruzic is no longer available but was considered the best, it still used the factory analogue sensor though, would this still be considered better than the ETS pro? cheers
  20. WHERE CAN I GET THIS SPOILER! Can anyone link me to an Australian website to dealer (preferably WA) where i can get this spoiler. (inb4 paul walker fan boy comments)
  21. Power loss diag update - snow button So I have come across something that seems to have fixed the very slow responsiveness of the throttle in my series 1 RS4 auto today. I met up with the local stagea owners over the weekend and I heard at some point that the snow button on the centre console pressurizes the Atessa system when it is flicked on. So I thought that maybe in my car it is not pressurizing correctly upon ignition and that might be why the car feels so sluggish. I tried it this morning I flicked the switch to "snow" and back to "power" a couple of times and there it was: torque, accelleration, response. I can now feel the difference between off boost and on boost more defined and the wheels spin much easier too. So is there any info you guys might have or know of about how the "pressurizing" of the Atessa system works? Should I get the awd serviced maybe?
  22. R34 25GT-FOUR Hello everyone, i have been looking up some information on a R34 25GT-FOUR that i might be buying soon, the question i'm trying to find an answer to is the AWD system, is a the same setup as a torque split or is it always in 4wd mode. A few sources have said its always in 4wd mode and others say its 2wd until traction is lost. What makes it more confusing is that it is running a R33 RB26DETT engine with a R32 gearbox. Thanks
  23. RB25DET NEO , AWD vs RWD trans Looking to swap my RB20det with an RB25det NEO and run the RB20 nistune wiring / ecu as it is in an rx7. Push to Pull Conversion, Intake manifold, shaft yoke etc. differences aside. However the dilemma arises when shopping the Canadian market for the engines. My biggest issue has always been the weak Rb20 gearboxes. Keep in mind I have the ability to modify the transmission & oil pan and that I will have to increase the driveshaft tunnel size anyway. All long blocks with trans, turbo, ecu etc. RB25det RWD S2 - $3200.00 (Don't really want anyway) RB25det RWD Neo - $2800.00 (Preference) RB25det AWD Neo - $2200.00 First question, do the AWD versions only come in Stageas? Or was there an R34 GTS-4? As it is advertised as coming from a skyline. Does the AWD version feature the same transmission from a R34 GTR? I.e same transfer case, gear set, 6 speed, etc. If so is it stronger than the RWD box? Lastly is there any mechanical / electrical differences from AWD / RWD besides oil sump? I heard something about Traction control on factory ecu being different, but likely won't effect me unless I maintain current harness for some reason.
  24. 2012 Holden Captiva 7 Series 2 LX, 3.0L AWD $24,000 ONO 2012 Holden Captiva 7 LX Built September 2012 21,500 km’s Full Service History from Metro Holden Adelaide 3.0L V6 Petrol Engine with Ethanol Fuel Flex AWD Moulan Rouge paint 7 Seats Full Leather Interior Heated Front Seats All seats fold flat Sunroof Factory Floor Mats Electric Drivers Seat Multimedia system with SATNAV, Reversing Camera, USB/SD Card/Bluetooth Connectivity Factory Side Steps Factory Windshields Front and Rear Fog Lights Roof Rails Automatic levelling suspension 6 Airbags, ABS, Brake Assist, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Hill Descent Control, Hill Holder, Rollover Assist, Front and Rear parking sensors Feel free to send me a message for more information or test drives.
  25. Got a Neo front diff and sump to get rid of due to RWD setup. $150ono Located Central Coast, Gosford NSW
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