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  1. R35 GTR Brakes onto at R34 GTR. Who's done it? Hey Guys, I'm looking to upgrade the factory 34 GTR brakes. Currently i'm looking at fitting a full set of R35 brakes and i wanted to know; *If anyone on SAU has done it? *Did they have issues with the brake bias between the front and rear and if so how was it solved? *Is any modification required to make factory handbrake work with the R35 brakes? *Who did they get they get to make the mounting brackets (preferably in NSW)? thanks in advance.
  2. Have a full set of brembo calipers. Fronts new Rears used Current series used in gt sprint and endurance, nismo r35 gt3. Front XBO.64.01/02 Rear Xbo.L2.53/54 $8000 + freight
  3. For sale: I've got a pair of R32 gtst front brake calipers and GTR size rotors 324mm with HFM brand caliper extension brackets with all bolts needed. Asking $200 for all. Pick up Blue Mountains NSW. Can post at buyers expense.
  4. Hey everyone, I've got an R34 GTT manual turbo from an auction. The goal is to get it road registered in WA but I've ran into some issues and I need some help. I took it for a test drive today and the following happened: All 4 wheels/brakes siezed after driving approx 3km with no issues and an idle warm up. Smelt burning and saw smoke coming from engine bay, passenger side, but no drastic change in temp on gauges. never happened when idle testing. Idling poorly after driving Things that I know need to be fixed on the car prior to this happening: No immobilizer and a lot of loose wiring around the column (pictured) Fans and AC don't blow out Needs wheel allignment Needs new clutch, struggles going into gears etc. Needs new gearbox oil The plan was to get the immobilizer installed tomorrow but it now has to go to a mechanic to get these new issues fixed. I would be grateful for any ideas and advice.
  5. Let me first start off by saying I am in America. I tracked the sedan for the first time and need one new rear rotor and possibly two fronts. It is a series 1 RB25DE, and has 4x114.3 (4 stud) bolt pattern. I have been searching for these parts all morning and have had very little luck. I have brand new pads all around, but that site I buy from does not carry rotors. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  6. Full set (front and rear) Mitsubishi Evo 9 Brembo calipers. All Brembos from Evo 5-9 are the same. Pick up from 3181.
  7. selling a few items from R34 coupe being stripped. prices are negotiable. GTR steering wheel with airbag - $500 Front OEM Sumimoto Calipers and rotors - $300 Rear OEM calipers and rotors - $200 Side Mirrors (white) - $120 OEM front and rear seats with rails - $300 More photos will be added as parts are removed. Contact Chris on 0425796885 Anybody knows how to move the post into the classifieds for sale section? Accidentally put it here.
  8. picked up another r33 gts-t to strip 1995 turbo manual (running gear on hold) blitz coilovers hicas lock bar Volk (yet to confirm) TE37s 18x8.5 18x9.5 38ish offsets 70% front cheap tyres near new 595 federals rear complete interior to part let me know what parts you need, located northern suburbs ADELAIDE may post smaller items will get more pics later
  9. r33 rear strut brace $100 r33 silver s2 rear wing $40 r33 series 1 headlights no broken brackets not foggy need a polish if your fussy $250 r33 gtst front calipers and rotors $250 aftermarket purple fuel rail to suit rb25 with greddy style plenum $50 r33 A pillar plastics $20 pair Surge tank round polished single outlet bottom $70 (going duel outlet surge if someone wants to swap?) stock rb25 cross over pipe with stock bov $20 GT3076 front and rear housings (5 bolt .63 rear) $150 the pair r33 stock thermo $20 r33 manual pedals $50 set few other bits will update when i raid the garage
  10. HI Guys Selling my old rims and Brakes off my R34 gtt Volk Racing AV3 rims with 225 and 235 Roadstone tyres with legal tread 17x 8 + 35 17x 9 + 37 Multi fit 4 and 5 stud Suit skyline, Silvias etc In good condition. Some small rash on rear rims Comes with required wheel nuts $800 ono 235x45x17 Bridgestone RE55s x4 Med compound Approx 70% Tread $700 ono Will do Rims and RE55s for $1300 R34 Gtt Front Calipers and Rotors. Come with Pads , lines and all clips and pins Rotors still have plenty of meat VGC $400 ono Prices are Neg so all reasonable offers will be considered Pm or SMS 0422151003 Thanks Brad
  11. Hi all, Have a complete V35 rear subframe, diff, brakes, driveshafts, suspension all included. came out of a 50,000kms car which had a front ender. $1000 ono pick up, Sydney's west. or can arrange local delivery for petrol $. Cheers,
  12. I have some suspension bits from my R34 I need to clear out. Parts located in Melbourne. Would prefer local buyers, but for serious buyer can post interstate. Prices are open to reasonable offers. PM if interested. #1 Drummond Motor Sport DMS 50 competition tarmac suspension Made and rebuildable in Australia. Separate bump and rebound adjustment. Top condition only used for a short time, ie. half a dozen track days. May fit R33 or R34 gtr but you'd need to check with DMS. I've painted bodies to remove stone chips, but they're in very good condition, as visual inspection will attest. C-spanners and docs supplied. 450 lb front, 260 lb rear springs. $1500 ono http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/gallery/image/83499-sdc11910/ #2 Tein RA suspension Rebuildable by Fulcrum suspension in QLD. Ideally suited for track work, they are 10kg front and 8kg rear springs and have done ~5000km. Very light weight alloy body with bump/rebound adjust-ability along with ride height. Japanese quality and hard to find these days. These may fit R33 or R34 GTR but you'd need to confirm with Tein Australia or Japan. Rears were revalved by Racepace in Melbourne. C-spanners included, along with original docs. $1500 ono http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/gallery/image/85392-232390-2013031841/ #3 CSC/B-Max 343mm front brake caliper kit Used for approx 4000km. From Hypertech (Autoaccess, Ark Design now) in Vermont Victoria - so parts and service are all local. Big 4 pot calipers, with alloy adapters, ADR approved s/s brake lines and all fixings. They accept a Porsche pad which is pretty commonly available. Included: The original 343mm 2-piece rotors, 30.8mm thickness. A set of RDA Mercedes modified, 343mm 1-piece rotors, 32.1mm thickness. A set of one track day old Pagid RS14 pads. A new set of Bendix Ultimate pads. A near new set of TRW pads. I'm returning my car to stock brakes so these brakes are surplus to needs. These are great calipers for track days with long straights! $1500 ono http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/gallery/image/85395-csc/ #4 R33/R34 Whiteline swaybars 20 and 24 mm Painted black in top nick. Come with poly bushes and are adjustable via holes. Not separating. 20mm front 24mm rear $350 ono http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/gallery/image/85393-20-24/ #5 R33/R34 Whiteline swaybars 24 and 27 mm Painted black in top nick. Come with poly bushes and are adjustable via holes. Not separating. 24mm front 27mm rear $350 ono http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/gallery/image/85394-24-27/
  13. rb 26 Hi Octane alloy sump kit - $800 $700 D2 front brakes 356mm 8pot, with lines etc for 32 gtr still in box - $1800 $1700 D2 rear brakes 330mm 4pot, with lines etc for 32 gtr still in box - $180 Do Luck rear cross bar suit 32 skyline http://www.rhdjapan....bar-nissan.html- $300 BC BR series coilover 8kg front 6kg rear - $1100 $1000 Greddy polished plenum with 90mm throttle - $1100 $1000 Located in Brisbane 0421883199 txt for more photos
  14. hey guys i want to get all of your opinion's on brakes which one's do you use and how will u rate them what good brakes to you suggest for a r33 gtst street brakes but also there are days that i give it to my car iv'e heard one of the best brakes out there are the QFM A1RM street/ track brakes
  15. Just picked up my Skyline this week. 2004 6MT Coupe. Apart from the noises I'm about to attempt to describe, it goes hard and I'm very impressed! For its age, it's aesthetics and performance are phenomenal, and the exhaust note is ridiculous, I'm not 100% if it's stock, sounds like a subaru at low speed and then opens up to a higher octave roar . Wish I had bought this before buying my Holden SV6. Noise #1. Whirring-Propeller like noise. (rear) It occurs in tandem with the speed of the car. Emitting from the rear. Faster I go the louder it "whirs", kind of like the sound of a high speed fan makes. Isn't affected by gear change, I coasted in neutral for a bit and it still whirred. After a bit of research, I've narrowed it to potentially being: The tyres, the wheel bearings, or the rear differential. Anyone else had a similar occurrence? Noise #2. Squeaking on left turn. (frontish?) When I turn left, some times right, it will squeak like I am applying the brakes (the noise that is), it'll keep squeaking when I straighten up, until I increase the speed, then it disappears. New brake pads? or something worse? Any help will be much appreciated! I will definitely be taking it to a mechanic on a day off and have everything inspected, but I'd like to go in with a bit of an idea as to the problem. Just figured there may be a simple fix to a known issue that a mechanic unfamiliar with the car may not know. Thanks again.
  16. Hey guys i wanna do a full caliper rebuild but can't seem to find brake piston's for rear only front? are the rear piston's same as the front?
  17. Hi, i have recently installed a 5 stud conversion on my r32. I am at the stage where i cannot seem to get the rear brakes to clamp the rotor! all the gear off a r32 gtst including -brake booster -bm44 MC- -4 pot 5 stir up front -2 pot 5 stud down rear I have alson installed some g tech brake lines. After bench bleeding the MC for all extraction of air, all outlets flowed nicely. Installing the MC onto the booster and connecting the brake hard lines i then start form the rear passenger brake. Using the 2 man bleeding method (open bleeder, brake pedal down. Close bleeder brake pedal up) and repeating this method until a clear, air free stream. Going around all 4 callipers at least 5 times. After this the pedal feel was completely soft 2 thirds (2/3) of the way down then you would hear a clonck and symoltaniously the pedal will become hard. This also happens when the rear calliper bleeder is open, opposed to when bleed ing the front calliper when the bleeder is open the pedal goes str8 to the floor. After taking it up the street I found out only the front brakes were working. (when the car is on the same pedal feel present 2/3's down nothing then the front brakes engage). After being thoroughly confused i took the calliper off the knuckle and getting some one to depress the pedal i saw the brake pads close after the 2nd or third press of the pedal, Which i would presume after the 1st pump making pressure then the brake pads would move, so I'm thinking this eliminates the calliper being seized. So it must mean there is air somewhere in the system. So here are my questions. WTF is going on??? Could there be air trapped somewhere in the callipers? or the hard lines? Is the MC f**ked? How man bleeds or amount of brake does it take to completely get all the air out and get a nice pedal feel? HELP please,
  18. Location: Adelaide Willing to post: Pickup only All items off 1993 BNR32 GTR. Prices negotiable. Item: BM50 non ABS brake master cylinder. Price: $100 Condition: Used. Very clean, good condition Item: Quick shifter. This came off a '93 push type gearbox Price: $50 Condition: Used. Good working order, recently changed gearboxes and it doesn't fit the later gearbox Item: Genuine Bride side mount seat rail Price: $50 Condition: Used, good condition Item: Nulon Auto Trans Fluid, 2 bottles unopened Price: $20 Condition: Brand new, purchased 6 months ago Item: Brake upgrade kit - Z32 front calipers, GKTECH adaptor bracket to fit R33 GTR rotor, R32 GTR rear rotors. Comes with pads, no rotors. Won't seperate. Price: $400 negotiable Condition: Used. Good condition Item: '93 gearbox, converted to pull type. Price: $500 Condition: Used. I swapped it because it was a bit noisy and I'm pedantic. Upon inspection the thrust bearing appeared to be the culprit of the noise so will need to be replaced. Gearbox currently at Driven, feel free to call them to discuss condition. Best off calling/messaging 0405 329 361 Cheers, Jon
  19. Hi, After some front R34 GTT Calipers. PM me if you've got a spare set lying around. Cheers
  20. After some front R34 GTT calipers - Pm me. Cheers
  21. Hello, I just got my car out of the garage as its been stored most of winter and been driving it. I then noticed my brake pedal was hard to press and pretty wooden/stodgy. The car still stops but it wont lock up or kick in ABS. There is no ABS light. I think its the booster but I looked for a vacuum leak but could locate one. If its the check vavle in the booster where is this and how can I fault find. Any help be great. Thanks
  22. Project Mu Brake Shoes Hi All, For sale is a set of project mu brake shoes (D1 Spec) I bought these from RHD Japan under the assumption that they were the normal shoes but they are a higher temp spec and I don't think they will suit my needs as such. Part number is IS200A (D1 Spec 50-450 Degrees) I paid $240 for them but will take $180 for a quick sale - Will ship at buyers cost - Located in Blacktown NSW - Note they have been opened for inspection only
  23. Hi all, been trawling through pages and pages and I can't find answers to all of my questions so I'm hoping to get some help in this thread. Background, I have a 2002 M35 Autech Axis that is due for a brake change (front pads and rotors are gone). I've managed to find a set of 350Z Brembos (cause why replace when you can upgrade) for a decent price and am just trying to get some more information before making the jump. From my digging, this is what I've found: Should be a direct bolt on however R34 GTT threads mention modification to the dust fan / bolt but unsure if the Brembos will face the same problems Information points to that the 18" Autech wheels might not fit but can't find confirmation Have seen no mention to the upgrade affecting ABS #justdoit What I wanted to know are the following: How bolt on is bolt on? Will the same changes need to done as per the R34 GTTs? Is there a guide somewhere specific to the Brembos? The kit comes with calipers, rotors and lines. Will that be all I need besides the pads? Anyone to confirm the 18" Autech wheels will/won't fit the Brembos Thanks! - Yang
  24. I have a few bits that came of a 1995 S14 SR20DET. Seats - $200 for fronts and rear (driver side has small hole in one of the side bolsters) Turbo-back exhaust - $350 (has a Catco cat and Genie muffler. Comes with O2 sensor) ABS unit - $80 Front brakes - $140/pair (my suit r33 also) Rear brakes - $100/pair Intercooler and custom piping - $340 Coolant bottle - $60 Radiator - $60 All prices are negotiable and I'm happy to ship anywhere in Australia at the buyer's expense
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